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Dear Readers,

The 10th edition of ‘Save the Planet(April 16-18) has recently ended. Sustainable waste management is a theme in development - we've seen the best solutions on the market and got acquainted with the benefits of their implementation. We express our thankfulness to all the exhibitors, visitors, speakers and attendees for being part of the event.
The forum was opened by the Deputy Minister of Environment and Waters Krassimir Zhivkov. He emphasized the important role of ‘Save the Planet’ and announced facts on Bulgaria's progress in recycling.
The Chairman of the Bulgarian Industrial Association Radosvet Radev underlined the necessity of a larger implementation of high-tech and environmentally friendly investments in order to achieve the circular economy.
Conference Highlights

Bulgarian Biomass Association (BGBIOM) held its own seminar on the project Enabling. Good practices for using biomass from vegetable-growing and viticulture in cyclical productions were presented.
Prof. Anna Aladjadjian, chairwoman of BGBIOM moderated the workshop and shared “I hope that the market of resource-efficient technologies will grow and create even better conditions for business in our country”.
What new was presented at the exhibition?

Gebruder Paschev demonstrated the first flexible fabric made entirely of PET recycled bottles. Compact and efficient electric waste picking machines of Ecosol Bulgaria could be an appropriate municipal investment. Aglika Pavlova, CEO at Balkanika Energy, informed that the company is currently working on projects, part of which is the implementation of new composting installations with low operating costs.
The company EREMA showed its innovation - the thermal process runs into a nitrogen atmosphere and the result is rPET pellets, unique in their quality.
Waste collection has already been digitalized. The benefits are lower taxes, higher recycling rates. Within a few months, S.W.A.N. a digital Solid Waste reuse plAtform for BalkaN, will be launched. It will connect waste producers with businesses that can recycle or reuse that waste.
Lindner-Recyclingtech presented system solutions for waste processing in alternative fuels. The company Europlast offered a variety of waste collection containers. It has announced that its production is carbon neutral. The Italian exhibitor Molinari promoted a new development for bulk granulation and rubber granulation refining.
The recycling of construction waste is a sector that will keep growing – the proof is the new brands of equipment that enter our market and are represented by Prime Technologies.
More and more municipalities and companies are looking for more responsible and environmentally friendly solutions for their waste management. The reason is that in a few years landfilling will be forbidden in Bulgaria.
Since 2005, Geocycle Bulgaria has been offering waste management services and co-processing solutions. “For the last six months we have received inquiries about the possibility of utilization of sorted municipal waste from at least 20 municipalities", shared Nicola Ovcharov, the company manager.
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