World Cat and Dog Map
Some places are more interested in dogs, and other locations care more about cats. To see how they stack up, here is a map:
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Celebrity Cat Lovers
Guess who this is...
10 Ways to Protect Cats From Fire
There have been quite a few fires this year, many of which could have been prevented. To help protect your cats and other pets, here are some tips:
Need to name a new cat? Here's a site that might help:
Keeping track of petfood recalls?
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The Happy Cat Lady
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                                  August 7, 2014
The latest video on is about A Street Cat Named Bob. Thanks to long time reader Paul DeCeglie for sending in this story; I think you will really enjoy it. Literally a rags to riches story orchestrated by a cat, a young man has learned about friendship and success in life after helping a stray who came into his life in 2007. Soon to become a movie, this is truly a heartwarming account. If you can view video with no problem, visit this site:
If you can't see video on your computer, visit the blog, here:
Bob the Cat with James Bowen in London
Declawed lynx gets a haircut
If you think the only thing cats use their claws for is to hunt or tear up furniture, this story may help us under- stand what may be even more important to them: grooming!
It's a video, so if you can't see it, I'll tell you this: If a cat isn't able to comb its own hair, they can suffer with tangles and painful knots. Please share this information with people to not declaw their cats.
Cat Island
Japan isn't the only place that has an island full of cats. The biggest difference, though, is that the cats in Japan are welcome there and people love them and take good care of them. This island near Buffalo, New York is full of cats because of careless dumping of unwanted pets and they are not much appreciated.

August is National Pet Immunization Month
Newer, safer vaccines are being developed and are worth considering for your pet. Ask your vet about using "non-adjuvant" vaccines if possible, instead of the usual preparations that contain additives (adjuvants) meant to stimulate the immune response, as those have been shown to cause site-injection sarcomas in some animals.
Some veterinarians are taught to vaccinate as low as possible on a leg, or even the tail, in case cancer develops, to make it possible to amputate the limb instead of letting the cat die.
Dr. Jennifer Redmon, who manages the Yavapai Humane Society Wellness Clinic in Arizona, said, "If we can minimize or reduce the risk of possibly exposing a pet to getting cancer or losing a limb... then it makes sense to choose the available alternative."
See the article here:
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