Dear friends and neighbors:  
A quick update on a few things that many of you have expressed interest in and whether they will be on the agenda tonight or not:  
  • Ordinance B-40 which was passed and Mayor Bhalla vetoed last week will not be considered for a vote tonight.  I co-sponsored this with Councilman DeFusco and we will be reconsidering the language to determine whether any amendments should be made.  It is worth noting that the intent is not at all to "Kill The Donut".  There are no decks, extra living space or closed stair cases allowed.  It was an incremental change to what is currently allowed in our code, in particular allowing rear yard access to those who have had to elevate their living space due to our flood ordinance.  But we will review the language to make sure it is crystal clear.   
  • An amended plan for Stevens re-zoning will be introduced on first reading.  As a reminder, this amended version includes a new sub-district and the height of the edge zone has been reduced from 200 ft. to 160ft.  The final vote is expected to be on 8/15 at a special hearing.  Simultaneously we are working with the Administration to have on the agenda that night the first reading for the rezoning of a portion of the waterfront including the portion owned by Stevens.  
  • And as you know, there will be a vote on whether we can add dog accommodations into Harborside Park.  On this, there is some confusion that an alternative that is available is for sharing the field - letting dogs go from 7pm to 7am.  This is not an alternative that is currently recommended by the City at this site given the small size of the field.  The City has already done some research on this and it is a concentration issue in such a small area.  But we will continue to review this as an alternative for a bigger area.  I spoke with Acting Director Gonzalez today about this specifically.  What is being proposed in the resolution tonight would actually make it legal for dogs to use a portion of the field, something that does not currently exist.
  • There is also an ordinance put out by the City to increase parking fines.  I am not sure if there is sufficient support for this to be on tonight's agenda and formally introduced.  
If you will not be attending our council meeting this evening, you can watch online HERE.  Additionally, they are trying out streaming on Facebook tonight as well. 
As always, please feel free to reach out if you want to discuss this, or anything else, by email or by phone 201/208-1674.