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Mid-June 2011
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2) SELF-HEALING ARTICLE: Summer Fun Activities
Blocked by Sore Knees?

Clearing Kids' or Animals' Water Fears


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Q: Am excited about our family summer vacation.
But, my knees started aching when my husband
and I began planning our family trip last month.
I'm afraid I'll be too sore for volleyball, swimming,
hiking, and other outdoor things I love to do with my
family. My doctor suggests medication but I prefer
a natural cure. Can allergies or emotions cause sore knees?
-Leah, Canada

A: Any joint pain can be due to allergies or intolerances
to food, especially the nightshade vegetables or dairy.
My elbows & knees used to ache after I'd eat tomatoes
or tomato-based products like sauces, soups or pizza.
After clearing my substance reactions, the pain
went away. You may want to start by doing the same.

Knee pain can also be caused by flexibility/inflexibility
life path fears. You wrote that the pain started when
you and hubby planned the vacation. Were you
feeling like there was too much or not enough
flexibility in your vacation plans? Or perhaps you
were recalling past vacations where flexibility was
not allowed, even in childhood vacations?

Leah, if you clear any fears or anxiety you have
about past-present-future vacations, or other
stressors about flexibility in your life your knee
pain may quickly go away. I've cleared knee
pain fears from myself while jogging/walking
outside and was pain free moments later.

TIP: Performance animals that experience strenuous,
structured (inflexible) training methods may have
fears resulting in sore knees or joints, too.

The mind-body-emotions connection is POWERFUL
and based on our conscious AND subconscious beliefs
about being safe, loved, appreciated and successful.
We can use this connection to HEAL or HURT ourselves
so why not use it to YOUR ADVANTAGE?

* * * Natural Allergy Relief Resources * * *

* * * Summer Weight Loss Help * * *


Q: Our son is afraid to dunk his head underwater
when swimming. He won't go on the water park
slides as he's afraid his head will go underwater
at the bottom of the ride. He's okay in the bathtub
or shower. He's had swimming lessons. We tried
to show him he's safe, but nothing has worked.
He says he doesn't know why he's afraid, so how
can we help him? --Jamie, Scotland

A: Humans or animals of any age may develop
irrational water fears for no apparent reason. If
you don't know what caused your son's fears,
you can apply a general emotional release
clearing via your preferred method. Remember
to clear his basic fears of not being safe while
his head is underwater AND clear his DNA of
all ancestral drowning fears.

After the general clearing, ask him if he still
feels afraid. If yes, then ask him what's the
worst that will happen if his head is underwater
and if he recalls anything happening that scared him.
Gently clear his fears about every memory until
he feels safe to try dunking his head. Please let
me know how it goes or contact me if you're
stuck and require fast, effective professional
emotional release.

* * * Surrogate Fear Clearing How-To Info * * *

I know that you're all in different financial situations,
and clearing your emotions via private sessions
may not be in your budget.

Many levels of my help are AVAILABLE to YOU:
Proven self-healing and surrogate healing tools
for people and pets can immediately downloaded

F.R.E.E. self-healing how-to charts

Wishing you and yours a joyful, prosperous, successful year!
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