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October 2016     In this Issue:
  • How to Ignite Audience Interest with your Introduction!  (before you stand upfront and speak!)
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  • Come and pick up keys to open the door to your speaking potential!
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Quotation of the month:
 "Speaking is a process that can be learned by ANYONE. You need 4 ingredients:
  • time
  • practice
  • in front of live audiences, and
How to Influence Audience Interest in your Introduction!  (before you stand upfront and speak!)
 5 Steps to follow when creating your Introductions        
Ensure your intro. is relevant to your TOPIC, AUDIENCE and SPECIFIC PURPOSE    
1.  Start off about them using a question(s) or a statement(s) with as many "you" words as you can. i.e.,
  • Have you ever been put on screensaver eyes when listening to a speech? Have you ever given one of those speeches? On the other hand, have you ever been captivated by a speaker from the start to the finish of the speech? What do you think is the difference that makes the difference? OR
  • When was the last time you....? OR
  • Who was the person or people who...?
  • Think back to a time when you..
  • Let me ask you this: ....
  • Imagine how you would feel if...
  • etc.
2.  Make a promise with the benefits they will receive ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE TRAINING  i.e.
  • Today, you will discover 3 essential speaking keys that will not only remove you from where most speakers are: in the 'wannabe' speaking group, but will definitely provide you with the knowledge to become a world class speaker.  OR
  • This morning you're invited to step on the Yellow Brick Road and discover the 4 C formula to not just reach the rainbow but go somewhere Over the rainbow so you wlll reach your potential personally and professionally
  • etc
3.  Mention only relevant credentials for that specific topic and leave all other credentials out. i.e.
- My many years as an educator would be stated if I was talking to a group of teachers, retired or still teaching, as my time in that profession would align me to them by making myself similar, not special.
- I would also mention my years as an educator if I was addressing an audience on customers' service.
- On another occasion, my years as a comedic stage actress would be mentioned if my talk was on stage presence, humour, or the need for a variety of delivery techniques.
- If your skills as an athlete for example taught you lessons on TEAM WORK  and your topic or one of your sub-headings was discussing team, then use that credential
4.  Find ways to make your introduction set up something for your speech. i.e
- If I were training a group on delivery techniques, I would definitely bring in my vast experience as a stage actress and my knowledge of body and stage presence
- If I am training trainers, I would bring in my many years as an educator understanding the need to not just give out information but the need to get through to your audience, maybe through the use of stories, humour etc (other topics I would discuss to show how to get through)
5. Turn everything about you into everything for them ... i.e.
  •  For over a decade Kathryn has been studying with world class speakers. She has picked up keys that have unlocked the doors of her speaking potential and helped her become a professional speaker. These keys are not easy to come by but when you master them, you too will also reap the benefits. You will find more opportunities, experience less stress and frustration in getting there...etc etc
In wrapping up, try creating your introductions in a way that you will start an immediate connection with your audience and you will also be able to gauge their interest and energy level before you come to the front to speak!
Until next month, successful speaking to you!
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