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  • Ya Better Practice Up - July 17
  • How 'Bout Some Ice Cream!
Ya Better Practice Up - July 17th

We all know March 17th is a big day indeed and one we all know as St. Paddy's Day.  As a big day, you need to practice up every month of the year on each and every 17th.
July 17th is just around the corner and will be marked by Live Music and plenty of Food and Drink Special Offers.  Plus, we'll be havin' plenty of Giveaways to match up the tons of fun.  And who can fault this week's Perfect Patio Weather?
  • Garry Lincoln will be strummin' and serenadin' - he's a favorite of many and one you'll enjoy 
  • There'll be a special menu item in our Corned Beef n' Cabbage Dinner -- it's famous and only available every 17th!
  • Guinness, Harp, and Smithwick's are on special too
  • top it all off, it's a Thursday...and every Thursday is Girls Night Out with Half Price Martinis, $5 off all bottles o' wine, and a special $2.75 price on house pours
Come by this Thursday - you'll be glad you did!
How 'Bout Some Ice Cream?

It's July - National Ice Cream Month!  Which is why for the rest of this month, dear old Paddy O’Quigley wants to give some free ice cream to all the wee little ones when they come in to eat.
Throughout July, all kids meals will come with a single scoop of ice cream with fixin’s – choco syrup, whipped cream, and a cherry.  If’n you don’t have any wee little ones about to bring for lunch or dinner, then the single scoop and fixin’s will be $1 while three big scoops dressed up the same will be $3.
So gather up the kids or maybe just bring yourself and enjoy a cold treat on a hot day when you stop in for lunch or dinner.

There are a lot more events coming up all the time - keep in touch on our website or via Twitter and Facebook.

Slainte and God Bless

Paddy O'Quigley's