Hello fellow catlover,

My second Cat Class went very well Wed. night and the recording
is now ready to be downloaded.

Here is the link:


The cheat sheet is still available in case you need it to follow
along with:


Next week, March 15, is my third and final class, and I have a
very special guest lined up be interviewed.

I won't spoil the surprise just yet, but I want you to be sure
and be on the call! Write down some questions you might have on
cat health, as she is an expert on healing energies for pets as
well as for people. She will tell us how to care for our little
buddies to promote better health and to help them regain health
if sick. Her knowledge in this area is truly amazing and well
worth your time to listen.

I'm very excited to be able to have her on the call and to be a
part of my Cat Care Classes.

If you'd like your questions to be considered for the call, please
send them to me before next Wednesday so I can send them on to her.
She needs to know what issues you are interested in and not waste
your time talking about subjects you don't need.

Thanks for your interest and for caring about your own kitties!

Roberta, the Cat Lady