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Please notice that when you get to the kibblekat page, there are 3 links at the top so you can choose which one (or all) of them to click - dogs, cats, or litter. So all you really need to do is click on one link and all 3 donation buttons are there!
Fun Cat Tent Project:
I made one of these myself, but I actually used a USED T-shirt, so it's not very pretty. But the cats like it!
The First Cat Café in North America -
Opens in Montreal!
Helping Cats
The best way to help cats is to check with your local shelter to find out what they need.
You can help my shelter by purchasing my books at For a list, visit
                  September 21, 2014
Tonight! Watch "The Secret Life of Cats" on the National Geographic television channel. If you get "NatGeo" in your TV lineup, check your local listings for the time it airs. Here, it comes on at 8 p.m., just after "The Secret Life of Dogs" an hour earlier.
This pet detective works for free!

A freelance pet detective helps find lost pets from her home in Newfoundland, Canada. She started in May, 2013, after seeing lost pet stories following the tornados in the
central states in the U.S., such as Oklahoma. If your pet is missing and you want her help, you can reach her at

Are your pets fighting with each other?

Tension can occur with pets that have been longtime cohabitants, just like humans. Dogs are less likely to displace aggression, but they tend to be more competitive about guarding resources such as food, toys or an owner's attention.

Cats, meanwhile, are more apt to snap if they're sharing a litter box, food or access to a sunny window.

To correct this, add as many additional litter boxes, food dishes and strategically placed perches as you can. The more resources you provide, the faster you'll get results.

Don't forget to consider medical issues, as anyone can become irritable if they're in pain.  (c)2014  Visit to see latest video!