Media Release
Wednesday October 18th 2023

The Let Us Give campaign has welcomed support for lifting the gay blood ban from Victorian state Liberal MP, Matt Bach.

In the LGBTIQA+ publication, Star Observer, Mr Bach wrote,

"It’s estimated that a change in our rules to allow gay men to donate would increase Australia’s blood supply by about 25,000 litres every year."

"Think of the good that could be done with that amount of blood. It would save tens of thousands of lives."

"The issue is very simple: should we continue to discriminate against up to 12 per cent of Australians because of our own irrational fears?"

Mr Bach noted that in an increasing number of other countries the gay ban has been lifted and donors are asked the same questions about sexual risk regardless of their gender or sexual orientation, including in the UK which changed its policy under Conservative Party Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

Let Us Give spokesperson, Rodney Croome, welcomed Mr Bach's comments saying,

"We welcome Mr Bach's support for lifting the gay blood ban and adopting individual risk assessment."

"This is a reform that has supporters across the political spectrum because it is not about politics, it is about science and equity."
"We urge other Liberal MPs to follow Mr Bach's lead and support a reform that will benefit all Australians."

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