ARRCC eNews - Mar 2012
Dear ARRCC members and friends,
Talking about the 'carbon tax'
What’s in a name? The term 'carbon tax' has really caught on, but this is a triumph for those who oppose the legislation to be implemented in July. 
How about the proper term, 'Clean Energy Future' legislation, or at least 'price on pollution'? 'Carbon tax' is misleading. The price on pollution being imposed is not a tax, nor is it the only aspect of the legislation. Other aspects include energy efficiency standards, public investment in renewable energy, a biodiversity fund and compensation for households.
For sanity to prevail, ordinary people like you and me, need to be correcting misperceptions and letting people hear that there are those of us who agree with what’s happening. Let’s not be excessively conflict-avoidant. While being respectful of various views, it is possible to positively influence people. If people only hear others being critical, where would that lead us? Read more.
ARRCC's recent advocacy efforts
However, our advocacy does not stop with Australia mitigating our nation’s emissions! This last month we've been busy writing submissions on the City of Sydney  Community Wellbeing indicators and to the Government on their new Dietary Guidelines. We're also preparing a submission on the Government's Draft Energy White Paper - look out for that in next month's newsletter! Why not get in on the letter writing action and show your support for the Clean Energy Future legislation by writing a letter to your MP?
Climate change and women
This month we have a particular request on an issue of climate justice. This Thursday 8th March is International Women’s Day, and we invite you to pause and reflect on the 70% of the world’s poor who are women.
Climate change is already, and will continue to disproportionately affect women in developing countries. When clean water is harder to find because of drought, or crops are destroyed by floods, it’s often up to women to find solutions. When there is insufficient food, women tend to be the first to eat less. More women are killed or injured during extreme weather events because they do not hear official warnings and they are usually responsible for the care of children. For more information, read Oxfam's “Women: on the front line of climate change”.
Join with us in praying, meditating or reflecting on the state of women this International Women's Day.

In unity,
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