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In this issue:
  • National Alpaca Farm Days
  • Jax and Lovey Share Alpaca Adventures
  • Alpaca Bed Blankets
  • An Extreme Weather 100% Alpaca Hat
  • Adventure Required Outreach
  • Show your Alpaca Love
  • NEW Alpaca Products
  • Calling all Alpaca Fiber!
  • Make "PacaBucks" as a PurelyAlpaca Affiliate

Visit an Alpaca Farm 
National Alpaca Farm Days
September 24-25, 2016
National Alpaca Farm Days video

To find a farm for National Alpaca Farm Days, click either the image above or  below. Both offer lists of alpaca farms to visit. 
Have a fun day visiting an Alpaca Farm and Store near you. It's free, fun and educational!
Purely Alpaca Stores
Jax and Lovey Share Alpaca Adventures

Jax and Lovey our Pacabuddies have just gotten back from a trip to the Redwoods and Big Sur!  They love being the Alpaca Ambassadors for Purely Alpaca!  
You can follow them on instagram or facebook with #jaxandlovey or #pacabuddies
Jax and Lovey camping Redwoods Jax and Lovey camping Redwoods Jax and Lovey camping Redwoods
Jax and Lovey camping Redwoods    Jax and Lovey camping Redwoods
See Jax and Lovey's other adventures on Bored Panda.
We'd love to see the adventures your Pacabuddies go on!

Alpaca Bed Blankets
New this winter! Wonderfully warm and beautifully brushed Alpaca Bed Blankets
Available in both solids and stripes you will love this amazingly soft and luxurious bed blanket.  Get yours early for best selection.
                                   Alpaca Bed Blanket    Alpaca Bed Blanket Alpaca Bed Blanket 
An Extreme Weather 100% Alpaca Hat
We are pleased to offer this uniquely designed extreme weather 100% Baby Alpaca extreme weather hat.
Designed for extreme cold weather the Iditarod Beanie Hat features a doubly thick tightly knit layer of 100% baby alpaca and an extra layer of solid fleece lining. It's the "real deal" for outdoors cold activities.
        Iditarod 100% Alpaca Beanie Hat   http://purelyalpaca.com/collections/latest-alpaca-items/products/iditarod-100-alpaca-beanie  Iditarod 100% Alpaca Beanie Hat
Adventure Required Outreach
Purely Alpaca is proud to support and be the exclusive distributor for Adventure Required, a Peruvian outreach endeavor which helps the indigenous peoples of Peru to produce attractive USA designed 100% high fashion alpaca hats themed after the worlds great explorers. 
     Adventure Requried    Adventure Requried   Adventure Requried   Adventure Requried 

Show your Alpaca Love
Alpaca Love t-shirt
Alpaca Love T-Shirt
Alpaca Love Ankle Height Cotton Socks
Alpaca Love Ankle Height Cotton Socks
Alpaca Heart Socks
Alpaca Heart Socks
Alpaca Car Charm
Whimsical Alpaca Car Charm
Alpaca Lovers Parking Sign
Alpaca Lovers Parking Sign
alpaca plush toy
Little Odd Forrest Hand Made Plush

Fuzzy Fun Alpaca socks
Fuzzy Fun Alpaca Themed Summer Socks
It's Totally Hip to send an Alpaca Greeting Card!

Calling all Alpaca Fiber!

Do you have alpaca fiber to sell?

Want to promote alpaca?

Want to join in on our Labor of Love?

Do you have alpaca fiber that needs a new life as luxurious and functional alpaca products?!
We use USA Grown alpaca fiber for a number of projects like felt shoe inserts, socks, accessories, yarn, batting, etc. 
This is a great opportunity to get value for your alpaca fiber while promoting American Alpaca Farms! 

Make "PacaBucks" as a PurelyAlpaca Affiliate

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alpaca affiliate program
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