Stock Market Daily Report                                                                            
February 23, 2021
Daily Information

The Tehran Stock Exchange All-Share Index finished the day down -0.23% at 1,211,767. Information Services(+2.00%) saw the highest increase among sectors, while the biggest drop of the day was for Communication Equipment (-2.66%). Steel & Iron (+0.97%) was the market volume leader with trades totaling IRR 7,483 billion (approx. USD 30 million).National Iranian Copper Industries Co. (MSMI1 3.79%) Esfahan's Mobarakeh Steel Co. (FOLD1 1.37%) and Persian Gulf Petrochemical Ind. (PKLJ1 -1.11%) were the the main movers of the All-Share Index. National Iranian Copper Industries Co. (MSMI1 3.79%) was the most traded stock with IRR3,340 billion (approx. USD13.4million) of shares exchanged. The total traded value of the market reached IRR 66,563 billion (approx. USD 266 million) up 154.63% from the previous trading session.
Top News

In a meeting held at the South Korean embassy's request in Tehran, the Governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) and South Korean Ambassador to Tehran agreed on how to transfer and spend Iran’s frozen assets in the banks of the East Asian country. (FNA)
Market Summary

Unit Change
% Change (Daily)
TSE All-Share Index 1,211,767 -2,733   -0.2%
Traded Value (USD million) 266 162.52   154.6%
Volume (million shares) 6,709 4,223   169.9%
FX Daily Change
     % Change (Daily)
USD Free Market  250,000   0.81%
EUR Free Market 303,700   1.12%
TSE Traded Volume

Highest Daily Traded

Highest Daily Traded
Volume (M Shares)
        Value ($ M)
National Iranian Copper Co. 254   13.4
Social Sec Inv 142   11.6
Mobarakeh Steel Co. 135   6.4
Palayesh Tehran 187   6.7
Saipa 1,030   9.9

Top TSE Stocks

Top 5 Risers
Close (USD Cents)
% Change (Daily)
Iran Machinary and Pipeline 8.90   5.60%
Saadi Tile 8.42   5.57%
Shomal Cement 5.25   5.55%
Ardebil Cement 21.78   5.14%
Omid Investment Banking 3.60   4.90%
Top 5 Fallers
Close (USD Cents)
% Change (Daily)
Kordesta Cement 4.32   -2.00%
Iran Const Investment 19.58   -1.98%
Tukafoolad Investment 4.56   -1.98%
Barekat Pharmecutical 10.96   -1.97%
Saderat Bank 1.00   -1.96%

Transaction Volume in Sectors (IRR)