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                                                              Notes on the December Issue
This December Newsletter will be unique.  That is why we are sending out this note ahead of time.  The letter should be in your inbox by December 4, 2013. Since the Holidays are coming we wanted to share several special things with you.  Please feel free to share them with others, especially those that are afflicted with epilepsy or any other chronic condition. 
Nadia's Prayer to God. . .
was written in the form of a letter to our daughter during a time of great anxiety over her deteriorating health. This beautiful and touching prayer expresses the passion and hope that every mother has toward her children, especially one that has had a chronic illness all of her life.  An excerpt of the letter follows:  
September 27, 1996

Dear God,
      Today is my Nina’s birthday.  Only You know how much she has suffered throughout her life, only You can give her the miracle of life.  Give her a life free of worry, free of illness, make her whole.  She was made in your image Dear Lord, and as Your daughter protect her, watch over her, love her, fill her soul with faith, the faith that conquers all adversity, the faith that moves mountains, the faith that will give her the will and the strength to believe in miracles, for she herself is a miracle.  ....
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Download Your Copy of  "Nina's Courage in Epilesy" for Free
"Ninas's Courage in Epilepsy" is a short biography about Nina's life and lifelong battle with epilepsy. The author, Nadia Davies, has carefully inserted Nina's own words into this beautiful and touching piece.  It includes pictures of Nina and her family, as well as excellent resource material. 

FREE DOWNLOAD on the Amazon website from Wednesday Morning, December 11, 2013 to Sunday Night, December 15, 2013, Pacific Standard Time. Download it yourself and share this information with friends.  A touching Christmas present.
Here is what two people among many had to say about the book:
DR. JOHN C. CARSON, Cardiologist, Scripps Memorial Hospital-La Jolla
I spent last night with your Nina, I was moved, touched and educated
Dorothy Glascock, IdahoThe book arrived late Saturday and after returning from church this morning I sat down to read this beautiful story about the loss of your angel baby.  I am sure it took me longer than most as it is impossible to read through the tears plus the times I sobbed and held the book to my heart. Thank you for this beautiful memorial.” 
Give a Gift of Life and Health.  Epilepsy KILLS (50,000 Americans a year die from epilepsy related causes.)  For those afflicted (3 million +), many take medication to control it, others try to self manage it, and finally there are some 400,000+ Americans who have uncontrolled epilepsy and live in fear never knowing when the next seizure will attack them.    Donate to the Foundation on your own, in the name of a loved one, or any  friend suffering from a neurological disorder.  All details are on the website.  Our best wishes for you and your family for a Healthy Holiday Season,
Dr. Thomas P. Davies and Nadia Q. Davies
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