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Dear Friends,
We continue with the series of newsletters dedicated to the companies that applied for the postponed 16th edition of seeSUSTAINtec 2020. As we promised, we will keep on working to support the business activities of our clients.

In this issue we will present companies that have developed platforms for smart management of waste collection and disposal, modern solutions for waste transportation, opportunities for financing new solutions and environmental technologies.

The companies can be contacted through the b2b platform.

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The company initially concentrated on processing satellite images that were acquired using Synthetic Aperture Radar and used for military and civil purposes for territory control activities. Integration with other technologies, such as RFID and Mobile App, allow the company to specialize in sectors such as: ■ Logistics and public and private transport; ■ integrated management of the waste collection cycle; ■ research and development of innovative solutions for making cities smarter.
The company is an innovative startup focused on developing smart connected sensor devices. Its initial focus of the company is the smart waste management through automatic remote monitoring of containers fill level, both for general and recyclable waste. The IoT platform developed for this solution allows the company quickly and efficiently to develop other smart sensor systems like: air-pollution monitoring system;flood-prevention early warning system; system for stimulating recycling in public buildings,etc.
KWS develops and manufactures onboard weighing and RFID identification systems for waste collection vehicles. Ranging from lift gate, crane scales up to body weighing and single bin weighing on the lifter the products are developed to be used for waste collection service as well as for energy transport of wooden pellets or LPG. 
PeepNee is a platform which basically attempts to digitize and transform not only the traditional mailbox, but also the methods of delivering mail items to it. The main technologies that we rely on are IoT (Internet of things) and Cloud Services.
PeepNee consists of IOT smart mailboxes and number of supporting, management software. 
LIFE Programme is the EU’s funding instrument for the environment and climate action. The general objective of LIFE is to contribute to the implementation, updating and development of EU environmental and climate policy and legislation by co-financing projects with European added value. Since 1992, the programme has co-financed more than 4600 projects. 
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