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Rep Shumate married
What the Heck is Going on at the Capitol?
Lots of action this week at the Capitol as bill in the House and Senate pass through to other chambers.  Here is a few bills that are of interest to Tea Party supporters.
House Bill 1062, which would allow teachers and administrators to carry a handgun into any elementary or secondary school if that person has completed a basic police academy for reserve deputies and if the board of education has adopted a policy authorizing teachers and administrators to carry a handgun. The bill passed the House 62-28 and is headed for the Senate.
House Bill 1489 modernizes the method by which Oklahomans apply for concealed carry permits by allowing for online applications. The bill authored by Rep. Mike Ritze is designed to relieve the backlog of concealed-carry applications and speed up processing time.  The bill passed the House 62-28 and is headed for the Senate.
House Bill 1558, which would allow a person licensed pursuant to the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act to carry a weapon on public transportation.  The bill passed the House 72-12 and is headed for the Senate.
House Bill 1909, co-authored by state Rep. John Bennett, would require able-bodied recipients ages 18 to 50, who are not disabled or raising a child, to perform at least 20 hours of work activities as a condition of receiving food stamps. Those work requirements come from the 1996 Welfare Reform Law. Currently able-bodied individuals do not have to fulfill work requirements due to waivers handed out by the federal government. This bill would order the Oklahoma Department of Human Services to no longer seek those work requirement waivers.  The bill passed the House 86-11 and is headed for the Senate.
House Bill 2020, which would create the Oklahoma Safe Schools Handgun Licensing Act and would direct CLEET to establish training standards and curriculum for teachers and school personnel. Any teacher or school personnel who complete the training requirements would be authorized to carry a handgun anywhere in the state.  The bill passed the House 83-7 and is headed for the Senate.
House Bill 2021 would create the Firearms Freedom Act, which would allow firearms that are manufactured and remain in the state of Oklahoma to be free of any federal laws, taxation or regulation. These Oklahoma-manufactured firearms would be required to be clearly marked “Made in Oklahoma.”  This bill is nearly identical to the Senator Brogdon bill that passed the House and Senate in 2010 but was vetoed by Governor Brad Henry.   The bill was supported by the OCA and had it not been for the John Birch Society and Charlie Meadows the bill would have passed easily in 2011 along with the other bills that were vetoed by Henry.   The bill passed the House on a 79 -12 vote with 10 House members being too cowardly to vote.
NAYS: 12
Cannaday (D) Hoskin (D) McDaniel, J. (D)  Sherrer (D)
Cox(R)  Kouplen (D) McPeak (D)   Virgin (D)
Floyd (D)  Matthews (D)  Shelton (D)  Williams (D)
Brown (D)  DeWitt  (R)  Morrissette (D)   Trebilcock (R)
Condit (D) Glenn (D)   Ownbey  (R) Coody (R)
Hamilton (R)  Scott (D)
House Bill 2221, which would provide that a property owner, tenant, employer, place of worship or business entity could prohibit the carrying of a concealed or unconcealed firearm on the property. The bill would also require the owner or tenant of any building or property that prohibits the carrying of weapon to post signs on or about the property stating the prohibition and it would also exempt, business, and property owners or tenants that do allow the carrying of a weapon from liability.   The bill passed the House 96-0 and is headed for the Senate.
Drones, and We aren’t Talking About Politicians
Governor Mary Fallin betrayed Oklahomans this week. House Bill 1556 was tabled by Speaker Shannon after being pressured by the Governor and her masters at the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce.
House Bill 1556 which would have protected your privacy from drone surveillance, just watch this report here. That got us to looking around for some background on the drone program here in Oklahoma and we found this report, the press conference.
We next reached out to a reliable source who gave us a piece of information that they were not allowed to place into their publication by their editor. We verified this with one other source. It is the entire next paragraph.
When it came time to take questions from members of the press, not surprisingly, the very first question asked was in regards to privacy and civil liberties. At that time the Stephen McKeever made it crystal clear that they were not amenable to any statutory or even policy level changes that might protect the privacy rights of Oklahoman’s.
McKeever was quite clear in his statements explaining that while it was not unreasonable to have some concerns about drones and privacy, he was opposed to any real efforts to secure our privacy rights for fear that it might hinder the drone industry in some way in our state.
Now Oklahoman’s aren’t the only ones that have questions over privacy concerning the use of Drones. The Federal Government took a look at it and wrote a 25 page report on it, which you can see on this article, “Integration of Drones into Domestic Airspace: Selected Legal Issues”. They basically just dismissed the concerned as trivial in nature. So far at least a dozen other states are also taking a serious look at the privacy issue concerning drones.
Now it would appear that with a compliant Senate and House, our Governor has developed a bit of an Obama Complex about her. She likes to use Executive Orders also. She used this one
Executive Order  and appointed 13 members Oklahoma Chapter of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International. We must ask, if the industry wanted a chapter, why they didn’t form one themselves. Surely it didn’t need the Governor’s approval and the power of an Executive Order to do so.
The Council did come out with a report. It’s rather ambiguous about privacy matters. You can read the report here, Report of the Governor’s Oklahoma Unmanned Aerial Systems Council,. What we found to be very disturbing is the fact that the same Stephen McKeever who was very clear about not accepting any changes to privacy laws to protect us from drones is also in charge of this council. In our book, that’s called stacking the deck against privacy concerns. Governor, this is not supposed to be a police state. This is all the Council had to say about privacy below.
Privacy and Related Issues
The growth of UAS has the potential for enormous good and economic benefit for all residents, introducing new capabilities simply not possible at present. As with any new technology, however, new capabilities come with the potential for abuse. The state of Oklahoma takes these issues and concerns seriously. We support calls for thoughtful and informed dialogue to address these concerns and for the industry to work with privacy advocates, policymakers and legislators to provide the necessary protections against misuse.
You’ll also be pleased to know that they’ve chosen the test sites for these drones along with the fly ways they can travel in. Oklahoma City, Moore and Norman.   The report listed above contains a map of the bases and fly ways. The following report will tell you more about them. The following document will tell you how they plan to use the drones initially. It doesn’t tell you anything about use after training.


U.S. Senate Committee Bill Guts the 2nd Amendment,
Makes Private Gun Sales and Purchases Illegal 

On March 12 and 14, the Senate Judiciary committee broke their oath of office with the passage of Sen. Charles Schumer’s (D-N.Y.) S. 374, the "Fix Gun Checks Act of 2013"--which would criminalize virtually all private firearm sales, even temporary transfers--and Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-Calif.) S. 150, the "Assault Weapons Ban of 2013."
Passed on straight line party votes, both bills are a threat to the Bill of Rights..

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) offered four amendments to the gun ban bill, each of which would have created exceptions to its sweeping ban on standard magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition and on countless models of detachable-magazine semi-automatic rifles, semi-automatic shotguns, and other guns. Even the most extraordinary self-defense needs- that would have given special protection to domestic violence victims, persons with orders of protection against aggressors, residents of southwestern border counties and residents of rural areas were not protected.  Sen. Cornyn argued that the one group Feinstein provides an exception for in her bill--retired law enforcement officers--are no more deserving of the exception than others who face unique threats. All four amendments were voted down along party lines.
The debate on S. 150 caused a terse exchange between pro-Second Amendment Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Feinstein. Sen. Cruz asked if it would be proper for Congress to determine which books are appropriate for citizens to read, or which persons could be exempted from Fourth Amendment protections, as she wants to do regarding Second Amendment rights. Feinstein become angry,  refusing to answer the question.
Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) made the unsupportable claim that "assault weapons" are "commonly" used by criminals.  The reality that only 2.5% of murders involve rifles of any sort, much less those defined as "assault weapons". With over 4 million AR-15s  legally owned by law-abiding Americans, they are clearly commonly owned, yet still rarely used in crime.

Sen. Schumer’s S. 374 had passed earlier, which is an attack on all private gun sales. The bill is supposed to be about making improvements to the federal instant background check system,  but the bill  requires all almost all gun transfers to go through a dealer, and forcing dealers to keep records of each transfer. Beyond regulating actual gun sales; consider that all of the other “transfers” that would suddenly be illegal:
  • Sharing a gun for self-defense anywhere outside the home, suppose your spouse began working late at night and you decided that she needed to carry one of your pistols or have it in your car. That would be a "transfer" under S. 374, so not doing a background check through a dealer would be a federal crime.


  • Target shooting on a farm, on public land, or in any other informal setting that isn’t on a range owned by an incorporated conservation or marksmanship group would be illegal if you loaned a weapon to a friend for target practice..


  • Teaching a firearms safety class or hunter safety class in a classroom. The bill has no exception for training classes that don’t occur on a range.

  • Lending a firearm to a friend for hunting would be an illegal gun transfer if the loan occurred outside an established gun range.
These bills now await action by the full Senate. Senator Coburn is said to be trying to work out a compromise but he needs told to fight these two bills instead of trying to compromise.
Senator Tom Coburn contact info:   Website:
 Phone: (202) 224-5754      Fax: (202) 224-6008
Senator Jim Inhofe contact info:   Website: 
 Phone: (202) 224-4721      Fax: (202) 228-0380
And why are these two bills so dangerous?  Before now background checks didn’t apply to private sales or transfers.  You could buy your child his first .22 rifle and put it under the Christmas tree.   You could hand down your gun collection to your family with no paperwork or loan a friend a weapon if their weapons were stolen or they had a sudden need.  You could pick up a weapon at a gun show from a private individual with no background check or paperwork.  But under these new laws all of the above would be considered the federal crime of gun trafficking.
As it’s now written, this bill would expand background checks to all private sales, with exemptions only for transactions between family members, or for friends exchanging firearms on a gun range.
Background checks would not have stopped any of the mass shootings.  The guns were either legally obtained or stolen from family members.  A criminal will always be able to purchase a stolen gun or steal one.  I used to occasionally use temporary service laborers, the majority of whom were young ex-cons.  When you had three or four in the truck headed across the state to do an installation they would talk and a lot of the talk centered on women, cell phones, and how many guns they had. Right now the Sandy Hook shootings are being used to ratchet up restrictions on our Second Amendment protected rights and if we aren’t careful well meaning people might well support these restrictions as “reasonable” and “necessary”.  The problem will be that neither of these restrictions will solve the problem and they will be back for gun registration and after that doesn’t work they will be back for gun confiscation.
The creation of a new class of “gun crimes” by ignoring the Second Amendment and implementing controls on the purchase, sale, and transfer of firearms will allow the police to find people out of compliance or in violation of these new gun laws and charge them with “illicit gun trafficking”.
 Congress flouts the Constitution and ignores long-standing practice regarding the purchase, sale and transfer of firearms in order to create by legislative fiat a whole new class of “gun crimes.”  Prosecutors can then prosecute and jail more people on these fabricated crimes, people that were once protected by the Second Amendment.  Police will become empowered to use the suspicion of these new crimes as a pretense for stopping, frisking, and searching vehicles.  The invasion of your personal privacy and your person will be justified.  Lastly the police will suddenly be empowered to confiscate any undocumented weapon, at gunpoint no less.
But some might say that we will all be safer if we give up the right to purchase and carry guns.  Not according to the latest homicide rates which have been steadily dropping and are at the lowest point in over 100 years.   According to Ohio State University professor of history Randolph Roth the homicide rate historically oscillates between 5 and 9 people killed per 100,000 and currently we are at the very bottom of that range.
But there are still those that would argue that by allowing gun restriction and registration is going to make us safer and that the police will only go after the criminals with these new laws.  Well… meet Eileen Hart from New Jersey.

We found this story on the Blaze where they laid out her “crimes” against a local government that lead to her troubles.  Seems that Mrs. Hart objected to her property tax valuation doubling in a down real estate market so she had the audacity to show up at a public tax dispute forum and protest by reading the Constitution and she compounded her “crime” by calling one of the appraisers a “pencil pusher”.  One of the tax officials responded by calling 911 and claiming that Hart threatened to return with a gun, a claim that he vigorously denies.  She was charged with making terroristic threats and ordered to turn over her weapons or face high bail or no bail.
Mrs. Hart, her husband, and her 7 year old daughter had appeared at the Gloucester Community Center to dispute a tax re-evaluation that would almost double her taxes.  Based on religious reasons she objected to have the home inspectors in her home when her husband wasn’t present.  Under the New Jersey Constitution the local tax officials claim they had the right to assume the value based upon her refusal to allow the inspectors into the building.  A representative of Appraisal Systems Inc, the company hired by the state to conduct appraisals called for the Gloucester County tax assessor Robyn Glocker-Hammond who told Mrs. Hart to “Sit down and shut up”, adding that she was there to enforce the law.  Hammond started belittling Hart’s husband and the argument escalated with an Appraisal Systems Inc employee advancing on Mrs. Hart like he was about to grab her.   Hammond ordered her to leave the public forum and threatened to call the police.
Hart and her family arrive home and are greeted by police asking to take her in for questioning, accused of yelling and screaming at the Appraisal System Inc employee and threatening to return to the public forum with a gun.
At the police station Hart was handcuffed to a chair while they ran a police background check on her which came back with no criminal history but it also showed that she had two legally registered handguns.  Hart was ordered to turn over the guns or set in the county jail for an unknown time.
So here is a woman with no criminal history, no history of drugs or alcohol, no history of mental illness, a homeschooler, and because she used her First Amendment rights she is threatened with jail if she doesn’t disarm.
Now I assume that New Jersey has gun registration which is why the police knew Mrs. Hart had to legally obtained weapons.  Imagine that spreading to the entire U.S. so that every time you are pulled over for a broken tail light the cop will know if you own weapons and will assume that you are armed.  Imagine the chilling effect on people speaking up at public forums or town halls if they might arrive home to face multiple police cars, being stuffed into a patrol car, and handcuffed to a chair.  These are the reasons why we can never allow gun registration of any kind and must always push back at the slightest hint that our Second Amendment rights are threatened.  The proper way of dealing with the Sandy Hook shootings is to arm the teachers, once the gun free zones are gone the shooters will go elsewhere to rampage.
Infiltrator or Just another Opportunistic Politician?
One thing I’ve seen more than my share of in my work with the Tea Party is opportunistic politicians and infiltrators.  Right from the beginning we dealt with both trying to take control of the Tea Party movement, from Republican shills to the John Birch Society, to new politicians planning their upcoming campaign and salivating at having all those activists working for their campaign.   And these folks are usually very good predators, willing to do anything to come out on top.  Normal, decent people are at a huge disadvantage when dealing with these predators because most of us want to believe others are doing things for the common good and all too willing to make excuses for bad behavior.   The bad usually drives out the good in politics.
So when a guy named Steve Dickson appears out of nowhere in 2012 calling for the ouster of the Ron Paul State Coordinator we all had a clue what the dude was about.   Posting on the McCarville Report he claimed outrage over the State Coordinator taking a Cleveland County GOP official to task after the GOP had begun the process to  kick out almost four dozen Ron Paul delegates from the Cleveland County GOP Convention.
A few weeks later Dickson interferes at the Oklahoma County Convention while the same State Coordinator is protecting another four dozen Ron Paul delegates.   Not content with waiting for the plan to unfold, Dickson makes an ill timed motion, disrupting the plan to get dozens of long time Republicans a chance to speak before the convention to tell their story on how they were kicked off the delegate rolls after attending the precinct meetings, being elected precinct officials, and qualifying for delegate status at the state convention.
Even worse, the man showed himself to be a complete idiot when he made a motion that would have allowed all registered Republicans sitting in the room to be Oklahoma County delegates at the State Convention, even those that were visitors from other counties.  To compound the problem, at one point the idiot had been convinced that he had to drop his motion until the list of delegates was approved by vote before he could object to the list!  At that point the State Coordinator intervened and forced the motion to go up for a vote.   The priceless chance to have long time Republicans tell the crowd why they were unfairly thrown out as delegates was lost but we did get them seated as delegates.  The corrupt Oklahoma County GOP officials were forced to go out into the hallways, reopen the delegate registration table and give thirteen Republicans their delegate credentials.
Not content to have learned a lesson Dickson joined a group of misfits a few weeks later in once again calling for the State Coordinator to be fired from the campaign despite the damage it would have done the campaign, despite not having any valid complaints for firing the Ron Paul appointed official.
So it was little surprise in January when Steve Dickson announced his run for Oklahoma County GOP Chairman.  He had rallied the craziest of the Ron Paul supporters around him despite coming in out of the blue with no history with the group but he did help in one perennial Ron Paul activist tradition:  going against anyone that dared to try to organize to organize the Ron Paul activists.  Did these activists know Steve Dickson?   No, but he knew how to manipulate them, he knew what to say to gain their confidence.  But let’s take a look at Steve Dickson and see where he came from.
Dickson first shows up in 1992 working for Istook for Congress as a fundraiser and event planner for the Oklahoma City area.  That earns him a legislative aid job with Ernest Istook when Istook wins the election.  But Dickson doesn’t stay very long; in fact he is gone in record time for a campaign staffer that should have been on the gravy train.  Dickson shows up the very next January working on the Tim Pope for Congress Campaign but once again Dickson doesn’t last very long, four months later he has been cut loose again.  Now that election had a crowded field, went through the primary, into a runoff, so the Pope campaign was still running up till August.  To say that Dickson left the Pope campaign under suspicious circumstances is an understatement.
Politically Dickson disappears for a bit after the Tim Pope job in 1994, showing up in April of 1997 working for Carr Quality Homes where he did website work and sold real estate.  There he stayed for around a dozen years although he was also reported working for Paradigm AdvantEdge Realtors.   He also is reported as working for Ultimate Electronics for three years in the same time frame as well as Audio Dimensions working as an audio video tech.  Sounds like a lot of part time work to make ends meet.  Then he also works for  PPOK, a administrator of managed care prescription drug programs, that has extensive ties with  the Oklahoma Pharmacists Association which has extensive ties with… the State Chamber of Commerce.
Do we need to paint a picture here?  Does this sound like the life and times of a Ron Paul libertarian or does this look like an Istook style conservative with ties to big business going undercover to manipulate naïve political newbies?
But let’s continue to look at the man himself.   The most interesting thing about Dickson is his relationship with his wife, Angela Dickson, who has an interesting life to say the least.    Mrs. Dickson shows up on court records as Angel Workman with a 1993 conviction for possessing a fake driver’s license.   She reappears in a 2001 court docket that references a 1986 agreement establishing paternity, support obligations, visitation, and custody with Steven Dickson but the record says it was filed in August of 2001. 
The case winds up in September of 2001 with a sworn paternity test and joint custody.   She pops up again a few months later in February of 2002 in the divorce case of Angela Workman Vs. Bradley Shane Workman in a divorce with minor children.  Angela Workman then dismisses the divorce case in March of 2002.  Is this the same Angela Workman?
She appears again in June of 2002 a debt lawsuit between her and her husband at the time and  Citi Financial Services Inc.  
But in 2005 another court record shows up recording a marriage between Steven Dickson and Angela Oranute Workman.  Someone help me out here, a 1986 agreement establishing paternity  shows up in a docket where Steven Dickson sued Angela Workman to prove paternity, which is followed by an aborted divorce between Angela Workman and Bradley Shane Workman, followed by an actual divorce from Bradley Shane Workman in 2002.  What the hell?  Is this the same Angela Workman and if so was there an affair or what?
Steven Dickson himself shows up multiple times when searching court records, actually Steven Dickson and a Steven C. Dickson.  There were two evictions, the first in November of 1995 for $345.00  (FORCIBLE ENTRY & DETAINER) and the second eviction suit was one month later in December of 1995 again for $345.   I suppose he caught up on his rent for a few days.     (FORCIBLE ENTRY & DETAINER)
Dickson had plenty of run ins with the law over minor things.   This one was for driving with an expired inspection sticker
 then this one that started out in 1992 as a speeding ticket that grew into a failure to appear then a suspended drivers license that  turned into a bench warrant for his arrest. But the driver’s license suspension was returned saying there was no driver’s license on file!   Everything just sat there for over seven and a half years until an entry that lists a jail bond release form and a sheriff’s service fee in July of 1999.
This one was for failure to carry an insurance verification card, according to the docket Dickson didn’t have insurance but the case was dismissed with costs after Dickson showed up at the hearing with insurance.   Dickson’s employer Linda Carr paid the fines for him
This one was for a 1991 debt owed to American General Finance Inc for $1145.00 that took over two years to be paid.    Now this was the time frame when Dickson was working for Istook for Congress and as a legislative aide to Istook in Washington D.C.  Seems to me that one should have his own financial house in order before spending time and effort working on political campaigns.
Now this next OSCN docket find is interesting, a lawsuit against Steve Dickson for $13,000 after a car is repossesed.  Is this the same Steve Dickson and is he making the same mistakes he made in the nineties?  Working on politics instead of keeping his personal and financial life in order?
So there are plenty of questions surrounding Steven Dickson that need answered.  Even if these records are for two men named Steven Dickson there is enough to make anyone pause before putting this man in a position of responsibility.  But let’s look at some of the people that he has as allies and supporters to get a better picture of his character..
One of Steven Dickson’s supporters is a prominent Ron Paul leader and two-times National Delegate, Brady Wright.   Wright was recently the subject of an investigation by the Oklahoma Truth Council who apparently paid their web hosting bill because their website has magically re appeared since our last newsletter when we reported them missing in action.   
It turns out that Brady Wright, Mr. Family values, Mr. Conservative values, has been romantically linked with various women who were…how do we put this delicately… not his wife.   The Oklahoma Truth Council reported that Wendy Wright has filed for divorce and that sources from within the Ron Paul Delegation confirm that infidelity is part of the cause. Wright is said to have a “swinging bachelor pad” in Downtown Oklahoma City after moving out of the family house.
Now cheating spouses aren’t a new thing in politics but the Oklahoma Truth Council article lays out the case of a Ron Paul fanatic that beats his chest about conservative values while refusing to honor his marriage vows, calling his behavior “shameful” and asking if the Ron Paul activists will disavow Brady Wright or will they exhibit their desire for freedom without responsibility.
Exhibit #2 in the list of questionable Steven Dickson associates is the infamous Lukus Collins and a woman named Laura Clarbour.  Lukus gained notoriety for running a local online Ron Paul forum but was passed over for the state coordinator slot because of arrogance, the unwillingness to follow orders from the campaign, and for lack of experience.    In addition to being involved in the theft of Dr. Paul’s sign in sheets at the February State Capitol Ron Paul event,  he and his wife were the only two party crashers at the the private meeting between Dr. Paul and the voter calling volunteers.  Oh and the boy started up a state campaign in opposition to the national campaign only to fold it a few months later once it became obvious that he wasn’t getting any traction.   Was it about electing Ron Paul or was it about furthering Lukus Collins?
 Lukus and his wife had shown up at the private meet and greet even though they had both refused to make phone calls for Dr. Paul and they had somehow gotten past the lady checking names at the door.  It was let go so as to not cause a scene. We got to chat for a few minutes with Dr. Paul We took a group photo, he talked to us for a few minutes more, then it was time to clear the room for the media interviews.
Now I don’t need to tell you that the media interviews were the most important part of the visit, our chance to get Dr. Paul in the news and unfiltered. Dr. Paul had brought an advance staff along with him and they tried to clear the room of calling volunteers so the media could come in. People weren’t budging, so Dr. Paul’s body man asked staff to clear the room. No problem, people started heading toward the door except for one exception, Lukus Collin’s wife. She tried to go around, she was stopped and told her she needed to leave, she refused, and she had to be told her to leave “now” or a trooper take her out.
She wasn’t supposed to be there, neither her or her husband had earned the right, so to make a fuss and demand more time with Dr. Paul at the expense of the media and at the expense of the campaign was just wrong. The woman screeched something very, very, rude, made a scene but finally left. Dr. Paul’s advance team saw and heard the commotion but they said it was handled as well as was possible.  A few months later the woman made a similar scene at the state GOP convention leading the Oklahoma Truth Council to predict much damage to his political career.
After the private meet and greet event we went back out front to recover the donation buckets and to secure the signup sheets for the rally . One of the state county coordinators, Q Fish had been assigned to collect donations for Dr. Paul’s campaign and a Ron Paul supporter named Laura Claurbor who was well known was to watch over the signup sheets. Now understand that Dr. Paul teaches that signup sheets are gold, never ever loan out lists and protect them at all costs. Not to mention the privacy concerns, those people had furnished their info for Dr. Paul and he spent tens of thousands of dollars to come to Oklahoma, those names belonged to the National campaign and to him personally. This was made perfectly clear to everyone what was expected.
Well, both the lists and Laura were gone. She wouldn’t answer her phone on the way out so we could get the lists.   All that afternoon Laura is called to retrieve Dr. Paul’s signup sheets. She isn’t answering…very unusual, maybe a dead cell phone battery, so we go by to pick them up on Sunday when the sound system is returned to Norman.  Nope, she isn’t answering her phone on Sunday morning either so we know something stinks. Dropping by the Norman Ron Paul HQ that Laura runs is fruitless, they come outside, the campaign still has a week to run and National staff can’t go inside as they are an independent expenditure operation. Yup, Laura took the lists but she gave them to…. Lukus Collins… several of the volunteers that refused to work with National are acting weird, don’t want to answer questions about the lists. Something stinks big time. So we start calling Lukus, and call and call…..
Finally around four p.m. we’ve had it. The National Campaign is called to explain the situation and explain what is going to be done to get the lists back.  Lukus Collins is called again and a message is left that if we don’t get Dr. Paul’s sign in sheets back that night a police report will be filed and we would press charges. That got his attention; Lukus called back and agreed to meet at a Target store near his home. So we drive thirty miles over to meet him and he gives us… one page of the sign in sheets. How many pages were there? No one but Lukus and Laura knows you but what are the odds that there would be one page of a dozen people, one complete page with no unfilled lines, in a rally of 1500 to 2000 people? I called National staff back and let them know, they got it, the list was stolen and there was little we could do about it.
Exhibit #3 is the even more infamous Porter Davis.  A great story that shows Porter’s character is when he screwed a five year old kid and her family out of presenting the flowers when Dr. Paul visited in February of 2012.
Porter Davis had sent the state coordinator an email asking for him and his wife to present flowers to Dr. Paul’s wife and daughter. Then one of the few requests that was truly justified came in, a hard core Ron Paul supporting family had lost a child the year before in a tragic drunk driver crash, with the drunk hitting the family car. The wife was pregnant at the time and when the child was born they named him Ron Paul. These were just damned good people and if we could work a deal that would allow their five year old daughter to present the flowers to the Paul women it would be a good photo opportunity. Much better than having a creepy 65 year old ex politician present the flowers. National staff loved it as a photo opp and it got it approved.
Well Porter Davis threw a fit that he and his wife didn’t get to present the flowers but he was told to take it or leave it. He calmed down and agreed to provide two small flower bouquets that the five year old could present.  The mother of the five year old and Porter were put together at the event so they could work out the details. Of course it was absolute madness that morning trying to get everything to work on schedule and deal with problems but knowing Porter it was certain that Porter was going to screw this little girl out of her chance to present the flowers so the time was found to make sure the girl and her mom were in place. Nope, they were out in the crowd past the rope line. I went over to Porter and asked why and Porter said “Oh, that little girl just wouldn’t work with me!” Porter got his butt eaten out on the spot and was told in no uncertain terms that if he screwed that little girl over he would regret it and he was asked for his word that it would go off as arranged. Porter just stared for a few seconds then agreed to help the five year old. The little girl and her mom were found, her father who was helping with the sound system was warned to stay close and make sure it happened.
Did it? Did the five year old girl get to present the flowers? Of course not.  While the state coordinator was up on stage to introduce Dr. Paul as he came onto the plaza old Porter Davis flat out cheated that little five year old girl out of her chance to present the flowers. There was plenty of time to do it, Mrs. Paul and her daughter would be standing there for twenty minutes while Dr. Paul spoke. But the second that the Paul women got close Porter and his wife dumped the flowers in their arms without a second thought to what they had agreed to do.
Porter Davis was also the most likely source of the leak of the newsletter to the McCarville Report.  A private email had been sent out to the state Ron Paul supporters and someone fed it to the McCarville Report where they used it to denigrate the campaign on some pretty farfetched issues.   Porter Davis had earlier threatened the state coordinator after being refused access to the state Ron Paul email list.  Email lists are kept extremely secure, they aren’t given to anyone, you don’t even send emails for others because you might get unsubscribes.  Porter basically blackmailed the state coordinator; give me the list and support my project or he would work against the Ron Paul campaign.
Porter is a recycled politician, held a state house seat for one term till his voters wised up.  Went off the deep end in the Y2K era, sold everything and moved to a commune in upstate rural Washington state, convinced that the world was going to come to an end.  Of course no one told us about this until after the idiot received OCA support for the Kill the Maps Tax project and the idiot froze on live TV when Kirk Humphrey ambushed him with the Y2K story.  Porter just sat there glowering at Humphrey, his adam apple bobbing up and down, could’t say a word while the final minute rolled by.   Porter Davis is universally disrespected in the grass roots community, all hat and no cattle as they used to say.  A continual whiner when no one will take him or his projects seriously.
The last Steven Dickson associate is a woman named Qadoshyah Fish from Tahlequah.  Fish gained notoriety after attacking the national Ron Paul campaign but as often happens in politics she didn’t look at her skirts to see how filthy they were before going public.  It turns out that she and her father Darwin Fish run a cult in Northeast Oklahoma called A True Church.   Google the name Darwin Fish or A True Church and be ready for some really scary and obnoxious stories. 
Basically these people believe that all other churches are false and that everyone is going to hell that follows the other churches.  They actually picket other churches on Sunday morning to disrupt services.  Below are pictures of the business card that Qadoshyah Fish and her father distribute.

Now these are the kind of people that Steven Dickson surrounds himself with, the sort that does his dirty work for him when needed, the sort that most of us wouldn’t allow in the room with us.  And this joker wants to lead the Oklahoma County GOP?
Far better is a woman that is running as Dickson’s vice chairwoman, Cheryl Williams.  Cheryl isn’t stupid, she knows what Dickson is all about but she is hoping he will ride the Ron Paul coattails into control of the Oklahoma County GOP.    Cheryl needs taken to the wood shed for associating with Dickson but there is no doubt she would make a good Oklahoma County GOP Chairman.
So we are calling on Steven Dickson to do the honorable thing for once in his life and resign from the county GOP chairman race.  His checkered past and abysmal personal character are well known so he wouldn’t be effective as chairman with the taint that surrounds him.   But really he is most likely just a straw man that the establishment recruited to run against incumbent Oklahoma County GOP Chairman Matt Jackson.  Otherwise why would he make an enemy out of the former Ron Paul state chairman?  Remember this isn’t a political rookie, he has ran campaigns before and served as a legislative aide, he knows better than to attack a man that can hit back. But by running he keeps others good candidates from challenging Matt Jackson.  And when you think about it, on that Saturday afternoon when Dickson interfered with the state coordinator’s plan to get the dozen or so rejected Republicans to tell their stories, who benefited?   The establishment benefited as the truth was never told.
So Ron Paul activists… you have a snake in your midst that needs take care of.  But yes, drive the snake out of Oklahoma like Saint Patrick did for Ireland but don’t punish him further.  Why?  Take a look at that picture again; I’d say God has punished him quite enough already.
                       Kris Steele                                      David Prater
Where’s Me Pot of Gold?
Kris Steele/David Prater Love Fest Comes to a Screeching Halt
What a great story it was last Thursday when Oklahoma County D.S. David Prater and former Speaker Kris Steele quit their positions as chairmen of the state’s Justice Reinvestment Initiative working group.   The newspaper story said they quit after an emotionally charged meeting at the state Supreme Court building.  The newspaper article claimed both men were visibly upset after Governor Mary Fallin refused nearly $400,000 in federal funds that would have been used to train people responsible for implementing the Justice Reinvestment Initiative reforms and they objected to legislation that would create a politically appointed panel to take over their ad hoc committee.   The paper went so far as to say; “Steele, who served in the state House of Representatives for 12 years, had to compose himself at the end of Thursday’s meeting.”
So what got little Krissy’s panties in such a wad that he was blubbering?
Well Kris’s agenda the last few years was soft on crime legislation, turning prisoners loose on society, and the reason became clear after he left the legislature with his appointment to a group called TEEM Ministries.  This “non profit” group had been created, built up, and ran by an elderly black gentleman named Tony Zahn until Kriss Steele had him booted out of the way.  Confidential sources claimed that TEEM board members said Kris took the position at double the pay that Zahn had been making, a six figure salary. based upon his promise that he could leverage government grants into major bucks for the organization.  Of course Steele created the needed customer base by turning out hundreds of hardened criminals at once that needed training and watching.   He then cut an alleged deal with the State Attorney General’s office to set up TEEM as the recipient of the federal funds.
The paper quoted Steele at the close of the Thursday meeting as saying: ““It’s a good policy,” But I can tell you, for the people that I respect and admire in this room, I cannot in good conscience ask you to continue to serve on this committee knowing that there’s this other committee that’s going to be utilized to oversee implementation of JRI.”
Oklahoma County D.A. David Prater also announced he would no longer chair the group’s meetings at the end of Thursday’s session and became involved in a vicious verbal exchange with Fallin’s general counsel, Steve Mullins.   Prater had basically said that the governor’s words weren’t matched by their actions behind the scenes, basically calling Fallin’s administration liars.   Mullins responded that the Fallin administration based the decision to reject the federal grant money based upon a “policy decision on how the state seeks money from the federal government.”  The Oklahoma quoted Mullins as saying:
“There are certain appropriate places for the state to go and seek federal funding.  There are some times when we are going to hold the federal government accountable for what they’re responsible for. That situation isn’t present here.”
Of course both Prater and Steele were privy to the passage of HB 2042 that called for a formal government organization to implement the Oklahoma Justice Reinvestment Initiative so they were upset that they would soon be replaced.   Governor Fallin released a statement that tried to smooth ruffled feathers but didn’t back down from replacing the duo and their ad hoc committee.
Are yah puzzled?   Obama Care/Fallin Care Mary turning down federal bucks?  Slapping Kris Steele and David Prater around while doing so?   Something was rotten and we started looking into the back story.
The second clue was the charges filed against the entire Pardon and Parole Board.  The story started back in August of 2012 when Prater released a letter blasting the Pardon and Parole board on decisions to parole certain offenders.
Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court, and one by the presiding Judge of the Court Criminal Appeals.
 The board is appointed by the Governor, the Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court, and by the presiding judge of the Court of Criminal Appeals.   Prater then threatened the entire board with charges if they didn’t resign in February, an ultimatum that the entire Pardon and Parole Board rejected.
Prater then charged all five members of the Pardon and Parole Board with misdemeanors for violating the Open Meetings Act.
In a nutshell, Governor Fallin had decided that David Prater was off the reservation and has begun cutting his support out from under him.   Prater is running for Attorney General, there is no doubt about it.  If you follow the cases where he goes after officials it is always when they dare disagree with him.  Tammy Bass Lesure’s case came after she didn’t play ball on the Ersland shooting case.  Prater wired up a witness and lowered the boom on her.   Representative Randy Terrill and Senator Leftwich were charged because Terrill was leading the conservative wing of the GOP House against Kris Steele’s agenda.  And poor Ersland was just a notch in Prater’s belt to gain the support of the black community when he ran for Attorney General.   In August of 2012 it was time to go after the Pardon and Parole Board for not ruling the way that David Prater wanted them to rule.
Prater’s actions have indeed introduced a major chilling effect at the legislature, in the judicial system, and even as high up as the Governor’s office.   When the Court of Criminal Appeals ruled in favor of Randy Terrill and Leftwich in February and struck down conspiracy charges against Terrill and Leftwich with the court decision saying: There is no evidence sufficient to support the last-minute proposed addition of this conspiracy charge,”
So the Prater/Steele love fest is falling apart as Governor Fallin begins cutting the legs out from under the duo.   Prater went a bit too far with the Pardon and Parole Board and poor Kris Steele is in the unenviable position of a leprechaun that couldn’t deliver on his pot of gold.  Tony Zahn is still hanging on at the TEEM Ministry with little to occupy his time.  With any luck the TEEM board will come to their senses and reinstate Tony after giving Kris Steele the boot, and how can they not?  Their chief fund raiser quit in disgust after Steele was hired and TEEM had laid all their hopes on one pot of gold promised by a crippled leprechaun.  Now they have three times the overhead on just one position, the director, so something has to give before they run out of money.
Mother F*****!
Hold on now before you unsubscribe, it wasn’t us that said it; it was a House member last Tuesday night. It seems that our old sparring partner Rep. Don Armes was sitting in the Speaker’s chair around 11 pm Tuesday night when he announced that House leadership was going to push nine bills through in the last hour of the night. These weren’t housekeeping bills of little matter; they were tax bills, abortion bills, pretty important stuff and the House members were warned not to ask too many questions or leadership would call previous question to cut off debate and force a vote. Of course the Democrats objected to these bills being ram rodded through; and it is a legislator’s job to ask plenty of questions and make it difficult for bills to pass.
After provocation from Floor Leader Mike Jackson and sitting chairman Don Armes, Representative Cory Williams used his First Amendment rights to call sitting Speaker Don Armes a “Mother f***er” and Representative Lockhart actually charged forward toward Rep. Armes. Now decorum and all that not to mention House rules that prohibit cursing another member on the House floor or in committee, Williams was no doubt out of order as was Lockhart. That said, there is something agreeable about men that are passionate enough not to take any crap.
Yeah, we remember Speaker Steele and the House reprimanding Terrill for rough words used in a private office but Williams probably did violate the House Rules since he exercised his freedom of speech on the actual House floor. Still, not only were the words delivered in anger after the serious provocation of cutting off legislative questioning and debate but the words also actually fit Representative Armes quite well. I think Rep. Williams might have actually done a public favor and has bestowed a new nickname on Rep. Armes. The phrase “Don M.F. Armes” just rolls off the tongue quite well.
Rep. Lockhart was man enough to apologize to the House for his charging the speaker chair and we commend him stepping up. But even though Rep. Williams has yet to apologize for bestowing a new nickname on Rep. Armes we believe that the overriding factor on this was whether or not the provocation was worse than the resulting act.
Now we should state for the record that we don’t believe that Rep. Don “M.F” Armes really has had relations with his mother, a few farm animals might not be beyond the realm of possibility, but we digress. When we tried to reach Rep. Armes for comment on this story we got no direct response but a friendly Democratic Representative relayed a message to us from Rep. Armes saying, and I quote: “What Representative Williams did was baa-aaa-aad.”

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