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Google her name and up pops images of a gorgeous wide smile. People may assume that she takes compliments about her Eurasian good looks for granted, but, Marissa Nasution will simply smile shyly. The former MTV VJ, who is talkative and cheerful in person, just set ground in South Lombok with the project Lima Lombok, near the landmark Ashtari restaurant and lounge.
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Naga Indo status

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A few thousand years ago, Indonesian Rajahs were writing in Sanskrit and building beautiful Hindu temples. When they opened their doors to the West, traders introduced Islam which spread slowly mixing with existing locals beliefs. The Dutch came to visit and stayed for 350 years. As a result of many such influences, today you can see the result of a rich and colorful history that has produced Lombok the Muslim with a strong Hindu heritage and many local beliefs.

Most travelers now find in Lombok what they used to enjoy or hoped to experience in Bali: less commercialized tourism, less pollution and much less traffic.

What strikes most visitors to South Lombok is the beauty of the coastline. It offers pristine beaches flanked by intimate coves and dramatic rocky headlands. Lombok is also dominated by Mount Rinjani, a double crater volcano and a candidate to be classified by UNESCO.

The island offers many outdoor activities such as surfing on South Coast breaks including world class Desert Point, hiking among ancient villages or diving with hammerhead sharks.

The whole Naga Indo team is looking forward to your visit to this amazing and fast growing area!


Indonesia's account deficit to end in 2015

Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s January 1 decision to abolish the country’s fuel subsidy sent a clear signal to the money markets and international investors that his government, installed last October, is embarking on an extensive pro-market “reform” of South East Asia’s largest economy.
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Indonesia’s 2014 GDP grew at 5.01% - the slowest pace in five years, though government infrastructure expenditure may be a growth driver this year. On the positive side, Indonesia attracted 79 trillion rupiah (US$6 billion) of direct foreign investment commitments last quarter.
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Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia Perry Warjiyo said the country could gain from rupiah being weak against the US dollar in 2015. Ferry said rupiah is expected to remain weak throughout this year and the condition is expected to boost exports especially exports of manufactured goods.
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Development in Lombok

Royal Tulip moving into Are Guling bay

Royal Tulip is a 2ha beachfront resort in the bay of Are Guling where you can enjoy Bau Nyale Festival, a regular event in Lombok
, eco-friendly, resort-style pool villas in the proximity of the seashore, an ocean view available from every room and villa, a structural design and an exclusive pool available for every room to respect privacy
 Lombok's top luxurious resort with a suite-size space in every room.
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The Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) is to accelerate the development of the Mandalika special economic zone (KEK) in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, this year in order to help grow the country’s economy in the long run. “We are developing some infrastructure in Mandalika at the moment,” ITDC president director Ida Bagus Wiranjaya said on Saturday as quoted by Antara news agency on the sidelines of a meeting with House of Representatives Commission VI overseeing industry and state-owned companies in Kuta, Bali.
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Low-cost carrier Citilink Indonesia launched a new route on Thursday connecting Bandung, West Java, to holiday destination Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. “This Bandung–Lombok route has huge potential and we are aiming to capture the business and travel markets,” Citilink corporate communications vice president Benny Butar Butar said in Bandung as quoted by Antara news agency.
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Tourism in Lombok

Sunrise in South Lombok

The Ministry of Tourism will build three high tourism schools in three provincial capitals, namely in Mataram of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), Palembang of South Sumatra and Manado of North Sulawesi, an official said. "We will open three new high tourism schools soon. We are currently studying about the plan," I Gde Pitana, the head of the tourism resources development of the Ministry of Tourism said here over the weekend.
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In another instance of the private sector achieving what ASEAN itself has failed to do, AirAsia Group has introduced a new regional travel pass that will pave the way for more intra-regional travel. AirAsia launched the AirAsia Asean Pass and AirAsia Asean Pass+ in Bangkok yesterday, the idea for which was first mooted in November last year. Both passes work on the same credit system and enable pass holders to enjoy fixed-rate flights to more than 148 destinations in all 10 ASEAN countries on AirAsia’s network.
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Lombok Island’s spicy water spinach – plecing kangkung – may be its best-known dish to outsiders, even as the island, which neighbors Bali, draws a growing number of visitors. Famous for its beautiful beaches and small outlying islands, Lombok also bears an array of tasty dishes, such as braised eggplant, grilled beef satay, and smoked chili chicken. Most of Lombok’s cuisine incorporates a basic seasoning called beleg, made from a bevy of spices including garlic, onion, coriander, cayenne pepper, red chili and turmeric. Like much of Indonesia, island cuisine can be very localized and some of the spices used in dishes from Lombok might be hard to find elsewhere.
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Greg Shand Architects ranks GNE top development in South Lombok


Just a brief update from Greg Shand Architects on the state of play at GNE and observations on where it sits amongst other developments along the South Coast.

With not a significant volume of rain this rainy season, but some strong storms sweeping through (one of which saw workers jammed into the site car praying for dear life...), all infrastructure has held up extremely well. This is testament to the time and effort invested by Tate Developments / Naga Indo teams on site doing all the earth works and retaining to an international standard that has set a great benchmark for future developments.

The vetiver planting looks amazing, and with the tiered pads that we have created for the development, the planting reinforces the flow of the natural contours, and sets GNE up as the forerunner in terms of environmental sustainable development, with no visible rock retaining walls or bare rock cuts scaring the landscape as can be seen in many other developments.

"Having visited the developments between Kuta and Pengatap, looking at the proximity to Kuta and views, and most importantly the Buildability of the plots for sale, GNE estate sits as the premier development in my opinion", says Greg Shand. Others have marketed extremely well, however the plots are extremely steep and most cannot accommodate a car to be parked off the road on solid ground. At GNE, all plots are able to accommodate at least 2 cars to be parked on grade, as well as the substantial part of a villa which means cheaper and faster construction.

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