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  Paul Howard (M)
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Thu 11 April 2024
Tech Talk: Observation

May 2024 (date tbc)
Tech Talk: Making Progress

Sat 15 June 2024
Signpost Rally

Sun 23 June 2024
Prescott Bike Festival

July 2024 (date tbc)
Tech Talk: Time Distance Speed

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March 2024
Chair's Introduction
On behalf of the Committee, it gave me the greatest pleasure recently to award Jane Quilliam, long-time member and recent Group Tutor (Car), Honorary Membership. There's more about Jane’s journey over the years in the newsletter below.
I joined Glos RoADAR in 2011 after relocating from Kent. During my time in the group I have spent 5 years as Membership Secretary and almost 3 years as Chair after being invited to help get the group back on its feet after a 2-year plus period of inactivity.
With the willing help of many members, we are now poised to take advantage of numerous successful initiatives that have increased member engagement, provided necessary marketing, promotion and advertising resources, built a solid core of Tutors (mainly motorcycle although the Car Section is catching up rapidly) and begun an advertising campaign that is attracting much interest from potential members.
This would not have been possible without your contribution and it’s very much a team result that has significantly enhanced our ability to improve road safety within our catchment area. Thank you to those who put up with and helped keep me on the right track when necessary.
I have submitted my resignation as Chair effective from the AGM on 24 Sep 2024 as it’s time for someone else to help you, the group and future members reap the benefits of everyone’s hard work and contribution.
Are you keen to help ensure the future of our group and have the time available to become Chair? The post is open to any member and I am very happy to chat about what’s required (07976 644485).
Please register your interest with our Secretary, Rebekah Yarranton at
P.S. I do not own a Rolex
Stay safe all
Volunteer Membership Secretary needed

This is becoming more and more urgent.
If you're interested in volunteering please call me.

Stephen (07976 644485)

New Honorary Member: Jane Quilliam
I’m delighted to announce that the committee has approved the award of Honorary Membership to Jane Quilliam.
Jane was born Jennifer and raised in Cirencester, Gloucestershire. As an infant, she was not a fan of clothes and her parents soon nicknamed her ‘Jane’ after a cartoon character from ‘Jane’s Journal’[1] who had a series of often hair-raising adventures, most of which involved her losing her clothes at various points – though it was always for reasons outside her control. The name Jane has endured.
Jane’s driving career began when she passed her driving test in the 1960s. At the time she was working with British Telecom as a troubleshooting Engineering Technician conducting first-line diagnosis, a job she thoroughly enjoyed and at which she became very proficient.
With her love of driving it was inevitable that there was more to come. Sure enough, Jane spotted an advertisement in the Stroud News for a 3-week, police-run ‘Better Driver’ course. She quickly enrolled, learnt from some of the best drivers around and was assessed at the end of the course by our own Graham Beale. With a strong recommendation from Graham that she continue learning, it wasn’t long before her rally driver husband encouraged her to become an advanced driver.
Jane joined Glos RoADAR in 1989, at that time a car-only group, and after being tutored by Ian Smith, was examined by Chris Ellis and awarded a Gold pass. It was at this stage that Jane was invited to train as a car Tutor – she could not resist – and qualified as an Approved Group Tutor in 1990. Since then Jane has retested at Gold an enviable twelve times!
An avid learner, Jane enrolled for a cookery course at Stroud College, turned up for the first session and immediately changed her mind thinking: “It’s NOT me.” Instead she enrolled on a car maintenance course and, while not quite admitting to being a ‘petrol head’, acknowledges that she’s a keen fixer and is more than happy tuning / tweaking / repairing her car when necessary.
During this period Graham Beale was our Chairman with Margaret Malcolm as Secretary. Margaret was a huge influence on the group’s development and instigator of / prime mover in many of the initiatives that enabled the group to grow and prosper. She was also very good at enlisting willing volunteers and very soon Jane was invited to join the committee.
As an advanced driving Tutor Jane has trained and assessed many associates, over more than 30 years, and has helped the majority achieve Gold passes. Having attended the Better Driver course and learnt her advanced driving craft Jane soon became an assessor on the same course and worked with the police for five years helping run their course. All of this has helped Jane continue driving for longer than many of her peers.
With such a wealth of knowledge and experience I asked for Jane’s top tips for trainee advanced drivers. She replied: “Read your handbook, get to know your vehicle really well and practise.”
Jane elected to cease tutoring at the end of 2021 with her final associate, Ben Mitchell, achieving a much sought-after Gold pass. Never one to stand still and not long afterwards, Jane joined her local church and has very quickly been spotted as a ‘can do’ person which has led to her recently being privileged to be invited to become a church Elder.
Chair Stephen presents Jane's Honorary Membership Certificate
Jane remains as busy as ever and divides the rest of her time between family, jive dancing (seeking a new group), swimming, working with schoolchildren on reading comprehension and spending time with friends.
Glos RoADAR as a group and many of its members have benefited enormously from Jane’s support, expertise and sterling contribution over at least three decades. She thoroughly deserves, and is pleased to accept, Honorary Membership.

 [1] Jane’s Journal, The Diary of a Bright Young Thing (1932-1959)
Biker Down Report from 23 February 2024
Our two motorcycle examiners: Simon 'Rossy' Ross and David Collicott very kindly ran a Biker Down workshop for Glos RoADAR which was attended by 15 members, mostly motorcyclists and family members.
This was a free workshop comprising 3 modules; Crash scene management; First Aid (including assessing a casualty, dealing with catastrophic bleeds, removal of crash helmet(s) & CPR; together with the “the thinking biker”.
Some photographs from the evening:
It was at this point that David began reminiscing about a childhood favourite of his: The Railway Children, and how the children waved for a train to stop by using their petticoats.

We heard lots about the research on accidents. Won't give away all their secrets but here's a headline:
Then we moved into the accident scene area, managed by Simon 'Rossy' Ross, where poor 'Norman' had tumbled off his motorcycle.
A talk through and practical demo of casualty handling followed.

Want to try it for yourself? Click here: Biker Down
Technical Talk: Observation 11 April 2024
Witcombe and Bentham Village Hall
Pillcroft Rd, Witcombe, Gloucester GL3 4TB
N51 50.554  W02 8.416 Grid Ref: SO904160

Time: 7 p.m. for 7:15 p.m.
UK's Most Stolen Cars
Here'sfascinating article about:
  • which vehicles thieves are targeting;
  • the top five stolen and recovered models;
  • the tricks thieves use to steal cars;
  • what to do if your car’s stolen; and
  • how to reduce the risk of your car being stolen.
Like many people I bought Faraday bags and boxes to protect motorcycle and cars keys.
 (Easy to find, just search Amazon for 'Faraday Box')

UK's First Dutch-style Roundabout

Click on image or here for video (4:06)

Relax, it's in Cambridge (not the Gloucestershire one).
The roundabout was installed after a 2015 consultation showed that 67 per cent of respondents felt the route needed improvements for walking and cycling, with the old roundabout layout attracting concern. A second consultation in 2016 then showed that 433 people supported the Dutch-style proposal versus 115 people who opposed it.

Its installation was welcomed by the Cambridge Cycle Campaign (Camcycle) who said it is "a joy to ride" but added that "it may take a while for everyone to get used to the new design so take care as you travel through the area".

Sadly, the roundabout has been slammed as a 'vanity project' as it has seen more collisions in the three years since it was built compared to its predecessor over the previous three years. Article here
I wonder whether more will be built?

Gloucester Classic Car Show 9 June 2024

Looks like a good day's outing.
World's First Airbag Jeans
More and more safety devices are available to one of the most vulnerable groups of vehicular road users: motorcyclists.

Click image or here for video (2:49)
Article with more information here.
VW Buttons Return

For years, road safety experts have been warning that the latest cars are proving an increasingly distracting danger.
This has been fuelled by the growing trend for manufacturers to scrap traditional push-button knobs, switches and dials on car dashboards and replace them with large computer-tablet-style touchscreens.
Road safety experts are concerned that infotainment screens in cars are too distracting and brands including Tesla, Mercedes, VW and Volvo all have new systems that are convoluted or unnecessarily confusing to use.
Customers and critics alike have raked VW over the coals for its “frustrating” interiors, touch screen controls and the cars’ lack of physical buttons. These complaints reached the CEO who admitted they did a lot of damage to VW’s reputation.
From January 2026, crash testing body Euro NCAP (European New car Assessment Programme) will introduce rules that downgrade the safety ratings of new vehicles that do not have buttons on the dashboard to control simple operations such as indicating and activating hazard warning lights.
Unsurprisingly, VW are bringing buttons back.
Click here for a full article.
Vintage Car Show 2-4 August 2024
Did You Know?

The Severn Estuary has the second highest tidal range in the world and shifting sandbanks make it hazardous for the unwary.

On this ship’s front mast three balls have been raised. It is correct seamanship in such situations to raise this signal to indicate that your vessel has run aground.

This is the origin of the popular saying "Total balls up".

For anyone interested, here's a full list of 'day shapes' used on shipping.

Who knew?
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