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Newsaper Armageddon Arrives for Senator Mazzei, Senator Newberry, and Representative Mulready
Surprise, Surprise, Surprise Senator Mazzei!  You really didn't think we would leave you out did you?
And we haven't had any tunes lately so click on this link and listen while you read.
Okay, I just watched a sci fi show about a meteor striking the earth but the parallel is there.   Think of the meteor that was supposed to kill off the dinosaurs, a bunch of fat, happy, big butt reptiles standing in lush grass chomping away till something new caused them to starve to death if they weren’t smashed in the impact.
The Tulsa paper was delivered to an airport hangar at the Jenks airport on Friday morning, 15,000 copies including an extra 5,000 copies for Senator Mike Mazzei for skipping the ALAC vote.    We need all the local help we can get to get these papers delivered before the primary.  But let’s motivate you a bit with some facts.
Here is the 2008 primary election numbers for Glen Mulready’s district, only 1,987 people bothered to vote:
REP) FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE, DISTRICT NO. 68                     17 OF   17
          BRIAN JACKSON                                   397   19.97%
          CHRIS BENGE                                   1,591   80.03%
In 2010 there wasn’t a Republican primary race but here is the general election numbers.
FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE, DISTRICT NO. 68                           17 OF   17

          GLEN MULREADY                         REP     6,768   67.98%

          SETH WATKINS                          DEM     3,188   32.02%

See the difference?   In a general election almost 10,000 voters participated, five times the number in a primary.  And the Democrat primary that Watkins won was less than 700 voters casting votes….
If you help drop the 10,000 Oklahoma-Guardian newspapers into Representative Glen Mulready’s district he is likely going back to work for Blue Cross/Blue Shield as a lobbyist this summer.   Yeah, I know, only the name  at the top of  the paycheck will change for Glen but taking down one of the State Chamber of Commerce’s golden hair boys will reverberate through the legislature and we will have ensured the death of Obama Care Health Insurance Exchanges here in Oklahoma unless the Supreme Court lays down on the Constitution.
So here are two contacts to get more information on what is needed for the newspaper project in Tulsa, both are Tulsa 912 leaders.   They could use a lot of help wrapping and delivering papers.
Tulsa papers  Don Wyatt 520-792-3250  or Randy Harris   918-724-0821
The Edmond paper, issue #3 has been given to the printer tonight and will be ready to wrap and deliver on Wednesday morning.  Contact us at if you can help with the effort.
That is what 15,000 newspapers looks like
Also it looks like this will be the last issue before the primary due to time constraints but we can do one thing that would help Todd Thompson’s opponents as well as Paul Blair and Bob Dani, increase the number of papers printed.    We put a good story on Representative Todd Thompson’s voting record along with a bit about his opponent, Donald Cole Gallup of Stratford.  Right now we are going to print an extra 1,300 copies for the Ada area but if we get donations we can increase the number to 5,000 copies for Mr. Thompson’s district. 
 Thompson was an Obama Care supporter, anti everything we stand for basically, helped give the 167 million dollars to the higher ed endowment fund, enough cash to have operated over 25 state agencies for the 2012 budget year.   Old Todd said he refused to support the Personhood bill because it would endanger his chairmanship on a committee.  Let’s show Todd that his refusal to support a core issue for both his party and his voters can cost him his political career.
Here is Todd Thomson’s 2008 General election numbers:
FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE, DISTRICT NO. 25                           27 OF   27

          TODD THOMSEN                          REP     7,187   52.61%

          GARY STARNS                           DEM     6,473   47.39%


But look at his General election numbers in 2006, only two votes separated winning and losing:
FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE, DISTRICT NO. 25                           27 OF   27 
          DARRELL E. NEMECEK                    DEM     4,796   49.99%         
          TODD THOMSEN                          REP     4,798   50.01%      
But the real story is his primary against a fellow Republican in 2006 which is the only identical election that we need to base our chances on as there is no General election this year!
(REP) FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE, DISTRICT NO. 25                     27 OF   27 
          BLAKE CANTRELL                                  608   46.70%         
          TODD THOMSEN                                    694   53.30%        
People, we need only around 700 votes to beat Todd Thompson…   Can you see the effect that 5,000 newspapers that divulge his sorry voting record will have on the outcome of the election?
And Representative Marian Cooksey?  That Obama loving RINO grandma?  Her 2006 primary numbers are the relevant ones to consider:
(REP) FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE, DISTRICT NO. 39                     23 OF   23 
          CLARK DUFFE                                     858   21.48%         
          MARIAN COOKSEY                                3,137   78.52%    
What do you think that 10,000 Oklahoma-Guardian newspapers is going to do to her chances of winning?    Most homes have two voters and they usually go together to vote so that is as many as 20,000 people that could get their eyes opened and get motivated to show up at the polls.
Now, dig in your pockets!  Please!
    This is your shot at making a huge difference when the RINOs are at their weakest, a primary election with a few thousand voters determining who gets the House seat, coming in a short election year where the incumbents couldn’t raise money from their lobbyist buddies during the session.  We have good candidates that stood up now they need our support.
Send money, small amounts is okay, just send it tonight or early tomorrow so we can increase the amount of newspapers printed.  Use this email address for Paypal: or call me and drop off a check if that is better.  Make it for a subscription, for future advertising, heck just give us the money as a donation.  
It will be another two years before this chance comes around again, to do so much with so little money
We can derail Senator Clark Jolley’s $500,000.00 campaign with ten cent newspapers.
We can derail Representative Cooksey’s $60,000 campaign with ten cent newspapers.
There are stories on Mike Turner who is running against Guy Liebmann and on A J Bailey who is running against Gary Banz.  There is a Charles Key story on his race for the Court Clerk position and and a good story on Darrell Sorrels who is running against Sheriff John Whetsel in Oklahoma County.   Representative Elsie Hall’s opponent’s contact info is in the Action Alerts and her voting record is exposed.   Bob Dani and Paul Blair both have articles on them and their opponents voting record. 
Send in enough donations tonight and tomorrow morning before noon and we will hit all of those districts with newspapers.  Once we have the first ten thousand papers the next 5,000 is much cheaper IF we print all of them in one shot.  This one paper can win all seven races if we put out enough papers into the districts.
Or you can go back to forwarding anti Obama emails or links to stories about how bad things are getting.    But you won’t have another chance till 2014 to slap a handful of politicians straight across the mouth for stealing your liberty, for stealing your tax dollars, for lying to the voters, for being State Chamber whores, for selling out when our children and grand children need us to stand up and stop the madness.  Help us slap these chamber stooges silly and you can bet that Coburn, Inhoffe, Sullivan, Lucas, Boren, and Cole or whoever replaces them will be watching like a hawk.   Send them back to Washington D.C. knowing that things are changing.
Are We Really Going to Let This Agenda 21 Happen in Oklahoma? 
By Ms. PM
Agenda 21 anyone?   Why is Oklahoma afraid to pass laws protecting private property and due process? What is it about state sovereignty they refuse to understand? A very clear indicator is the fact that we have morons running the state. In this article, it shows how legislatures armed with the wherewithal of doing the right thing by protecting the citizens is not that difficult of a task, unless you're dealing with the imbeciles within the walls of our State Capitol building.
What is it about the citizens here in Oklahoma not demanding our state come up with a bill that protects us from UN intrusion? For the life of me, this is one I cannot figure out.
Alabama was on the same course until heavy pressure from activists forced the hand of Alabama's governor, Robert Bentley, and he signed this popular bill into law.
The media in Alabama isn't any different than what we deal with here in Oklahoma. These issues, if they are covered, are spun around and made to look like a ball of yummy cotton candy. This law is aimed at protecting private property rights and specifically prevents all state agencies and local governments from participating in this global scheme. Why would the citizens of any state give up their power of acting through their elected representatives? Enacting Agenda 21 strips the citizens of their rights and the decisions will be made by UN bureaucrats. You can forget about the Constitution of the United States and our Oklahoma Constitution.
Whenever you hear Agenda 21, the long tentacles of non-governmental ICLEI are right there working in step and encroaching like the insidious cancer both of these entities stand for. These parasites gain traction by giving money and contracting services within the states. They infiltrate local governments and color their agenda to look like a beautiful rainbow. We all know how easy it is for state government to extend their hand whenever power and money is involved.
Another interesting fact is state government is afraid to pass these tough laws because of the loss of federal funding. Their shortsightedness affects their judgment and they forget that they are in-between the citizens and the federal government; we elect them to represent us. We are being sold out, first because there are still a lot of people that don't find it necessary to pay attention, therefore these miscreants continue to hold office. Second because when they are in office, the citizens are their last priority. Third, the federal government doesn't have to implement any of this because the state governments are more than willing to do their dirty work under the guise of they know what's best for us. The U.S. Senate never ratified Agenda 21 so don't you think it's time to stop this freedom stomping agenda?
Whenever you hear the terms "sustainable living", "smart growth" or "green" you can make a safe assumption that Agenda 21 is behind it. Sustainable living will put you stacked on top of one another to live like good people are supposed to live inside the cities. Those in power want the land to do with what they deem an appropriate way to save the planet. Smart growth will have cities planned out without parking spaces because you should be walking and not polluting. This nudge will get you to loose weight regardless of your wants or needs .
  Surprise, Norman is already talking about this. Anything green will come with regulations to make sure you are in compliance with the list of what you will or will not do. Remember the "smart" chips on the Tulsa garbage cans. More of your money will go toward fines once they take the tracking one step further and pass the law that you must recycle. Is this how you want to live? These terms the government uses are more than deceptive. This plan will place you into a situation and by the time you figure it out, the gate will be locked.
Alabama's model could bring about the change needed to protect Oklahomans. It keeps Constitutional Law above International Law. Our freedom and sovereignty is slipping away. Are you going to sit by and let this happen or make the choice to do something about it? This map shows what the country will look like when they're finished with this Agenda 21.
State of the Governor Report
By R. H.
It’s been just over two years since Governor Fallin took office. It’s time to do an evaluation of her midterm performance. How has she done? Has she lived up to the Conservative values she campaigned on, or has she performed as a Liberal politician? With a high profile job as she has, the record is easy to access.
It’s obvious that the Governor learned her campaign financing rules from an expert. We went to the Oklahoma Ethics Commission Web site and took a look at her expenditures for the calendar year of 2010. There wasn’t much to look at. With few exceptions for salaries, taxes to the I. R. S., and office necessities, everything else seems to have been placed on a credit card. I guess she learned that trick in D. C.
We didn’t stop there. We also went to to see what they had available. The voting record made for some interesting reading.  I also found that the campaign finance records were incomplete. They failed to list the $3,500.00 donation she received from George Kaiser. That’s the same George Kaiser that will get his money back from the Solyndra scandal before the taxpayers see a dime. I guess if I wanted to masquerade as a Conservative I’d leave his name off my donor list too. You can find this information at
Since the Governor has been in office, she has signed 354 bills into law. She has vetoed only 10. That’s less than 3 percent of the bills she has vetoed. Some of the ones she has signed into law that have mattered to Oklahomans are listed below.
HB 2171 Obama Highway Bill-fiscally liberal
HB 1953 Governor’s Quick Action Fund, Slush Fund-corporate welfare
HB 2131 Soft on Crime-Liberal
SB 154 21st Century Quality Jobs Act-corporate welfare
These are all bills that deserved the veto pen.
So let’s take a look at her voting record while she was in D. C. How well did she represent the Conservative values of Oklahoma during her tenure there?
Jan. 5, 2007     Pay As You Go Rule, Voted Nay-Liberal
Mar. 14, 2007 Union Organization Bill, Voted Nay-Conservative
June 7, 2007    Stem Cell Research Act of 2007 voted Nay-Conservative
Primarily a party line vote on most bills. I would rate her performance in Washington as an overall 70 on the conservative scale. She let us down on several votes.
The Governor has pushed for an income tax reduction in the state. I received this Mary Fallin in my email the other day. Some wonder how we, as a state can afford a tax cut when we lag so far behind in our education funding. But do we really lag behind in funding, or do our funds get wasted on subjects that aren’t germane to teaching our children what they need to know. Do we spend our education dollars wisely, or do we spend them on intrusive programs deemed necessary by frivolous dictates from the Department of Education at both the State and the almighty dollar driven federal funds. There can be no denying that our children were better educated before there was ever a federal Department of Education. Maybe it’s time to exert our 10th Amendment rights and say NO to the federal government when it comes to educating our kids. We know better locally.
Economic Mobility in Oklahoma has recently become a topic of discussion in the state. It seems that the PEW Institute has decided that Oklahoma ranks among the worse in the Nation for upward mobility in the country. I can’t believe that. You can read the report here Economic Mobility in Oklahoma is Among the Worst in the Nation | StateImpact Oklahoma It’s always been my experience that if a person worked hard and did a good job, he or she would get the promotions that they deserved. I think one has to consider the left leaning PEW organization when one considers their report.
One of the biggest problems that the Governor has ignored is the Department of Human Services. They have been a problem for a long time. They are one agency, along with the Department of Corrections, that is habitually underfunded. The death of children entrusted to the care of the state is abhorrent to the senses of every Oklahoman. The documented cases of falsified home visits by case workers are tantamount to negligent homicide in the death of a child, yet in most cases they go unpunished.
Then they highlight the 2012 legislative session. You start off by saying that “The Fiscal Year 2013 budget deal reached by Governor Mary Fallin and state legislators represents a fiscally responsible plan to limit the size and growth of government while increasing funds for core areas of government.” The Governor and legislators seem to forget that an increase in the size of government decreases the liberty of the citizens.
Other areas of savings are mostly consolidation of agencies that do the same thing. This should have been done long ago.
Another area of savings is a Memorandum of Understanding of a multistate contract for natural gas vehicles. The idea is to convert the states fleet of vehicles to natural gas by purchasing new vehicles that are already set up to run on natural gas and selling the existing fleet. This is a ludicrous idea. What should happen is convert the existing fleet to natural gas. There is the technology and facilities in state to do the job. Local workman would be happy for the business and it would support Oklahoman owned businesses. In addition, it would encourage residents to make the change.
She seems proud of the Turnpike improvement plan. I have a Turnpike improvement plan for you Governor. As soon as the existing bonds are paid off on the turnpikes, make them part of the regular highway system. That would put more money into the pockets of taxpayers and help attract more business.
The Governor touts the “Statewide Public Safety Plan” in the form of HB 3052. This plan was nothing more than another one of Speaker Steele’s social justice plans. It is in fact a soft on crime bill. This is the second soft on crime bill that the Governor has signed.
This one takes the cake. The Water for 2060 Act. Are you kidding me? The state is now embroiled in a lawsuit with two sovereign Native American Nations because you and the state legislature refused to negotiate with them over their water rights. Instead you feel that you have the power to break a federal treaty and confiscate what does not belong to you.
After reviewing all the information available and even considering that the Governor was dealing with a liberal House and Senate, I can only give the Governor a conservative rating of 30. That makes her a RINO Republican. She is influenced by her metropolitan surroundings, her time as a Representative in Washington, D. C., and her desire to be everything to everybody in the desire to win a second term. If she is a conservative as she claimed, she needs to start acting like one and using the veto pen more often on bills that don’t uphold conservative values no matter who it upsets.
Skirting Ethics Laws or Hiding the Truth?
By R. H.
This is round two on the ethics complaints filed against Senator Clark Jolley last week.  The reports available were consistent about the basic complaint. They all centered on the Senator accepting campaign contributions and holding campaign fund raisers in January 2012 and not filing the required “SO-1” (Statement of Organization form) “ which was due within 10 days of accepting or spending in excess of $500 or by February 10.” All but one report failed to give but a cursory acknowledgement of the complaint by the Senator.
In a report to News9, which can be read here Edmond Man Files Ethics Complaint Against Senator - - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports |, Senator Jolley defends his actions by saying that “We have complied with every one of the laws in the state of Oklahoma-period. We have reported every contributor. We have reported every expense.” He went on to blame this complaint on a campaign gimmick of his opponent.
Let’s take a look at his campaign filings and see if he’s telling the truth, or skirting campaign laws. It just so happens that the Statement of Organization for both 2010 and 2012 are available online at the State Ethics Commission web site. The one for 2010 raises some questions.
The Statement of Organization is a relatively simple form to complete. There are no trick questions on the form. Question six seemed to pose a problem for Senator Jolley in 2010 though. He likes to claim he was running for Attorney General, so why did the one question where it ask “Office Being Sought” did he file as undecided? This immediately sends up red flags. This indicates that this was never a serious run for Attorney General. This was a way to raise money for future campaigns. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who felt this way. The following is from his schedule e expenditure reports.
Date                Item                             Name                          Purpose           Amount
Jan. 01, 2011   Contribution Refund   Contributor                 Refund             $200.00
Jan. 01, 2011   Contribution Refund   Contributor                 Refund             $300.00
Jan. 01, 2011   Contribution Refund   Contributor                 Refund             $400.00
Apparently other people felt used. Does this sound like the actions of someone truly running for Attorney General?   Now let’s take a look at his expense reports for problems for the years 2009 through 2012. This is all the information available through the Oklahoma State Ethics Commission web site.
Date                Item                             Name                          Purpose                       Amount
Nov. 25, 2009  Travel Expense            Boingo Wireless          Travel Expense            $7.95
Dec. 26, 2009  Subscription                The Edmond Sun         Subscription                $7.25
This is unbelievable. You bill a wireless service, for who knows what, to your campaign? Are you really so cheap that you have to pay for a subscription to your hometown newspaper out of your campaign funds? You also listed the beneficiary as Clark Jolley for Attorney General, but how can that be. According to your Statement of Organization you had yet to declare what office you were running for.
Feb. 17, 2010  Subscription                The Edmond Sun         Subscription                $4.35
Mar. 19, 2010 Membership Dues      Leadership Oklahoma Membership Dues      $150.00
Mar. 22, 2010 Travel Expenses          American Airlines       Travel Expenses          $401.30
Mar. 22, 2010 Travel Expenses          American Airlines       Travel Expenses          $271.90
This gets redundant. Why is he billing the local newspaper subscription to his campaign? Why are his membership dues in civic organizations being paid by the campaign? Why is out of state travel being billed to the campaign? The biggest question here is why is he traveling out of state in the middle of a legislative session? How many votes did he miss? How can he represent the citizens of District 41 out of state?
Mar. 25, 2011 Travel Expense            American Airlines       Travel Expense            $553.80
Jan. 12, 2011   Membership               Edmond Rotary Club   Membership               $447.50
Again he travels in the middle of a legislative session. This is getting to be a habit with him. How many votes did he miss this time?
One thing noted throughout the campaign is a repeated reimbursement to AT&T. There is no other explanation offered than reimbursement. Through the course of the Jolley for Undecided campaign these reimbursements came to a total of $1,225.30. I think an explanation needs to be made for this.
Next go to votesmart a look at his campaign finances for the 2012 campaign cycle, it  reads like a who’s who of liberal political players.
One such liberal lion is George Kaiser. No one can accept a campaign donation from this man and still claim to be a conservative. George Kaiser is a trusted ally of President Obama who stands to receive his investment back from the Solyndra debacle before us taxpayers will ever see a dime. He is also a campaign donation bundler for President Obama.
Other organizations known to keep favored politicians in office have also donated heavily to his campaign.
Organization                                                                                       Amount
Oklahoma Medical Association                                                          $5,000.00
Oklahoma Public Employees Association                                           $5,000.00
Professional Firefighters of Oklahoma                                               $5,000.00
Oklahoma City Firefighters                                                                $5,000.00
Oklahomans For Better Housing (ACORN)                                         $2,500.00
Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce                               $2,500.00
American Federation of Teachers Oklahoma Solidarity Fund           $1,000.00
With big donors like this, one has to ask where his allegiance lies. Going back to project vote smart, I went to the area that covers interest group ratings. The last year available was 2010. That year he scored a 100% for Pro-Business Policy. His score for Consumer and Patient Advocacy was 64%.
Senator Jolley it looks like you have violated Oklahoma’s campaign laws. You held campaign fundraisers for your Senatorial campaign in January of 2012 for sure and possibly as early as December of 2011. You failed to file the required Statement of Organization within the ten day limit as required by law. Your own campaign expenditure reports show you expended well over the $500.00 dollar limit. The ethics complaint is warranted and justified.
Senator Jolley you are nothing but a RINO Republican politician. In fact after reviewing your records more closely you are worse than a RINO. You qualify as a DIRC. In case you don’t know what that means, it’s the abbreviation for Democrat in Republican Clothing. I’m not even sure the Democrats would have you. For the good of the party, it’s time for you to step down and let a true conservative step up and represent District 41.
Here are all the House members in two fifty member blocks of email addresses.  Use Bcc in your email address header and email fifty of them with one email yet they won't know who else got the email.
Here are the State Senate email addresses in one block:
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