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Eugenicist FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg is feeling the heat. Due to massive public pressure and pressure from the dietary suppelment industry, today the FDA extended the comments period on the treacherous NDI Guidance Document from October 3 to December 2.
Copy and paste my comments to FDA and send them to FDA at the link provided below. Add your own comments to mine if you want. As you can see I am echoing attorney Jonathan Emord's incredibly hard hitting detailed comments (which give him standing to sue FDA in Federal District Court if they don't drop this matter completely as they should!
As you can also see, I am putting FDA on notice that I am also complaining very loudly to Congress about this and to the President and media, and I am alerting as many people as I can, urging them to do the same in the hope that FDA will be deluged with a massive tsunami of complaints! As you can see I am putting them on notice that I've read Byron Richards well researched article The Revitalized Eugenics Movement and the FDA's Role....
Below are the comments I submitted to FDA, please copy and paste them into FDA's webform at the link below (shown in step 2): (Copy and Paste these into FDA's link and send them to them:
I agree with all of attorney Jonathan Emord's comments submitted to the FDA regarding this NDI Guidance Document. His comments can be found here http://www.emord.com/FDA-2011-N-0410%20-%20Comments%20of%20Alliance%20for%20Natural%20Health-USA%20%28Aug%202,%202011%29.pdf   

FDA should immediately withdraw these illegal comments, which totally ignore the will of the people and the will of Congress as clearly expressed through passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.

DSHEA intended for there to be a simple notification system for new supplements. FDA is now attempting to turn that into a pre-approval scheme which Congress specifically sought to forbid via DSHEA. This threatens to block my access to many supplements that I need in order to properly safeguard my health, and it also threatens to make my supplements more expensive.

This threatens to create unecessary and burdensome regulations that threaten to force between 20,000 to 42,000 dietary supplements off the market, while drastically raising the prices of all that remain.

This threatens to put over 100,000 people out of work, to drive dietary supplement companies out of business.

The draft guidance hurts our economy. Expert analyses show that this guidance will cause a total economic loss of $21.2 billion to $39.8 billion annuall

FDA has not made an honest effort to evaluate the economic fallout of this Guidance Document which must immediately be removed. I am demanding that Congress provide me with protection from the FDA via Oversight hearings.

I am very alarmed that FDA Commissioner Hamburg is a card carrying eugenicist. She has been ably exposed via this article  The Revitalized Eugenics Movement and the FDA's Role http://www.newswithviews.com/Richards/byron212.htm

I am demanding that Congress radically cut FDA's funding, and that Hamburg be immediately fired from her job. I am also complaining about this to the Whitehouse comments line.
2. Go here to FDA's form to paste my comments and submit comments to them.
3. Go to Life Extension Foundation's alert here and use their talking points when communicating about FDAs NDI Guidance document with CONGRESS. The only things to ADD to your talking points are these:
Tell them that you have submitted your own comments to the FDA in which you have echoed the detailed legal comments of attorney Jonathan Emord who has standing to sue FDA in Federal District Court.
Let them know that you stand 100% behind any lawsuit that might be necessary because you have read Byron Richards article The Revitalized Eugenics Movement and the FDA's Role
Tell Congress that you want FDA Commissioner Hamburg fired immediately, and that you want congressional oversight regarding the NDI Guidance document! Tell them that FDA's extension of the comments deadline to December 2 is not enough, it must be withdrawn ENTIRELY!(Reach the US Capital Switchboard toll free at 1-877-SOB-U-SOB  Ask for your Senators and Congresman in turn each time and reiterate all of these points.
Let them know that you know that Hamburg's father was the President of the American Eugenics Society, and that you are complaining about this directly to the White House via this webform
and also via the White House Comments line at 202-456-1111  Copy and paste the same comments you sent to FDA to Obama and to your Congressman and Senators.  
Tell Obama that you don't appreciate his efforts to injure or kill you or your family via FDA's criminal efforts to block your access to dietary supplements and that he must force FDA to completely WITHDRAW the NDI Guidance Document! . Let him know that Hamburg must be fired immediately!
Tell Obama that you have joined Gun Owners of America  The Life Extension Foundation  and International Advocates for Health Freedom  because you refuse to be genocided or in any way enslaved by the New World Order. Let him know that you are providing all of this information to his political opponents, and that you are so angry about this that you are assisting Ron Paul's Presidential campaign since he is the staunchest advocate of health freedom of anyone running.
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