Ryan Johnson imprisoned for avoiding Iraq decade ago

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johnsonsCourage to Resist. October 24, 2016

Please help support Ryan and Jennifer Johnson during this challenging time by making a tax-deductible donation to their support fund, hosted by Courage to Resist. Doing so will enable Jennifer to make trips to visit Ryan in prison, give Ryan access to phone cards, help Jennifer with medical expenses, and offset some of the couple’s lost income over the next ten months.

US Army soldier Ryan Johnson was convicted of refusing to deploy to the Iraq War, and remaining away from the military for 4,175 days (nearly 11½ years). After surrendering himself to the US Army three months ago, Ryan pled guilty to AWOL and Missing Movement before a “Special Courts Martial” at Fort Irwin, California, on September 26, 2016.

US military judge Colonel Michael Hargis sentenced Ryan to 10 months of confinement in a military prison,┬áreduction in rank to E-1 (from E-2), and a bad conduct discharge—after he is released from the Naval Consolidated Brig at Miramar, near San Diego, California. Ryan’s civilian attorney, James Branum of Oklahoma, is currently preparing a clemency packet with supporting letters from friends and family, in the hopes that the sentenced will be reduced.

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