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Dearest Friends,
~ * ~ * HAPPY THANKSGIVING from Amanda West Music! * ~ * ~
I've just returned from England (taking the baby to meet the relatives), and everyone was asking what Thanksgiving is all about. We told them it is one of the most lovely American holidays because it is NOT about commercialism, not about stuff. It is the day we come together with family and good friends to share gratitude and wonderful food. It's awesome.
But then, I return to America and am bombarded with BLACK FRIDAY madness! And I think I must retract my statement that Thanksgiving is unadulterated by consumerism. I think this has been growing over the last few years, and I think we should take back our holiday!!!
What if for Thanksgiving and the whole weekend, we BUY NOTHING and DO SOMETHING? If you have a moment, please check out this site:, courtesy of the amazing Annie Leonard ("Story of Stuff").
About Giving Thanks... something I have been observing/thinking about lately is how every part of life has beautiful amazing aspects to it, as well as incredibly difficult ones. And, each part of life is temporary. When you say it out loud, it's so obvious. But I think it is easy to feel that if we only work and struggle hard enough we will eventually reach a place of Peace and Perfection. But that peace and perfection is already in every part of life, as is the Pain and Difficulty. The trick is to, as much as possible, focus on and give thanks for the good parts of ones life, because the challenges will always be there, and all of it is temporary.
So today I give thanks for my redwood home that keeps me warm and dry, for my health, my amazing family and wonderful friends who humble and awe me each day, for the incredible abundance of wonderful food here in California, for everyone working to make the world a better place, for the seasons, for songs, for the gift of life and so much more...
May your Thanksgiving be full of all the things that matter!
with love & gratitude,
your songstress,

~ Amanda
p.s. OH! And there are SHOWS! This weekend in San Fransisco, and more next month. Hope to see you soon.

U P C O M I N G  S H O W S :

Saturday November 24th @ 12pm
Celebration of CraftsWomen | Herbst Pavilion, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco
The Women’s Building’s 34th Annual Celebration of Craftswomen. Featuring over 150 artists offering gorgeous, one-of-a-kind holiday gifts, fine crafts, and contemporary art. The Celebration of Craftswomen benefits The Women’s Building, the first women-owned community center in the U.S. Funds raised at the Celebration of Craftswomen support the work of this multi-cultural community center where women and girls achieve self-sufficiency and pursue their dreams. The event is a yearly holiday tradition in the Bay Area. More info: | $9

Sunday December 16th @1 2:15pm
Goddess Crafts Fair | Community Center, Sebtastapol, CA
The 18th Annual! The Goddess Crafts Faire is a beautiful community celebration of the coming of winter through women’s art, music and dance. More info:
| $5 - $13

** for more upcoming shows please visit: **
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 ~ giving thanks for the adorable English bus stops! ~

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