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Upcoming meetings and events.
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Town Planning Commission meeting...
November 26, 2009
Town Council Meeting... November 5, 2009.
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Election Day Today:
Be sure to get out and vote...
Election Day Voting
November 3, 2009
7 am - 8 pm
Huntsville Town Hall
The Power of The Internet and the Town Email List
You may remember a recent message in which a resident lost their camera bag...
along with several priceless family videos in the Huntsville Park. 
We sent out a message via this email list and the camera bag was returned to the Parkinson's the following day.
Do you have two or more black Trash Cans?:
Fees for the second trash can increase November 1st... so please make sure you return your extra can prior to November 15, 2009 if you no longer intend to use it.
To return your extra can, please do one of the following:

•    Return the can to the Town Hall, then leave a message at 745-3420 stating your name, address, phone number and trash can number.  You may also leave a note with the same information in the payment drop box on the east side of the Town Hall.

•    Call the town hall and leave a message requesting that your extra can be picked up.  Leave a message at 745-3420 stating your name, address, phone number, trash can number and that you would like the extra can picked up.  Then leave your can curbside.

Additionally, if you have any extra cans that are not being billed, then please ensure those are returned prior to November 15th as we will be taking an inventory of cans after that date.
Late Fall Green Waste Facility Hours (The Dump):
With the end of daylight savings time, the Dump will be closed on Wednesday evenings for the rest of the year.  However, during the busy leaf season the facility will be open longer on Saturdays for the next few weeks or until winter sets in.  New hours are Saturday’s from 10 am - 3:30 PM

Check for the latest updates.

Weed Eradication and Mowing $40 (previously misstated as $45):
Per the recently passed Weed Eradication resolution and our nuisance ordinance, our town tractor will be available during the next few weeks to mow and/or trim your weeds, pastures, etc.  The fee, which includes both tractor and driver, is $40 per hour with a one hour minimum.  The minimum is simply to make it worthwhile to transport the tractor to your location and you are welcome to combine jobs with your neighbors if you wish.  Most 3/4 acre lots can be mowed in 1 hour or less.

Call the town hall at 745-3420 to schedule your mowing.
That's All For Now - Have a nice week,
Richard L. Sorensen
Huntsville Town Council
Huntsville Town, PO Box 267, Huntsville, Utah 84317