AshGPS: Firmware, Software Update Notification
for Spectra Precision, Ashtech, Magellan Professional, Thales Navigation
14 March 2013
In This Issue:
ProMark 120 / ProMark 220: New GNSS Service Layer and GNSS Toolbox
GNSS Solutions Bi-Weekly Webinar / Training
ProMark 120 / ProMark 220
A new GNSS Service Layer for the ProMark 120 & ProMark 220 is available.
  [ folder ] [ file ]  Version W143Hq25
A new GNSS Toolbox is also available. There are separate files for each language:
  [ folder ] Version 3.0
GNSS Solutions Monthly Webinar / Training
Every week I receive about 10 GNSS Solutions jobs from customers all around the world asking for post-processing help.
Recently we have gotten a couple of requests for us to hold a GNSS Solutions workshop.
So starting next week, once each month, I am going to produce 45-minute webinars to answer your GNSS Solutions, and general Ashtech/SP questions.
Because of the time-zones spanned by our customers (basically the entire world), and my desire to not look stuipid in real time, the format is going to be a bit more structured than the 'typical' webinars you may have attended recently. But, as most webinars rarely accept live feedback I don't think the medium will suffer much.
Here is my plan:
1. Send me your GNSS Solutions jobs or questions with sharable data files. Try to pick concise 'how-to' or 'what about' topics that I can answer in 15-minutes or less.
The deadline for the first session is next Wednesday at midnight UTC (that's March 20th ~6:00 pm Mountain DST.)
2. I will choose three questions for inclusion in each video.
3. My 50-minute video detailing the questions and my answers will be posted on Friday.
4. If something in my video is not clear, let me know and the following week I will provide written or video response.
I will keep making trainings as long as I have answers to reasonable questions.
So think of your most pressing question(s) and send them to with "GNSS SOL' in the subject line. This could be interesting...
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