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Innovative, safe, and sturdy toys for cats:

You have to see these!

Read the blog (above) first and check out the links about half way down for shopping options all over the world. See if your country is included!

Lots of photos on the website. Founder Chasity Rader has also created some "vegan" versions of these toys, that is, no animal products used in their manufacture.
Another unusual feature of her toy line is that you can return them for repairs if needed! (How many companies do that?)
Holidays and Observances This Month
September is Happy Cat Month

Pink Panther's Birthday - September 6

Last full week in September - Deaf Pet Awareness Week

National Pet Memorial Day - September 11 or 14

Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week - September 18-21

World Rabies Day - September 28
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Giving Your Cat Medicine
Hands-free way to medicate your cat:

New Treatments For FIP Show Promise

FIP is considered an incurable disease and the mainstay of treatment has focused on providing comfort and supportive care to affected patients. Since FIP is a deadly disease, considered 100% fatal, there have been many efforts to develop effective
treatments for it, with disappointing results. However, progress is being made in developing new therapeutic options for FIP in cats.

(Thanks to Paul for this story!)
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Links of Interest
What is a "Catio?"
Cat Hides in Stove, Survives Fire

Missing Cat Study
Good Idea....  Almost
Sept. 7, 2016

Louisiana Floods: What You Can Do To Help Animal Relief Efforts

Historic flooding in Louisiana has stranded and displaced thousands of people and has left a nation mourning and wondering what they can do to help — not only their fellow Americans, but the countless pets and animals in need of assistance as well.

(Thanks to Paul DeCeglie for this link!)
Louisiana isn't the only area hit by floods recently. Visit

Just remember that following a flood, the aftermath can last for years as people put their lives back together. And this includes pets who either got lost or swept away, and others who are surrendered to shelters because their owners do not have a home in which to keep them anymore. Those shelters will need extra support as they try to care for and find homes for the extra animals they have.
September is National Disaster Preparedness Month

Led by FEMA’s Ready Campaign, Citizen Corps and The Advertising Council, this effort encourages individuals, families, businesses and communities to work together and take action to prepare for emergencies. Visit and

Visit these Links from
Every year, hundreds of people lose their homes from devastating wildfires in Southern California and other locations.

Everything You Need to Know About Pet Fire Safety

Focuses on dogs, but any pet will benefit from this advice.

Wildfire Evacuation Tips: What Can You Do to Make Sure You’re Ready
You will have to click out of some ads to read the information, but it's worth it.

(Thanks to Patricia Sarmiento for this information.)

Whether or not you have been affected by a disaster, it can become difficult to keep a pet for financial reasons. This link may help:

There are many organizations, both government-funded and private, that are available to help families and their pets get through tough financial times and stay together in the process.

(Thanks to Paul DeCeglie for this story!)

Italian Earthquake
To help victims of the Aug. 24 earthquake in Italy, eat Italian food! Seriously, many Italian restaurants are offering specials and donating proceeds to the victims in their homeland. But if you're not in Italy, check this site for other ideas to help:
Black Cats Tell All
As you may remember, Aug. 17 was Black Cat Appreciation Day.
In honor of black cats everywhere, my friend Layla has compiled a book about them to raise black cat awareness and adoption rates. You can read about it below, and you might even want to buy a book!

"We're thrilled Black Cats Tell All, the first illustrated anthology of positive black cat stories to debunk superstitions, has garnered worldwide support. Join the Black Cats Tell All Tribe. Together we can rebrand black cats as adoptable.

"Share and discuss all things black cat. There will be beautiful black cat art, photography, vintage illustrations, contests, prizes, member features and news about our Black Cats Tell All book & more. NOTE: members can post photos of their own cats. No death row/violence/cruelty posts please."


Peace, love and purrs,

Flea Control Products Can Be Dangerous (Update!)

Please be careful when choosing a flea control product. It's not easy to research this problem, so don't feel guilty if you miss something. There is little, if any, scientific research being done on cats, and even less, apparently, on flea control products for cats. But most disturbing is the attitude the drug companies take: complete denial if your cat gets sick - or dies - from using their product. For example, Cheristin is not FDA approved, but those selling this product seem to think it is. And they will argue with you if you bring it up. This supposedly means their prouduct is not at fault and they refuse to even look into it.
For a look at some natural products, visit this site:

(Thanks to Sue C. for this link!)

Always remember to check with your local shelter
to see what they need. Your donation will go directly
to the animals, in sharp contrast to some of the large
national groups, whose donation income goes toward
large administrative salaries and other expenses, not
necessarily for animals.

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