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October 2011
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Q: What emotions cause upper back pain in adults?

A: The reverse side of the heart, a painful upper back may be storing repressed fears of abandonment, rejection, failed relationships (love or work), shame, guilt, rage and resentment. Pain on the left side may indicate fears about love; the right side may store fears about work or money.

My left upper back ached for years before I learned how to do emotional release work. Doctors, LMTs and chiropractors provided only temporary relief.

One day I took the time to find each layer of fear causing the pain and releasing each one. Some layers involved relationship heartaches, wanting to “turn my back” toward the painful times, and grief over family members who had passed.

My muscle-testing indicated no more fears causing the pain existed. The painful upper back ache subsided and eventually disappeared. A bonus was that I could think of past heartbreaks and no hurtful emotions surfaced. I had forgiven everyone involved and myself.

Here’s how to clear emotions causing upper back pain.

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Complimentary BASIC Emotional Release
for Kids and Critters
What is surrogate healing? Applying Emotional Release methods to yourself to help another. It works because we are all energetically connected.
Q: What causes upper back pain in children or animals? 

A: Children who have a lot of responsibility (school work, athletics) may have upper back pain.
Animals’ upper back pain may be from sensing their human caregivers’ fears. 
Read rest of article (Contains surrogate emotional release techniques you can use right away!)
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