Lisa Eldridge
Hello Beauties!

I know so many of you have already received and been using your Foundation sample cards and have been messaging me non-stop to say that you love the formula, have found your match and are anxiously waiting for the launch date. So, I'm very excited to say that, after debuting at my pop up studio in Covent Garden London this past week, The Foundation is now launching globally on my website this Saturday the 6th November, 4pm UK time
Prior to this there will be an in-depth video going live on my YouTube channel, with all the details and application advice I know you’ve been waiting for.
Complexion has always been my first love, so I’m thrilled that my first foundation is finally launching!
For all your shade matching and formula testing needs, I have ten Foundation sample cards available on my website, one sample card is free with every purchase! You can buy additional cards for a reasonable cost if you wish to try more shades. (I know some of the sample set cards have recently gone out of stock and I'm working to restock these).
You can also reach out to my dedicated team at or over on my social media channels, for bespoke shade matching and application advice. My team and I are always ready and delighted to help!

You can see my full launch range of Seamless Skin shades by clicking the link, here.
In the images, my beautiful models are wearing ONLY The Foundation - so no highlighter, concealer, corrector, contour etc. This means that not only can you really see the effortless, natural finish, but it also serves as a truly representative reference of all the Seamless shades.

To quote one of my lovely sample-card customers, "No undertone has been left behind!”
Elsewhere, I have been having the most wonderful few days, I'm bowled over at how many of you queued around the block for hours to attend the opening of my Pop-Up Studio in Covent Garden over the weekend. Thank you so much for coming, and making it a day to remember. It was so lovely to meet so many of my VIPs!
The studio is open daily until New Year's Eve, so I'm looking forward to welcoming many more of you. I'll be there whenever I’m not on 'makeup artist jobs' making up my clients. My team of brilliantly dedicated artists will always be on hand to help you with product and makeup advice. We have been non-stop shade matching and applying The Foundation since opening day, with so much fantastic feedback!

If you are in London and can't wait until Saturday for the launch, don’t hesitate to come and try it out in person, we’d absolutely love to see you.
Love, Lisa Xx
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