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Sheep to be Sheared

Syphilitic Bastard Al McAffrey Authors Legislation

Making it Easier and Quicker to give you a Traffic Ticket


Syphilitic Bastard is our affectionate pet name for Oklahoma State Senators who have sold out to the special interests.   They would all have taxpayers looking like freshly sheared sheep.   I suppose we should expect it coming from a liberal Democrat that is also a flaming homosexual and a mortician but bend over and grab your ankles because S.B. Senator McAffrey has managed to write and introduce a bill that not only increases fees for traffic tickets, it expands government, and makes is much easier and quicker to issue traffic tickets to citizens.


SB 872   would add a five dollar fee to all traffic tickets and use the funds to create an electronic method of issuing traffic tickets.  


McAffrey was quoted in an article saying: 


“Allowing officers to issue electronic citations will help better protect them. If they don’t have to approach vehicles during traffic stops to give people tickets but can simply email traffic violation citations directly to the district court clerk then they’re less likely to get into a dangerous altercation,”


McAffrey’s ideal seems to be for the cop to stay in his car during the traffic stop and that is only a short step away from just noting the car license number as it is going down the road and sending a traffic ticket without even stopping the vehicle.


This bill ranks right up there with the legislation that was filed in 2012 by a prominent House member that would have outlawed people from inserting items into their butts or other’s butts.  A national religious group had asked a House member to write the legislation that would have made criminal any sexual act that involved inserting other body parts or items into a person’s butt.  The bill was quite specific; it even included “small mammals” in the list of prohibited items.  During the phone call from another legislator which alerted us to the new legislation there were howls of laughter along with some serious questions if anyone had thought that a politician sticking his own head up his #ss would be illegal as well.


If for no other reason Senator McAffrey should pull this bill to repay that other legislator when they pulled their legislation that would have criminalized homosexual acts as well as political acts of sticking your head up your own rear.  Traffic tickets are needed to suppress anarchy on our highways but there should be some effort to writing a ticket and not allowing governments to look at traffic fines as a way to expand the government budget.  We recommend that McAffrey stick to whatever gay legislators do and in turn we will continue to ask legislators to stay out of everyone’s bedrooms.





Charity Isn’t Supposed To Come From Government

Why It’s Good for the Soul if its Personal


By Ms PM



Chick-fil-A is at it again. Founded by a Christian family and run on biblical values shows their true essence of why it’s important to practice what is preached inside the faith of Christianity.


Birmingham Alabama got caught with their snow suits down. The interstates were soon to look like parking lots when thousands of motorists became stranded on the icy roads. Once the snow started accumulating the owner of the restaurant, Mark Meadows, closed and sent employees home. Many returned a few hours later unable to get home. The store is about one and a half miles from the interstate and the store manager, Audrey Pitt, decided to park her car and joined a group walking. Some of these folks had been stuck in their vehicles for almost seven hours without food or water.


Making it back to the restaurant, she and employees began cooking and braved the weather to hand out sandwiches to stranded motorist on both sides of the interstate. The catch, was simply to receive, no cost to anyone. But why, the folks had money and were eager to pay for something warm to put in their hungry bellies? Here is Audrey’s reply, “This company is based on taking care of people and loving people before you’re worried about money or profit. We were trying to follow the model that we’ve all worked under for so long and the model that we’ve come to love. There was really nothing else we could have done but try to help people any way we could.”


A stranded motorist, Lauren Dango, has known Mark for years and watched as he walked from car to car handing out sandwiches. Taking his generosity a step further, he was able to help a motorist push their car up an incline.


After the food was passed out the dining room was opened up to anyone who wanted to sleep on a bench. The next morning the ovens were fired up and chicken biscuits were handed out. The only thing that was closed inside the restaurant was the cash register. “We’re not open for business; we’re just feeding people who are hungry, stated Audrey. She also believes that the gift was hers, “it’s a blessing to us to be able to help people.”


The whole affair “was a Sunday school lesson illustrated on a showy winter day along Highway 280 in Alabama with a chicken sandwich and a side of waffle fries.” This indeed shows what charity is all about. When the opportunity presents itself, step up and pass it on.





Give it Up Glen

Mulready Denies his Part in Pushing Obama Care/Fallin Care


This is a very late reply to an email that was sent to us back on January 12th.  Lots going on and to tell you the truth the sender just isn’t that important of a player these days.   But we had a slow week last week so here it is.  


You just have to laugh when a politician gets that deer in the headlight look and has nothing left but to try to B.S. his way out of the bad press.   Glen was quite upset at our January 12th newsletter article on the released Mary Fallin emails and specifically the ones that nailed Glen Mulready to the barn wall.


Glen sent the following email the next day:


Glen Mulready

Jan 12







Typical clueless Gerhart rhetoric.  As usual, I would be happy to visit with anyone about the truth.  





We replied back to Glen asking if he wanted to respond to the article and the release of the emails but we were met with silence… crickets chirping… as in old Glen really didn’t want to stick his head in a meat grinder and turn the handle himself.  But what was Glen to do?  We published the emails that were released by the Governor and there is zero doubt that Glen sent the emails and said what he said.    Not sure why he would be “happy” to visit with anyone unless he is confident that he can convince them not to believe their lying eyes.


But to save Fount Holland the trouble we are going to repost what Fount told Glen a couple of years ago about opening his mouth if the Tea Party knocks on his door:



‘Subject:Re: Obama Care health insurance exchange video on YouTube

Date:Thu, 05 Jan 2012 17:12:02 -0600

From:Fount Holland

To:Glen Mulready

CC:Kaleb Bennett >


DO NOT respond!!! .....


But if this is going to go out in your district,

We need to get very aggressive very quickly with our own information campaign.

We need to define the issue before our opponent's define it for us.”  



The video on YouTube they are referring to is the one put up by his opponent in 2012. Darren Gantz, featuring a Sooner Tea Party audio recording that caught Glen Mulready admitting that regardless of what his constituents want he is going to vote for the Obama Care/Fallin Care program.



But the point here Glen is to listen to Fount Holland and DO NOT respond!!!......    You can’t win Glen!   Those were your own emails released and they were released by the Governor despite the fact that it pretty much slit your political wrists.


Now, Glen.  Not sure what Fount is charging you per hour but we just saved you some money and Fount some time.  So a nice donation to the Sooner Tea Party for repeating Fount’s advice would be in order.





First Time…Just a Mistake, Second Time…Oops,

Third Time…Hmmm, Fourth Time…What The Hell Is Really Going On



By Ms PM


This all started about three years ago when she went to a “Doc in the box.” Assuming their paperwork was correct and paying the co-pay she was on her way. After all the paperwork came from the insurance company in the mail is when she compared what she paid at the time of the visit verses what the insurance said she had owed. Upon discovery, she phoned the Dr.’s office and inquired about a refund. She was told they were waiting for a phone call from her to return the money because they needed an address. She asked what would have happened to the refund if she never made the call and why wouldn’t the money be returned to the address given at the time of the visit once they found the error? That question was never answered. She eventually received the overpayment.


The second time it happened was when she went to the dentist over a year ago. Wary of the actual cost she finished with the procedure, got the code and amount for the procedure and called the insurance company to verify the charges matched. This dentist was charging a different amount than the agreed in network price that had been negotiated with the insurance company. This dentist required payment before any procedure so it is always after the fact. She was overcharged $59.00. After many calls and few return calls from messages, she finally got her refund and can only figure they figured she was not going away.


In the meantime she had moved and used her local hospital for her regular yearly tests. The hospital is in network and her insurance pays 100% for the tests because they are termed “preventive maintenance” for lack of a better word. She received a bill from the hospital for $910.25. Calling the insurance and verifying that she would not have any out of pocket expense the folks at the insurance company wanted to know why she had been charged, when again there are agreed to prices already negotiated because of the in network status. The insurance person did call her back and said that the hospital would fix it. She called the hospital billing department for her own satisfaction of knowing what had happened. She was told that they did not bill the insurance company the full amount. There is no doubt that they bill the patient the difference between what they normally charge for a procedure and what the negotiated price should be. Unless she looked at and questioned the amount, the hospital would be partying on her $900 bucks. This will also take approximately 4 to 6 weeks for the hospital to fix their billing error. In the meantime the account is on hold until the problem is resolved and she keeps her money.


The fourth time it happened was with a new dentist. This is the same issue of charging more than the negotiated in network price and billing the patient for the remainder. She compared the “EOB,” (explanation of benefits) from the insurance company to the bill she had been sent for payment. Calling the dentist, they had forgotten to deduct the in network price from the amount they had charged her. This was a $129.00 savings in her favor.


To be sure she has never considered herself lucky and with four different doctors making the same error, it pays to pay attention to the paperwork regardless of what a pain in the butt it is. This could be happening to many or most people. These errors contribute to the high cost of healthcare and rarely is anything said about this type of cost. Can you imagine what it will be like trying to fix a problem like this when you’re dealing with a government employee that says, “That’s a different department, here’s the phone number, and you call, only to be put on hold.” Happy days for all!


Opening Day on Monday

Lots going on tomorrow at the Capitol with the opening of the 2014 legislative session.   The Senate race for Coburn’s seat has thrown things into chaos after current House Speaker TW Shannon announced his decision to resign and focus on running for the Senate seat.   Grass roots leaders have all but begged Shannon not to abandon his post but he seems hell bent on abandoning his hard won Speaker position.   Current Pro Tem Mike Jackson has the inside track with Rep. Gus Blackwell being the favorite for the Pro Tem slot if Jackson moves up.   Both men won’t be around long, one of the reasons why they might win the election as Rep. Blackwell is term limited out at the end of this session and Rep. Jackson is leaving for a six figure job at the State Chamber of Commerce at the end of this session.  Yes, the State Chamber is going to reward Jackson for his furthering their agenda the last few years.  Like it or not that is one of the way they legally bribe politicians.
RINO Jeff Hickman and super RINO Jason Nelson are trying to gather votes to challenge Jackson but neither “Choo Choo” Hickman nor “Doesn’t have a gay face” Nelson has a realistic chance of winning and both are most likely just positioning their cliques to bargain for committee posts.


Hickman earned his nickname in the Speaker Designate race of late 2011 where he gave his final election speech to the Republican House Caucus by using the children’s story “The Little Engine that Could” as the basis of his speech much to the amazement of the assembled representatives.   Nelson earned his nickname after getting caught commenting on not just one gay website but two gay websites in 2010, allegedly there to respond to a forum thread questioning Nelson’s legislation that was thought to be attacking gay marriage.  No doubt that Nelson’s forum buddies discussed the legislator’s appearance on their gay website but the article dismissed his sexual preferences by saying “who does not have gay face!”.   No doubt Jason Nelson broke many hearts that day….


Shannon has announced his run for the Coburn seat, a position that many sources said that Tom Cole himself would run for when the seat opened up, and under Oklahoma law Shannon has to give up running for re election as a state rep before he files for the Senate seat.  Shannon would face re election this year as House seats are elected on a two year cycle.   The other serious contender is Congressman James Lankford who has drawn sharp criticism for his voting record in his four years at Washington D.C. .


Shannon himself is a moderate RINO, not a conservative as evidenced by his 1 point on the Oklahoma RINO Index score.    We have yet to set a minimum score to qualify as RINO because the bills chosen to grade the legislators really separated the men from the boys so to speak.  RINO status might be conferred in the mid to low forties but as one of the lowest ranking members in 2013 Shannon certainly wasn’t even close.  A score of 100 was a perfect conservative score and a score of 1 meant that the legislator voted for nine liberal votes out of nine votes.


The departing Speaker would cause a lot of havoc as legislators would be unsure of committee positions which allow them to gather campaign funds from special interests groups.   The Speakers race might well touch off a good fur ball of a fight between rural, Tulsa, and Oklahoma City special interests. 


If Shannon resigns prior to March 1st a special election will need to be called for his House seat and the Pro Tem (Rep Mike Jackson) would step up to finish out the Speaker term for 2014.  However the leader of the House Republican Caucus could call for a caucus vote to determine the new speaker if the State Chamber of Commerce demands an election to try to gain advantage.  Sources are saying that most legislators want the status quo maintained until the end of session if possible to allow unimpeded fundraising.  The most likely scenario is that Shannon hangs on to the Speaker position until right before he files for office and even then it is possible that he could hang on until the session end by filing for Senate.


A poll conducted right after Coburn announced his resignation saw Lankford trailing Bridenstine by 40% to 60% in a two way race.   The same poll said that if Shannon ran the Bridenstine lead would drop below 50% needed for an outright primary win and force Bridenstine and Lankford into a primary run off.  The poll showed Shannon getting around 10% of the vote.


Shannon’s poor ranking in that poll raises the question of why he would abandon a position before he had a reasonable chance of winning the Senate seat.  The answer would be that Shannon has surrounded himself with advisors that will certainly benefit from the chaos if he resigns and also in play is just how disappointed they have been with Shannon’s actions last session.    Shannon might be a moderate RINO but he was astute enough to keep his word and include conservatives in power once he was elected Speaker.  That split the conservative faction and weakened it, something that the State Chamber had to consider as a wonderful by product, but Shannon also didn’t carry enough water for the State Chamber.   He carried quite a bit, but not enough for the tough task masters.


And the wild card in this deck is Randy Brogdon who is sending out signals that he might drop his bid against Fallin and run for the Coburn seat.  That would seal Shannon's fate and Lankford's fate because neither one has the conservative reputation that Brogdon has.  Not only that but the same people that have refused to fund Brogdon's gubernatorial campaign will most likely fund a run for U.S. Senate because Brogdon has a real shot at winning.    A Lankford/Brogdon runnoff is the most likely outcome.  After all, Brogdon took almost 40% of the vote in the 2010 primary against Fallin, went from a no name canidate to well know conservative figure.


Brogdon has stumbled about, forgetting who helped him in 2010 and by now he has realized that the John Birch Society isn't going to fund his campaign after they pushed him to run.  But he might just be the right man in the right place to win that Senate seat, probably the only man in the state that could fill Coburn's shoes as a conservative, albeit a flawed one.


But the legislature will open on Monday and that is our immediate concern.   They are facing almost 200 million dollars in budget shortfall.  The Tulsa POPs museum and the American Indian Cultural Museum will have the State Chamber pressuring legislators for their “share” corporate welfare, there are oil and gas taxes expiring that have left a lot of tax money on the table, the reduction of the state income tax will again be considered, and another run at a Capitol improvement bond issue will no doubt rear its ugly head.


Legislators should remember the guiding principles of the Oklahoma Republican Party because they are Oklahoma values.  Legislators would be wise to print this list and keep a copy in their coat pocket during the session because they are the values that we will grade them on at the end of session.  Here they are directly from the Oklahoma GOP Party Platform:



As Republicans we believe:


1. Our rights of life, liberty, and property are natural rights granted to us by God and protected by the Constitution.


2. In the right to worship as we please without government intrusion or interference.


3. The federal government’s power is constitutionally limited, yet responsible for protecting our sovereignty, establishing justice under law, and securing our liberty through a strong

national defense and effective law enforcement.


4. God is the Author and Creator of life and that all human life, both born and unborn, should be protected.

5. In traditional marriage consisting of one man and one woman.

6. It is the private sector and free market principles that best stimulate economic development rather than government subsidies or programs.


7. Taxes collected at all levels of government should be used only for legitimate government functions and those functions carried out efficiently so that tax rates may be kept as low as



8. That government closest to the people governs best and is preferred to centralized control.


9. It is the right of every parent to act in his or her children’s best interest including choosing the form of education, whether public school, private school, or home school.


10. We should welcome immigrants who want to legally seek freedom and opportunity, who want to work for a living and who will embrace our values, learn the English language, and respect our national sovereignty.


2013 Senate members and House Members
Please copy the block of emails for your contact list so you are able to email all of them and help to inform and educate them before the new sessions begin. Use Bcc to send dozens of email with one email from you to them. This will look like you send each one of them a personal email with only their email showing as the recipient. Please mention the Sooner TeaParty in your emails so they will have a healthy respest for what we do. 
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