Dear Macro Members,

Greetings from MACRO! I know all of us are quite busy at this time of year, but I wanted to take just a minute to announce the results of the 2007 Truman State/MACRO Composition Competition.

Congratulations to the competition winner, Matthew Tommasini, California-for Three Spanish Songs. Honorable Mentions were awarded to Clint Needham, Indiana-for Second City Vignettes and also for Legacies, as well as Carl Schimmel-for The Blatherskite's Comeuppance and Joseph Koykkar-for Double Take, both from Wisconsin.

We extend our congratulations to all of the winners!

Best wishes to all of you for a smooth and successful completion of your end of semester activities. Look for our Musician's Worskhop flyer in January, but mark your calendars now for June 8-9 2007!