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November 27th Newsletter
Comrade Yen's Long March
Communism Will March Again  in 2017 Against Parental Rights
The Long March was a military retreat of the Red Army between October of 1934 and October of 1935 where the communist army escaped from the KMT or Chinese Nationalist Party army lead by Chiang Kai-Sheck.   Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai rose to power during this retreat despite arriving with about 10% of the troops they left Jiangxi province with the year before.   Mao grew in prestige and power as he demonstrated  leadership and kept the ragged remnants of his force together on a 5600 mile retreat through hellish terrain while hounded by Chiang Kai-Sheck’s forces.  
Why is this relevant on this November night?  Because Senator Ervin Yen is obviously attempting the same feat right here in Oklahoma and his motivation seems to be coming right out of Mao’s Little Red Book.
State Senator Ervin Yen, AKA Comrade Yen, laid out his plans to once again try to force legislation through that would strip parental rights and endanger children.  In an October interview he claimed that not enough Oklahoma children were vaccinated against Measles, Mumps, and Rubella, the MMR vaccine.  Admitting that the vaccination rate was already at 90% the communist comrade demanded a 95% vaccination rate and he is willing to ride roughshod over fellow legislators and the citizens to get there.
In 2016 Yen pushed a bill that would have eviscerated parental rights to opt out of eleven of the required vaccines needed for public schools, stripping away any religious, medical, or personal reasons.  The bill died in committee thanks to better educated and less tyrannical state senators.
There are occasional outbreaks of Mumps in Oklahoma like the one in October that had 81 confirmed cases but the reports also stated a 79% vaccination rate among the ill patients!  That’s right, the Mumps vaccine doesn’t prevent you from getting Mumps 100% of the time and many medical researchers have confirmed that vaccination is most likely keeping the Mumps virus in circulation.  The medium age for those 81 cases was 15 meaning that a lot of the ill people were adults.
Yen spun the facts in his interview, claiming that the vaccine is 88% effective so only 12 out of 100 people exposed will get the virus yet that hardly explains the 79% of the Oklahoma cases that were vaccinated.
Yen is the poster boy for corporate contributions corrupting legislation and worse he refuses to see the facts emerging on these vaccines.  The worst Mumps outbreak in history was only ten years ago, 6584 reported cases, 85 hospitalized, zero deaths, yet at that time the 2 dose vaccination rate was the highest in history at 87%.   Today kids are ten times more likely to have a disability than they were before the widespread use of multiple vaccines.   When most of us were kids we got a half dozen vaccines from the age of one to fifteen, not there are upwards of sixty, even seventy individual injections given over that same time period.
But what if we did eliminate parental rights and eliminate medical exemptions, religious exemptions, and personal exemptions for these public school required vaccinations?   The answer is shown in the results of the February 2016 Harvard University outbreak where ALL of the students that came down with Mumps were fully immunized before they contracted the disease.   Comrade Yen whines about the “herd immunity” needing to be at 95% but the Harvard under graduate students were at 99% immunized and the graduate students were at 98% immunization.
But surely that was an anomaly?    Nope, the Long Island outbreak were ALL immunized too and health officials are saying the strain is a new variety that is immune to the immunizations.  Everyone knows not to overuse antibiotics because it breeds antibiotic resistant strains as the few bacteria left behind after a dose of antibiotics now have no competition and can pass on their immunity to the next generations of bacteria.  The Mumps vaccine is a weakened or virus that has a side effect of causing Mumps in a small percentage of those who are vaccinated and common sense says that only the vaccine immune Mumps virus are going to survive to cause the disease.
So two coincidences?  Nope, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus Mumps outbreak had a 97% student immunization and 98% of those who contracted Mumps were immunized, some with THREE immunizations instead of the recommended two immunizations.
And in the Arkansas outbreak there was not a single case of Mumps discovered in an unvaccinated person in the entire outbreak according to a study done by the State Health Department.  
But the Home School kids are exempt, right?  Nope, Comrade Yen demanded that Home Schooled children also receive the entire line of vaccinations.
Comrade Yen is one of those rare individuals that is without empathy, a sociopath really, hell bent on forcing vaccinations despite the risks involved, and doing so to prevent what?   As the stories above show the disease is now being spread mostly by the vaccines, buy the 12% that develop Mumps after being vaccinated and by “shedding”, recently immunized kids spreading the disease right after being vaccinated!
Yen’s Senate District is a prime candidate for a long magazine campaign to encourage someone from the district to run against the jerk in 2018.  If you would be interested in helping on such a project just reply to this email and if enough volunteers come forward we can start letting Comrade Yen’s voters know about his abysmal voting record and pave the way for an accounting in 2018.
Tulsa Republican Mens Club
We have a great December 14th program for you,
newly elected State Representative Tom Gann!
We will also take nominations for officers.
Where:  Oklahoma Joe's BBQ Banquet Room
6715 East 61st Tulsa Oklahoma
Wednesday December 14th,
Time:     11:30 to 1
Last month we had a lively President Donald Trump celebration and a round table with Linda Murphy, Ronda Vuillemont-Smith, Donny Tiemann, David Tackett, and David Van Risseghem:  public education, teachers pay, and school boards were some of the topics discussed.  In thinking about these items I reached out to Rep. Gann because of his vast knowledge of being on a local Oklahoma school board, Tulsa City auditor, and Tulsa airport auditor and asked him if he could join us.
Republican Tom Gann, Inola  resident, auditor, business  owner and former school board  member, filed today for the  open House of Representatives  District 8 seat.     Born in Wagoner, Gann, 57, is  a lifelong resident of  northeastern Oklahoma whose  descendants settled in  Claremore in 1904.  Gann grew  up in Tahlequah where he met  Debbie, his wife of 37 years.    The Ganns live on 10 acres in  Inola. They have one son and  two daughters who are   married and have seven  grandchildren.  In 1984 Tom  built a retail business in  Fort Gibson.  The business  grew to 12 employees and  grossed over 1.5 million  annually.  
Tom has a broad  education holding degrees in  Forestry, Marketing, and  Accounting. In 1986  he received the Wall Street  Journal Student Achievement  Award for academic  achievement  and business success.     In 1991 Tom was elected to  the Fort Gibson School Board.   He successfully led the  opposition to the federal  mandated Outcomes Based  Education which ended its  pilot  program in Fort Gibson  schools.  In 1998, Tom sold  his business and has since  worked for British Petroleum,  PricewaterhouseCoopers  accounting firm and the City  of Tulsa as an Internal  Auditor.  
Tom is currently  the Airports Auditor for the  Tulsa International Airport.  Tom and his wife Debbie  also own a small property  management company, Cedarmorn Properties LLC.  Gann initiated his campaign  for House District 8 last  fall and has already made  over 3,000 door-­to­ door  visits to the homes of local  voters.  “I consider the vote  of an individual to be very  personal and sacred. The  voters of the district  deserve to have someone who  will demonstrate their  commitment by coming by their  house  and having a conversation,"  Gann explained.  Tom and  Debbie are members at  Eastland Baptist Church of  Tulsa. They are pro life and  helped start a crisis  pregnancy center.  Tom is a small government  conservative and supports and  will advocate for the 2nd  amendment, traditional  marriage and small business  in Oklahoma.  For more information visit ‚Äč
The Education Caucus Knows Not What they Do
By the Watchman
It didn’t take long to start talking about the State Budget after the election and we are glad that it is. We decided to report on this subject at this time based on this article here From Ken Miller: Oil and gas tax collections edge up in October gross receipts report. For the first time in eighteen months state revenues showed an increase. A very modest increase at best coming in at just over three percent (3.1%). It falls well short of being able to cover the projected $700 million dollar budget shortfall expected this year. Ladies and Gentlemen that comes to a total of right at $2 billion dollars of a shortfall in our budget over two years. A shortfall that we the citizens have to pay for. We ask the newly formed Education Caucus who they propose to sacrifice in order to give their fellow educators the pay raises they deserve and need. With reports of proposals of between $5,000 and $10,000 dollar increases and the serious shortage of funding we are interested in seeing their proposals.
The next article of interest we found was this Oklahoma state budget and finances - Ballotpedia. Now the figures on this document date from 2014, however they are the most current records available. They do indicate a decrease in spending in the state, but we feel these figures are misleading. This document indicates that Property taxes are not collected. Each county in the state does in fact collect property taxes. These taxes are a primary source for school funding. That would change the entire picture on the percentage of school funding.
The next article of interest we found was this Why Are School Districts Sitting on So Much Cash?OCPA - Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs. What we found so interesting about this article is that it indicates that the individual school districts and not the state has been the cause of the failure to give pay raises to the teachers themselves. As a prime example Tulsa Union used $87,812,848.00 million dollars carried over from the previous year as part of the fiscal year 2015 budget. The figures for the 2016 fiscal year have not been released yet however we do know that over one hundred administrators and an additional 100 teachers were laid off this year. Some of the cost savings was used to give pay raises to some of the senior administrators. Yet every year they ask for more funding claiming it’s for the children? Apparently not in Tulsa.
As everyone knows, Oklahoma has a required Balanced Budget Amendment in its State Constitution. The last revision to this amendment was presented to the People for a vote in 1985. You can see the entire legislation here We urge you to open this link and read the document. It references Section 10 of the State Constitution that in effect allows the state to take on debt.
The first article referenced is this Section X-23 :: Oklahoma Constitution :: Oklahoma Law :: US Law :: Justia. This tells the state exactly how they are to go about preparing the budget and distributing the funds. It actually lays out the procedure that is to be followed in the event of excess funds becoming available. This causes us to ask why they had so much trouble with the funds that became available after the close of the last legislative session.
The next article referenced is this Section X-23a :: Oklahoma Constitution :: Oklahoma Law :: US Law :: Justia. This tells the state what is supposed to happen to surplus funds accruing to General Revenue Fund. Now if the state is supposed to have a balanced budget why are we paying interest on bonded debt. With the bloated government can we no longer afford to live within our own means. Apparently not.
The next article of interest we found was this Oklahoma : State Data and Comparisons : State Data Lab. We aren’t going to ask you to take our word for it. We ask that you open this link and read the report for yourself. For a state that is supposed to have a balanced budget, why did we start the last fiscal year with each citizen of this state owing the state government two thousand eight hundred dollars (2,800.00?). To us that sounds like the state has put us into debt in violation of the constitution. This is a six hundred dollar ($600.00) increase from the year before.
The next article of interest we found was this $141 million Oklahoma budget surplus to be returned to state agencies. Last year the legislature failed to close the 1.3 billion dollar budget gap. They actually found a surplus in the budget of $141 million dollars. To her credit the Governor wanted to use these funds to jump start a pay raise for the teachers. The legislature distributed the funds throughout the various agencies with education receiving a hefty $40 million dollars of those funds.
The next article of interest we found was this Few emerge as winners in budget approved by Oklahoma Legislature - Tulsa World:. This article is correct; there were no winners in the budget last year. Education suffered the less out of all departments of all. We can understand their frustration. We also understand their reason for wanting to attempt to gain the pay raise through a state question. But trying to raise a tax to get it was a bad move. For all those college degrees they couldn’t recognize the fact that the one tax putting Oklahoma at the top of the most taxed list in the country would drive business’s both large and small away. This article also indicates that the Republican leaders proudly announced that they had bridged the budget gap without raising taxes. Technically they may be right. Instead of raising your taxes they canceled your tax decrease that was scheduled for this year. They also raised fees on everything they could think of. Of interest w
Now if you listened to the local news reports you would thing that Oklahoma Schools were the only ones that faced deep budget cuts last year. Then we found this article Most States Have Cut School Funding, and Some Continue Cutting | Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Now this doesn’t change our opinion that the teachers are past due for a pay raise, we did include it to let our readers know that the teachers in Oklahoma aren’t the only ones to see a decline in funding last school year. In short what we were being told was nothing short of propaganda. They claim the actions of crafting the budget were open and sincere however no Democrats or civilians were allowed into the meetings. That doesn’t sound like fair, open and sincere to us.
The next article of interest we found was this CAGW and OCPA Release Oklahoma Piglet Book | Citizens Against Government Waste. We do recognize that this report is several years old, but the principal holds true today even as it did in 2004. It indicates that legislators continue to direct state tax dollars to pet projects for those who contribute to their campaigns. In short they are bought off.
The next article of interest we found was this Reasons and Troubles Behind Secretive Crafting of State Budget | Oklahoma Watch. One of the biggest reasons is the lack of transparency in crafting the budget. It would appear that our legislators are dead set on making Oklahoma come in at the bottom or as close to the bottom of things we can get. When it came to openness and transparency on the budget Oklahoma came in forty-fifth out of 50.As the most corrupt state in the union we should be use to this by now.
Another item that the main stream media has failed to report on is the fact that Oklahoma has been in a recession for eighteen months now. This is in part due to the oil field bust. The next article that came to our attention was this States' Personal Income Shows Uneven Economic Recovery. This indicates that the personal income for Oklahoma residents has gone up by only 2.2% since 2009. That doesn’t include the fact that the unemployment rate is higher now than the national rate. The economic situation doesn’t look good.
The next article of interest we found was this Fiscal 50: State Trends and Analysis. This report indicates that since the 2008 recession 31 states have shown tax revenue growth. For a while Oklahoma was ranked among those states. For the last 6 quarters tax revenue has shrunk. That has put the state into a recession as the people in D.C. are calling it, but in reality the length of time involved qualifies it to be called a depression. For the first time in over a decade our unemployment rate is higher than the national average. The only solution our elected officials are capable of coming up with is to raise taxes and fees. It appears that our state Republican elected officials are as bad as Democrats when it comes to tax and spend.
The next article we found will soundly tell you where our legislators have placed their priorities. It’s not in educating our children. You can see it here When oil boom went bust, Oklahoma helped drillers and squeezed schools. Most if not all of us have experienced some financial hardship in our time. We didn’t go to a lobbyist to get the legislators to pass legislation to ensure that we would get a permanent tax break. We tightened our belts and did the best we could. During the last legislative session our legislature and Governor protected the drillers while denying our schools to the tune of $470 million dollars. Instead the legislature has looked at a total of $289 million dollars in cuts of tax credits over the last two years. We can only guess they had to fund those tax credits to the oil and gas industry somehow.
The next article of interest we found was this It's the revenue, stupid! (Guest post: Ken Miller). This report is from April of 2016 and indicates the 12th consecutive month of falling collections. It only takes six months to be declared a recession. We have now hit the eighteenth month which is a technical depression. It’s not being called that because everyone at the State Capital is afraid they would lose their jobs. They are probably right.
The next article of interest we found was this State Treasurer Ken Miller – The Journal Record. We do urge you to open this link and read the several articles within. They are all very informative.
The next article of interest we found was this State economists predict downward trend in Fiscal Year 2016 | News | This report is from December of 2015, and it was a gloomy but accurate report. It was a little off on the numbers but it did predict the actual shortfall in the budget. What makes it worse is the fact that we have seen projections for next year and they don’t look much better. State agencies should prepare to do more belts tightening.
There are a lot of questions raised by this report. A lot of answers have been given also. It’s painfully clear that the budget process needs to be more transparent to the citizens of the state of Oklahoma. It’s our money we deserve the right to know how it’s being spent. Any and all tax credits should be put to the vote of the people. Once again it’s our money we deserve to know how it’s being used.
The current turnpike projects that are under construction will make Oklahoma the state with the number of highest miles of turnpikes in the nation. That too must stop. For far too long Governors have used these as a legacy for the end of their terms in office. Once a turnpike is paid for, it should be turned over to the state as a highway. Income from these turnpikes should go to pay the bonds and maintenance until then. All excess funds should be made available to the state general funds.
A law should be enacted to deny legislators and lobbyist from having contact while that legislator is in office. That will prevent the buying of votes. Legislators should not be allowed to donate to other legislator’s campaign funds.
People like to call Oklahoma the reddest state in the nation, but they don’t live here. Yes the Republicans hold all the State elected seats and a majority in both chambers of Congress, but 90% of them act like Democrats. They love to tax and spend. They have thrown the party platform out of the window.