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It's almost Michael's birthday, and for his birthday this year, he's doing a Facebook fundraiser for the always revolutionary, never silent Tony award-winning San Francisco Mime Troupe.

"I started watching SFMT when my father brought me to a show while I was a teen. I was not a theatre kid - I’d seen a handful of plays - but what I saw that afternoon in Golden Gate Park changed everything for me. It was musical, it was comedy, it was history, it was activism, it was a thumb in the eye of corporatism, militarism, anti-intellectualism, fascism, racism, sexism...it was The Revolution on stage, and it was everything I wanted to be.

For those who don’t know: The San Francisco Mime Troupe does not perform silently. SFMT is a multi-generational, multi-ethnic, gender-balanced, collectively-run activist theatre company whose mission is to create and produce socially relevant theatre of the highest professional quality and perform it for the broadest possible audience. To that particular end, the majority of the performances are at a price everyone can afford - FREE. You also don’t see a big list of all the fat cat capitalists plastered on every program because the Troupe does not take corporate sponsorships. A theater won’t be allowed to fight for the Working Class if the Corporations holds its purse strings.

But that means the Troupe relies on donations more than any other theatre.
The Troupe is also dedicated to paying its own workers. Many people don’t know that not only is SFMT an Actors Equity theatre, but that it pays union and non-union actors, musicians, and everyone on salary the same weekly pay the general manager receives. But that kind of commitment to equality comes at a steep cost.
SFMT also provides both in-school and after school theatre education programming for high school-aged youth, and hopefully inspiring other generations of kids to be activist artists the way they inspired me.

So anyway - if you can spare it - please donate to The San Francisco Mime Troupe. Keep activist revolutionary theatre free in the parks, help inspire the next generation of activist artists, and support the Mime Troupe it’s mission of bringing The Resistance to whatever communities need it."
Click here to see Michael's Facebook fundraiser. If you've already given, thanks! 
Click here if you want to donate, but don't have Facebook.
~ Meanwhile...Theatre! ~

West Coast Premiere!
Michael is currently appearing in
The San Francisco Playhouse production of
Directed by Susi Damilano
Choreograghy by Nicole Helfer
Musical direction by Dave Dobrusky
"Damilano’s staging is charming, with the theater’s turntable set whisking scenes and characters on and off as a way of finding a theatrical equivalent for a camera’s quick cuts.”
“Michael Gene Sullivan, in a variety of roles, exemplifies how an actor is not one instrument but many. The brow has its own full language of expressive powers, but so do the fingertips.”
Lily Janiak, San Francisco Chronicle

~ And, if you are looking for the perfect
 HanaChristmaKwanzaYuleAdan present...~

Nothing says t'is the season like Velina's album of anti-fascist songs
 from the Spanish Civil War!
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~ Meanwhile ~

As many of you know Michael's critically-acclaimed stage adaptation of
George Orwell's class novel 1984 has been produced across the United States, South and Central America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Here are some upcoming productions:

Culver City, CA

Starring Academy award-winning actor
Tim Robbns!

Closing December 15th!

Click here for info
is one of America's premiere touring theatre companies. They will be touring 1984 to 40-50 cities across America in their 
2019/2020 season.
For tour schedule 
click here

is the national theatre of Ukraine

 Opened June, 2019
Will be in their repertoire for the next three years.
Click here for info

Houston Texas
March 6 - 29, 2020
For more info click here
For more information about Michael's adaptation of 1984 click here