Quotes of the week
"In the middle of every difficulty comes opportunity."
Albert Einstein
"A goal should scare you a little, and excite you a lot."

Author, Joe Vitale
Put these two quotes together and think about them...
If there's some difficulty that's been standing in your way, look for the opportunity within and set a goal to "mine" that opportunity for all it can yield.
Identify and conquer
If something is getting in your way or holding you back, the first task is to identify it.
One common roadblock is fear - and sometimes it's just the fear of being disappointed.
Another, as when you first begin to blog, is fear of making a mistake or of looking silly.
Naturally, lack of knowledge can hold you back. But today we have so many places to learn, all you have to do is dig.
If you're just getting started in real estate, visit my new real estate site for tips, ebooks, and prospecting letters.
Then join Active Rain and spend some time readig how other agents are creating their own success stories.

There's no crystal ball, but I believe what's coming is a new wave of buyers...

...a new niche for you!

These are the folks who lost their homes to foreclosure or who had to go through a short sale when this economic crisis first began.

On average, a person going through a short sale can qualify for a new mortgage in abut 3 years. It can happen much sooner depending upon the circumstances.

Those who went through foreclosure must wait about 5 years - again depending upon the details.

Think about these folks - your past sellers might be thinking about buying another home right this minute!
And remember, some agents don't keep in touch with past sellers, so you can help their clients too!
Do You Really Know Where New Clients are Finding You?
Yesterday's email brought a copywriting inquiry from a gentleman who asked me to call him, so of course I did.

And, although I am sometimes remiss in remembering to ask, I did ask "Where did you find me?" It turns out that he had Googled "copywriter for realtors" and I popped up. But it wasn't my website or even one of my Active Rain posts – it was an EzineArticles.com article that prompted him to call.

Are you remembering to ask where people find you?  
It really is the best way to learn where you should spend your marketing time and/or money.

If you're reaching out to a specific group with prospecting letters, you know how those people found you. But you also need to know about the ones who call you because they found you in some other way.

Marketing is a complex activity – and the passive "being seen" side of it can send you chasing off in every direction, sometimes spending dollars that give no return on your investment. (Believe me, when I was a broker/owner I wasted a whole lot of money on advertising that got no results.)
But you can't let fear of making a mistake stop you.

You really do need to make yourself visible in more places than just your own website – or with your profile on a company site.
If you aren't visible in more places, today is a good time to start.
So where should you be seen?

Do you need to appear in print?

That depends entirely upon your community and the buyers and sellers you hope to reach. If people in your community actually read the newspaper and the homes magazines, then print ads can be a good investment.

If you're reaching out to seniors it's probably wise, as well. Many seniors prefer reading a newspaper or magazine over surfing the net.

Where do you need to be online?

First, you need your own website – not just a page or partial page in a company website. Visit this page at Copy by Marte  to see what I believe should be included in your personal website.

Next, you need to choose some places to write blog posts. If you've been reading this ezine for long, you know I recommend becoming active on Active Rain.

Because Active Rain is an "authority site," writing posts about your community, the businesses in your community, and the real estate market in your community will get you found on Google faster than will your efforts to optimize your own site. The success stories from members are truly inspiring.

You might also want to check into Real Estate Marbles. It's relatively new, but growing in authority.

Next… If you like to write (or if you're willing to hire a ghost writer) posting some informative articles on sites like EzineArticles.com will not only help drive traffic to your website, it will help establish you as an expert in your community.

If you really can't see yourself writing articles or whole blog posts, choose some real estate related blogs such as my Thoughts on Marketing blog that allow you to enter your own URL when you comment.
Then write a thoughtful sentence or two. That activity will help raise your site's ranking in the search engines by creating links to you. Before you take time to write, check to see that you will be asked for your URL.

You can also go to sites like Yahoo questions and answer a question now and then.

What about Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the "bazillions" of other social media sites?

Some people report success with social media sites. I personally am not fond of them.  I think they require a time commitment that I'm not willing to give, and I feel that the chances of being seen by someone interested in my products or services are pretty slim. But don't let my ideas stop you. You may find them worth your time.
Here's a challenge: Make yourself visible in 2 new spots this week. Do something large or small. Then come to my Marketing Blog and tell us what you did.

Here's to your success!

Copy by Marte, Priest River, Idaho