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National Alpaca Farm Days 
Saturday-Sunday, September 26-27, 2020
The annual NAFD alpaca open farm days is the biggest
alpaca farm community outreach of the year. BE READY this year with
a solid plan, safe and educational activities, and of course... an
excellent set of alpaca products to offer your local visitors.
...with safe, guideline adherent local events at your farm!
Free to use, for your business, digital alpaca mask images (Tan or Grey).
We've heard from many of you on ideas for a great NAFD, with COVID in mind. Perhaps one of the best ideas is...

Create Learning Stations around your farm.
If social distancing is in play, have groups travel together to each station. Rotating on your signal. 
Ideas for Alpaca Stations
1. learn about alpaca fiber, have raw fiber, felt and yarn available
2. learn about alpaca - have a friendly live alpaca or two there - how alpacas hate social distancing and how alpacs may a cure for covid 19
3. treats for visitors to alpacas 
4. learn about poo! - what's so special about alpaca poo?
-how to compost
5. spinning demonstration, felting demonstration, knitting/crochet demonstration.  Maybe have a fun pattern you give away that uses alpaca yarn with how much yarn they need to use.
6. alpaca coloring and puzzle stations
7. alpaca crafts - use cookie cutter - make an alpaca hat/grain "cookie", use cookie cutter and make a bird seed feeder or bird seed ornament, make ahead alpaca clay ornament and let them paint it
8. decorate your own alpaca cookie - pre make with our cookie cutters and give individual cups of frosting and our alpaca sprinkles
10. describe what makes alpaca products so unique during store visit
Ideas for Volunteers:
1. give them an alpaca watching shirt with their name on it and your farm name on the back
2. have a make your own alpaca pizza party after the event to celebrate using our large cookie cutter
Suggestions for Visitor Education
Talk about:
Alpaca's natural cleanliness 
Alpaca Eco-Friendliness
Stories of how alpacas hate social distancing!
The mom-n-pop nature of the American Alpaca industry.
Why alpaca fiber is so special.
10 Tips to Dramatically Increase Your
Alpaca Booth Sales
(Free tips from Julie Roy)
Make your Booth "SIZZLE" with Activity 

Julie Roy ("Alpaca Julie"), author, speaker and business
coach has consistently made sales of her alpaca items
with both displays for over 16 years. Discover secrets 
in this easy to follow "Tip Sheet" that you can 
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Now You Can Discover How To:
Design your booth location for maximum visibility & involvement
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Engage customers to purchase easily and spend more
Create ongoing relationships on and off the farm
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that successfully sell every time.


Alpaca Product Suggestions

Suggestions for small gifts for farm visitors. Show them why alpaca fiber is so special, let them take home a visit souvenir, get repeat farmstore customers this fall and year round. 
Be sure to let them know you'll have more products
throughout the year.  Make sure they have your contact info.
Get them on a notification list for your events, hours, etc.

Alpaca products make unique gifts which are fun to give.
You are a RESOURCE for gift giving! 

Many farms establish SERIOUS repeat business through the Christmas shopping season from NAFD visitors. 
Paula has Retired!
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Product Customizations


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