Greetings & Blessings to all,
If you didn’t expect to hear from us so soon, neither did we. But,  we just received a phone call from Mary of Irish Festival Cruises who also happens to be one of our readers. 
What she had to say was intriguing - an exclusive offer just for subscribers to the Irish Culture & Customs newsletter - generous discounts of up to 20%   in celebration of their  20th anniversary cruise  which begins on January 30th, 2011.  
According to Mary, it’s a week long tropical hooley with a fabulous lineup of Irish entertainers -  Mary Black and The Black Brothers, The Dublin City Ramblers, Girsa, The Matt Cunningham Band, Ennis, Brigid's Cross, Mike Mazur, John Gleeson and many more!
If you agree that salt looks better on a margarita than it does on a driveway, then you owe it to yourself to take a  gander at what you can look forward to:
As with all good offers, this one doesn’t last forever whcih is why Mary called us: it expires on December 10.  
“ Here are your choices: You can find a deck chair and slump, mull and brood over The Meaning of It All or you can  Meander from lounge to lounge and you'll find your gracious hosts and entertainers offering you a banquet of Irish Culture.”   Frank McCourt
So there you are then - we didn’t want you to miss out on such a great exclusive offer  - and with Christmas right around the corner, what a brilliant gift this would make.
We’ll take our leave with a photo of the ship - the MSC Poesia. Imagine yourself on board  experiencing the Irish party of a lifetime!
For more details or if you have any questions, Mary would be happy to hear from you:
All the best & God Bless,