(90% of People in North America Suffer From Hypothyroidism Which Causes Inflammation Manifesting as Allergies, Arthritis, Obesity, Chronic Fatigue, AND ALL THE ILLNESSES SHOWN IN THE TABLE BELOW!!

IAHF List: Please take a look at the red, butterfly shaped gland in the illustration above. Until recently, I was not aware that I had a very underactive thyroid, my thyroid was not producing enough thyroid hormones for many of my glands to function optimally, and due to this, along with 90% of people in North America who also suffer from Hypothyroidism, I have experienced inflammation, which can manifest in different ways, in different people!

In my case, I've experienced inflammation in the form of allergies and weight gain due to my metabolism being slowed from not getting sufficient iodine for my thyroid gland to function at peak efficiency!

I use sulfur to address these problems, but as you can see from the TABLE BELOW,  sulfur and iodine work together SYNERGISTICALLY! 

Each substance assists the OTHER in preventing numerous disease states, only SOME of which are shown in this table! (For a far more comprehensive list, see Chapter 6 on Hypothyroidism from Jerry Tennant, MD's book Healing is Voltage: The Handbook.

When I use my biomodulator to regenerate damaged nerve cells on an area where I have an abdominal scar from surgery 40 years ago, I am drinking sulfur to bring oxygen to the scar tissue, and I'm also painting Magnascent iodine on the scar tissue before using the biomodulator because that increases cell voltage, and you have to generate -50 millivolts to create new cells.

See my ongoing discussion below this table which explains the synergistic interraction between iodine and sulfur in healing specific medical ailments:

THYROID DYSFUNCTION (Iodine Deficiency) 

ORGANIC SULFUR                 

(building block of glutathione) 


Neutralizes allergens/reduces inflammation 

Alopecia (Hair Loss) 

Building block of sulfur based amino acids that strengthens hair, skin and nails

Alzheimer's Disease

Improves Cognition


Improves Cognition/verbalization


Reduces pain/inflammation

Back Pain

Reduces pain/inflammation

Breast Cancer

Improves cellular oxygen/alkalanizes blood

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Improves cellular oxygen/boosts ATP production at cellular level

Collagen breakdown

Building block of sulfur based amino acids that strengthens hair, skin and nails


Alkalanizes blood and intestines/improves bowel movements

Dental abnormalities

Improves cellular oxygen and strengthens gums

Diabetes Mellitus

Deficiency linked to Type II diabetes


Improves cellular oxygen/boosts ATP production at cellular level

Fingernails: Brittle

Building block of sulfur based amino acids that strengthens hair, skin and nails


Alkalanizes blood and intestines/improves bowel movements


Moves T3 into the cell's mitochochondria, deficiency results in thyroid malfunction

Heart Disorders

Deficiency linked to Heart Disease


Deficiency linked to Heart Disease

Joint Pains

Reduces pain/inflammation

Lack of Energy; Sluggishness

Improves cellular oxygen/boosts ATP production at cellular level

Mental Confusion/ Memory Loss

Improves Cognition


Neutralizes allergens/reduces inflammation

Sinus Infections

Neutralizes allergens/reduces inflammation

Uterine Cancer

Improves cellular oxygen/alkalanizes blood



We need 12 - 15 mg of iodine/day. Why do we need iodine? Because every gland in the body that secretes something needs and uses iodine. The thyroid glad just uses a lot more, but a good portion of the organs involved in digestion (intestinal mucosa, making stomach acid, making digestive enzymes in pancreas, liver, gall bladder, kidney, salivary glands), and nose, sinues and mouth, ovaries, testes, etc. Unfortunately, just like sulfur, our modern farming practices means our soils are deficient in iodine.


According to Jerry Tenant, MD, 90% of Americans suffer from iodine deficiency a.k.a. hypothyroidism a.k.a. fluoride poisoning a.k.a. Metabolic syndrome. Visit website: PFPC to see the symptoms of hypothyroidism and fluoride poisoning are the indistinguishable. Only Americans that consume seaweed regularly are not deficient in iodine.



 If cells and organs cannot function correctly at -20 to -25 millivolts, then people suffer disease. Cells at -20 to -25 millivolts means a pH of 7.3 - 7.4 or have more alkaline blood.

 Organic sulfur helps alkalanize the cells. When cells are in an alkaline state, they are able to utilize more oxygen at the mitochondria level to produce more ATP. Sulfur helps the cells increase cellular voltage and improve oxygen transport into the cells.

By taking iodine which supports the needs of the organs and sulfur which supports the oxygen needs of the cells, you create an alkaline environment where the cells maintain cellular energy and function properly to heal and regenerate. 

1. The kind of iodine you use is important. Lugol's solution is iodine with potassium. Magnasecent  iodine is unique in that the iodine has been passed through a magnet, thereby potentiating iodine.

(See the literature on magnascent iodine for better explanation on this). When I injured my thumb because it got wedged in a swinging door, the thumb was throbbing. Dr. Tenant would say the cellular voltage on the thumb was -50 millivolts. I applied 3 drops of undiluted magnascent iodine on the thumb and immediately, I felt the throbbing stopped and it felt cool. No clotting on the nail. I believe the magnascent iodine increased cellular voltage to stimulate healing of the skin.

 The same mechanism works with iodine and allergies. The nose, sinuses and mouth need iodine. By taking a dropper-ful of iodine, you increase the cellular energy of those organs, stimulating healing, and immediately, the "infection" of "inflammation" goes away.

 Symptoms of iodine deficiency are: allergies, arthritis,  chronic fatigue syndrome, constipation, abnormal sweating, dementia, dental abnormalities, eye ear nose disorders, eczema, gastro-disturbances, joint pains, lack of energy, recurring colds, and sinus infections.

2. Our modern lifestyle also exposes us to situations that make us iodine deficient - fluoride in toothpaste, dental products, water. Other foods like soy will shut down the endocrine system. Modern products like  CFL lightbulbs that also expose us to radio frequencies as much as cell phones. also affect our thyroid.

 3. Iodine kills ALL single-celled organisms like viruses, bacteria, and fungi and these microorganisms do not develop resistance to iodine. Even at dilutions of 1/170,000 iodine is a bacteriacide and stops infection. Our immune system secretes iodine to kill pathogenic microorganisms as its first line of defense.

 4. Allergies - food allergies - iodine is necessary to make stomach acid along with zinc, and vitamin B1. If we don't have enough stomach acid, we don't break down proteins into its component amino acids and our body will attack those undigested proteins, creating an inflammatory situation. Iodine will help prevent food allergies.




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