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Wholesale Alpaca Products
for Your Store - Since 2006

There's still time to get your product in time for your Chirstmas sales!
We are seeing an EXCELLENT
Christmas shopping season 
New late season products continue to come in.
Keeping up even in the mad rush!
Did you know?
There is still time to get an order and stock your shelves in time for Christmas sales? Shipping daily! Often same day!

We have NO minimums

We take returns thru the end of March
If it's not selling for you send it back!
We want you happy, confident and never "stuck" with any products.

We have free shipping at $750.00
We offer inexpensive (just $30) financing
For current customers spread over a 6 month period.

We offer downloadable flyers to help you sell

We have a growing amount of
Made in the USA from USA grown alpaca fiber products
And we BUY fiber by giving you store credit!

We have an awesome growing line of
cold weather sportsman gear

We have a line of alpaca souvenirs
that sell really well for farm stores and in farmers markets

We LOVE promoting you and alpaca through our retailers map
Have any questions? We'd love to talk to you!

Brian and Paula Schieber

Having been at this many years,
and listening to you, these are

** Our TOP Suggestions **

for products to have in your store
for Christmas shoppers:
PacaBuddies in many colors
Superwarm -  our Original product,
still a top seller

OutdoorAdventure - THE most popular product
we sell
SlipperBootie - useful, functional ankle sock 
Great seller too!
All part of the ever expanding
American Choice Alpaca collection!

Now a new wonderful addition to the line:
The AmericanTraveler
Brian's Favorite Socks!
(he wears them all the time!)

80% Alpaca AmericanTraveler Socks
More than any other products, this collection of
socks will have people coming
back to you again for more!
Other great items:

Alpaca Insoles
Insoles - an easy functional item
made using your alpaca fiber "3rds"!

Years in development, the alpaca
knit lined leather gloves in 
Black, Yellow-tan, Chocolate and
Ladies Red are an excellent
option for Christmas shoppers.
Bears and Fur Toys Rock in Sales
at Christmas and throughout the year!
Christmas Themed
Whimsical Ornaments do very well

- Extremely popular, we've litterally 
been buying these ALL year to 
have enough stock. We still have them,
for now.
Now available in Suri too!

Pacabuddies sell each year
by the 1000s!
These little alpaca bangle 
bracelets sell a lot better than
even we would have guessed.
Good price point.
Alpaca Leggings are surprisingly
hot sellers!
The Iditarod WARM Alpaca Hat
is another surprise success in 2018
Also available as a functional Neck Gator
Why does everyone want 
alpaca dryer balls?! 
Still amazing that we have to use
5 suppliers just to keep them
Being cotton, we were not 
 sure about these alpaca
themed socks, but the 
cute design and great price
point has these socks
flying out of the warehouse! 
You know your market better
than anyone. Many of our other
products sell well too. Review
the entire catalog to see what
fits your niche.



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