Refirement Network :: August 2016


Dear Refirement Members

Well the election is behind us and we now enter a new world of collaborative coalitions in our future. We certainly live in interesting times.

Our lives too are interesting if we will take the time to engage and understand the changes that are happening around us. I often wonder why so many do not see this time ahead as exciting. Is it because they have their heads in the sand, exhausted, stressed or scared? Or do they feel that they have enough money and that they are looking forward to a life of leisure?

Engaging in what a different future may look like may be the stimulus that releases a new energy in your life.

This month we have a new event in Johannesburg, a great article from a friend on risk and some ideas around flexible workspace.

We are also starting a new section of the website where you can list your business or service. The market is growing and we need to help market the services available to the 50+ market.

Join us and spread the word.

Have a great month

Lynda Smith
Founder of Refirement Network. Wisdom Preserver and Connection Specialist.





Longevity Risks and Opportunities

Risk both to the organisation and to you personally is a key question we need to be aware of. Longevity and technology is changing the way we live and work and our knowledge and practices either increase or decrease our risks. Read more.

Flexible workspace – a place of opportunity

Flexible workspace may be something you need for your next season. Do you know what services are on offer and where to find these spaces? In this article we describe some of these services. Read more.

Workshop - What colours will your life include beyond your formal career?

With the convergence of technology and longevity the world opens up with many new opportunities. Join us in this workshop to discover your own personal framework and design a plan for your next season. Read more.

50+ Directory

Around every industry there are a number of players offering services to the market. Refirement Network is launching our listing for the 50+ generation. If you offer any kind of service to the industry and want to market yourself, please feel free to fill in our form and build your business. It is free for 2016. Please also take a look at our rate card for banner ads. Read more.




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