Dear Fellow Cat Lover,

This note comes to you to tell you that my friend,
Melisa Pearce, has created an inspired campaign for
her work. She now has something very special to share
with you that I know you would want to know about.

Melisa also has a request she has never made before.
This request is so important to her that she has found
a way (many ways, actually) to reward you for helping
her achieve something that could not be accomplished
without your help.

This is a time-sensitive offer. You must go directly
today to assist her and receive your gifts. Directly
below is the link to a special web page that will give
you all the details:

[Note: This is open to all animal lovers, not just cat lovers. So
if you have any friends who might like to look at this, go
ahead and forward this to them. But do it today, because
I think it's a one-day offer.]

I already got mine, and I have to say.... Wow! Very very
nice. And no, I make no commission on the sales of this
product. This is just a recommendation because it's so
beautiful. I thought you might enjoy it also.