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Santorum’s Gun Control  Votes
Update on Fusion Center/Gun Groups Controversy
Alliance for Vigilance Seminar for Jan 12th & 13th
McCarville Report Blunders Again
Pressure Building on Ousting Speaker Steele
Representative Bennett Fundraiser Set for Jan 12th
David Prater Investigation, What Is Going On?
Oh My God!  The Tea Party is Building a Newspaper!

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Last May we reported on the appearance of Representative Glen Mulready at the Frontier Country Republican Women’s club in South Oklahoma City.   Mulready was speaking about Obama Care shortly after the GOP convention and he ran into a buzz saw of opposition.
The Sooner Tea Party taped the meeting in case Mulready got cocky and sure enough he inserted his foot in his mouth when he admitted that he would vote against the wishes of his constituents if he believed that it was best for them.   A Tulsa activist made a very short video of the exchange and posted it on YouTube last week, drawing an immediate reaction from Representative Mulready’s supporters.
 At only one minute and 14 seconds the video is brief and powerful and focuses on yours truly asking Glen Mulready if he was going to honor the vote on State Question 756 and the Oklahoma State GOP Convention vote rejecting Obama Care/Fallin Care Health Insurance Exchanges.   Mulready replies that he is going to vote for what he thinks is best for the people, prompting Sooner Tea Party member Karen Pray to comment “And not what the people want?”
  Almost immediately after the release of the video, Representative Mulready’s supporters started attacking the veracity of the audio, claiming that it was “edited” and “out of context”.   Here is the entire audio file taken at that meeting.  In attendance were Jake Dake, four or five state representatives, and around twenty or so Republicans. 
Here is another well done video on Representative Glen Mulready’s voting record.   This video focuses on HB 2130, the infamous Obama Care/Fallin Care Health Insurance Exchange bill.  Almost five minutes long but the video is from House of Representative Video System so it is absolutely beyond doubt to its veracity.
In the video, Representative Mulready flat out lies about the health insurance exchange by stating that the system doesn’t limit what insurance companies can participate.   The truth is that all the state insurance exchanges must conform to Obama Care.   Here is what we reported a few weeks ago complete with the link to the entire Obama Care statutes and the relevant section quoted:
“We learned that there is absolutely no difference between state exchanges and Obama Care federal exchanges.  Here is the relevant section of Obama Care that allows for the state run exchanges, emphasis is mine:  
Each State electing to establish an Exchange must adopt the Federal standards contained in this law and in this proposed rule, or have in effect a State law or regulation that implements these Federal standards. Section 1311(k) further specifies that Exchanges may not establish rules that conflict with or prevent the application of regulations promulgated by the Secretary.”
Representative Dr. Mike Ritze sets the record straight by waving a copy of the HB 2130 and stating that the bill limits competition for health insurance companies, which is exactly what Representative Mulready is attempting to pass into law.  His former employer is Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  Mulready was a lobbyist for them and focused on national issues for them, no doubt being part of the original push to pass Obama Care at the Federal level.
Representative Mulready then proclaims that “No one opposes Obama Care more than I”, repeating the same bald faced lie that he used during his election campaign.  Next the video exposes the fact that Mulready is actually from Massachusetts, the home state of Mitt Romney’s implemented forced health insurance plan, the precursor to Obama Care!   Which makes one wonder if Mulready is a carpet bagger that was moved in for one purpose, to force Obama Care on Oklahomans?
Next up is Representative Charles Key speaking to the Orwellian campaign promises to oppose Obama Care morphing into singing the praises of the program being implemented.  Mulready responds using the analogy of a runner stiff arming a tackler during a football game, attempting to claim that the HB 2130 actually saves Oklahoma from Obama Care!    The ability to stand there and continue to lie in front of hundreds of his peers, staff, lobbyists, and visitors is simply breathtaking!
Democrat Representative Ben Sherrer is the next speaker and calls Mulready’s statements “hypocritical double talk” and asks how accepting 53 million dollars from the Federal government to implement the key component of Obama Care could be construed as keeping the Federal government at bay?
Representative Mike Reynolds is up next and minces no words when he says that HB 2130 is “a clever message to deceive the voters and to disguise what you stand for”.
I’ll leave it to the readers to decide the truth on HB 2130 but my humble opinion is that this is the most flagrant example of Orwellian double talk; the absolutely most amazing example of outright, bald faced lying in a political debate that I have ever witnessed. 
So why do a picture of Mulready dressed as a supcide bomber?  Because Representative Mulready makes it painfully obvious that he was sent to the legislature do a job and he will accomplish the job at whatever price to his reputation that the task requires.   This is an excellent example of why the progressives and liberals succeed in trampling our liberties and stealing our tax dollars, they will simply do what it takes to accomplish their goals.  Remember this fact when we use ridicule and go after their weak spots, these aren’t your neighbors that are quietly going about their life and deserve to be left in peace, these are sociopaths willing to enslave you and future generations by passing laws that strip away your constitutional rights.
So what can you do to help defeat the Glen Mulready’s of this world?   Contact Darren Gantz and help him send Mulready back to his lobbyist job at Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  
Santorum’s Gun Control Votes
Rick Santorum pulled off a surprise victory last week in Iowa causing many political observers to begin paying attention.  Along with the first place ranking also brings increased scrutiny on his voting record.
The National Association for Gun Rights, NAGR, put out some pretty ugly information on Santorum.   First was his refusal to answer gun rights surveys or answer questions on the Second Amendment.
According to NAGR, he voted for the Lautenberg Gun Ban that stripped gun owners of their gunl rights for life if they had faced charges for spanking their children or grabbed their spouse’s wrists.  I’m not saying that a man that abuses women should be protected, indeed a man that abuses a woman isn’t a real man and there is simply no excuse for hitting a woman but everyone has known couples where the wife is as violent as or more violent than the husband but the law almost always will take the side of the woman.   That might be the proper way to err if there is any question, but is losing your 2nd Amendment rights a reasonable punishment for a mild domestic violence case?  If so, where do we draw the line?
NAGR also reports that Santorum voted for a 1999 bill that increased penalties on drug traffickers with guns which in itself is a good thing but the bill also required federal background checks at gun shows.  In 2005 he joined Dianne Feinstein and Frank Lautenberg to mandate handgun locks.
Even worse was Santorum coming to the aid of anti Second Amendment Arlen Specter in 2004 when Specter was facing pro gun Republican Pat Toomey, allowing Specter to continue in office and to continue to push for gun control.   Anti gun Governor Christine Todd Whitman of New Jersey received campaign support from Santorum.       
It was good to see an outsider win the Iowa caucus but we shouldn’t blindly follow them without looking at their voting record.   

Update on Fusion Center/Gun Groups Controversy
Last week we caused quite a stir when we reported rumors of two local gun rights groups being mentioned at the Oklahoma Fusion Center where law enforcement officers were told of two “new” organizations that had been placed on the Oklahoma Fusion Center Terror Watch List.  The story came from a firsthand report from one of the attendees of an OK2A meeting (Oklahoma Second Amendment Association), where an Oklahoma law enforcement officer told a small group of attendees about the report that was given directly to him from a subordinate.
We spoke directly to the OK2A member and were offered contact information for the law enforcement officer that knew the facts.   We declined, there are some stories where in order to protect our sources, we don’t want to know who they are, just are they trustworthy and that the the information credible.   Just about every story we publish includes the blue links that take you to source documents or government websites with corroborating documents but sometimes we prefer not to know too much.
After the story come out, a flurry of activity occurred, listed in no particular order.  First, legislators expressed concern about the Fusion Center bringing up either group to other police officers without proof and since many of the legislators attend the High Noon Club and know of the OK2A group, they understood that the possibility of concern was slim.  Second, reports say that Miles Hall, the owner of H & H Gun Range immediately contacted the Oklahoma Fusion Center.   Thirdly, the original law enforcement source came forward and gave us more details including correcting part of what our source had given us.   Lastly, the OSBI was contacted by conservative legislators and questioned at length on the allegations.
The Fusion Center admitted that there was a meeting at Oklahoma City Police Department facilities where a variety of groups were present and gave presentations.   OSBI, the Fusion Center, the FBI, the Joint Terrorism Task Force, and state and local police departments attended.   Under questioning by legislators, OSBI adamantly denied that they had placed either gun group on a watch list.   By this time, late in the week, we had received further information that claimed that the comments came from an FBI source, so the legislators asked the OSBI to ask the FBI.
The OSBI checked with the OSBI and reported back that neither they nor the FBI had anything to do with the information and claimed the OSBI didn’t know of the existence of either group and the FBI admitted knowing of only one of the groups.   The legislators said that the OSBI spokesperson was obviously ill at ease and nervous over the allegations bringing legislators to their door with questions but that they were “forthright” in their answers.   One of the parts of the joint OSBI/FBI response rang true, that while they didn’t make the comments, there were numerous other agencies presenting information and participating so they couldn’t vouch for the other groups.  They also suggested that it was possible that something might have been mentioned during a break or after the meeting between individuals that were chatting.
Here what we were told was the OSBI statement:
“Neither the FBI nor the OSBI are making representations on anything said in other presentations, during breaks, or during individual conversations after the event officially ended. “
Fair enough, we will take their word on the matter.
Shortly after we received the report from legislators the original source had an email sent to us where he explained the difference between what he said and our source repeated.   Basically there was a meeting at the Oklahoma Fusion Center at OSBI headquarters in a classroom setting where they were told that there were "militia types meeting monthly at H&H".   The presenter was said to have said it in an offhand manner as if he didn’t quite know that to think of the information.  No organization names were mentioned, nor was the word terrorist used.  The statement was further categorized as from an individual but not an official part of the presentation.  Another statement left the door open for the presenter making the statement but that it was not part of the official presentation.
The original law enforcement officer then spoke to the supervisor who in turn spoke to our original source at an OK2A meeting and elaborated a bit but in a perfectly understandable manner.  This person mentioned that both the OK2A group and the High Noon Club met regularly at the H & H Gun Club and it didn’t seem that groups meeting with legislators qualified as “militias”.    Our source apparently added the word terror list and identified the groups as being specifically named.   Here is the exact wording that we received:
"Information came through their fusion center identifying OK2a and high noon as "militia groups" and has them pegged as "terrorist"."
We also received a report that little written material was being handed out after MIAC report so that there wouldn’t likely be any documented list, that in their experience everything was given verbally.  We cannot speak as to the veracity of this statement but it makes sense.
Obviously the Oklahoma Fusion Center was caught in the middle of a controversy but what do we make of all of this?  The original source asked us to retract the story but there are several things about this story that made an update a necessity but not an outright retraction.
First, the information did come from a Fusion Center meeting of law enforcement officers.
Second, the report either offended or concerned three separate law enforcement officers, enough so that the information was reported to where someone could get members of the legislature to look into the issue.
Third, the information turned out to be mostly true, gun rights groups meeting at H & H Gun Range were thought to be of concern according to some report in the Fusion Center system regardless of the origination of the information.
Fourth, this didn’t happen in a vacuum, the Fusion Center system had previously been involved in placing the Oklahoma Bombing Commission in an extremist category.   If it quacks, it is a duck most of the time.
Fifth, the Oklahoma Information Fusion Center specifically states that they gather and retain information based upon mere suspicion.  If that is a good enough standard for a professional law enforcement organization then it is good enough for a grassroots group.
 “The OIFC may retain information that is based on mere suspicion, such as tips and leads.”
After thinking about the controversy for several days here are the conclusions that we believe fit the facts.   None of the three law enforcement officers did anything wrong other than perhaps the repeating of the “militia meeting at H & H Gun Range” statement at the Oklahoma Fusion Center meeting.  The two officers were concerned and did the right thing in blowing the whistle.  If the Oklahoma Information Fusion Center got caught up in a scandal, it was because they are basically spying on people and their entire system is so corrupt that they accept mere suspicion as good enough to place in a person’s dossier.   I’m told that the guys down there are decent and have Oklahoma values so I would ask them two questions if I had the chance
1.         How does it feel to have mere suspicions develop into an informal investigation?   How do you think a taxpayer would feel it the same standard of information was used to pry into their life?
2.       Have you tracked down the person who made the “militias meeting at H & H Gun Range” and verified exactly where the information came from?   Your own rules require the investigation of erroneous information back to the source it came from.   Have you done this yet?
Here is a good interview with an expert on the subject of domestic spying on citizens and the pitfalls.
  I believe that the most obvious result of the Oklahoma Information Fusion Center will be the chilling effect on activists.
I attended the High Noon Club on Friday and on my way out of the meeting I was approached by an off duty OKC police officer.   He was concerned about the story, mentioning that he had invited a supervisor to the High Noon Club a few weeks ago and had to go back to the guy and inform him of this “militia” report that was circulating among law enforcement officers.  His concern was his security clearance and his career.   A report that he was a member of a militia group would cost him his job.  I updated him on the info we had at that time, which was that both the FBI and the OSBI were denying their part in the controversy.  The officer also believed that things like this must be outed immediately and corrected.   He agreed with our assessment that the two officers did the right thing in coming forward.
But, I have a favorite quote from Marcus Aurelius the stoic Roman Emperor who lived in the second century A.D. where he speaks of seeing the true nature of things and using them in the best manner, basically make lemonade out of lemons.   With that in mind we need to use this controversy to effect change.
We should start by calling on Governor Mary Fallin to rescind her executive order that funded the Oklahoma Information Fusion Center through the OSBI and properly allow the legislature to appropriate the funds to continue participating in the Fusion Center system if the law enforcement profession believes it to be of any value, if the legislators agree, and if we can properly prioritize our spending to allow for the Fusion Center.   I wonder how it is even possible for the Governor to bypass the legislature on spending money on this boondoggle.   The Brad Henry/Wayne Pettigrew spy camera system died because the legislature wouldn’t let it through, how is this different?
E-mail: Local: (405) 521-2342 Or (918) 581-2801
Second, if the legislature wanted to defund the Fusion Center project, it could be completed in less than a month.  Or at least the process could be well on the way in a month.  Therefore on March the 6th at 1:30 pm, the Sooner Tea Party will begin using the same criteria for information sources for our articles as the Oklahoma Information Fusion Centers use for deciding to gather and retain information on Oklahomans.   If we receive a report or rumor on any legislator, governor, or staff member then it will be treated as suitable subject for public airing of the issue, regardless of the lack of documentation or the need for multiple sources.   Like the Fusion Center rules state, we will identify the issue’s source as rumor if we don’t have multiple sources or documentation but we will publish the story.  And lastly, on  March 6th at 1:30 pm will start our own SAR program, Suspicious Activity Report, where any sort of suspicious activity or behavior by a legislator, the governor, or staff member will be sufficient reason for airing a potential issue or concern.
Of course this enables us to use past reports were we couldn’t develop multiple source confirmation.  There are some doozies out there on Mary Fallin that are just going to be a blast to expose!   I can see why Governor Fallin decided to fund the fusion centers, this spying on people and the potential mayhem you can create is amazing!
Controversies like this come in handy for smoking out the group leaders that are timid or not completely on board.   The leader of OK2A became quite upset over the Sooner Tea Party airing the report of the militia comments.   Multiple sources reported back, as did some of OK2A’s members, all of which wondered why in the heck the leader was complaining!   Most said this is a gift to show that the groups are under attack and that only happens if you are doing something productive.   But the most telling thing was the physical reaction of the leaders of the two groups, the owner of the H & H Gun Range took this very seriously and obviously rattled the folks at OSBI with his questioning.   That is what we need, men that are courageous enough to fight back and stand their ground!  The other group, OK2A actually sent me a text message on Friday, two actually, asking “So do you realize how wrong that email was. (from the original OK2A source)  Are you going to issue a correcrion? (sic)
Alliance for Vigilance Seminar
Set for Jan 12th & 13th
Michael Hoehn, the Washington D.C. leader that is coming to Edmond next Thursday and Friday offered a preview of his two day seminar on “Understanding the Threat to America” that deals with the Muslim Brotherhood threat to our country.  Here is a good video of one of the speakers, General Jerry Boykin.  Here is a preview of the kind of information that will be covered.
In 2004, Ishmael El Barasse and his wife were arrested and the FBI raided their home located in Falls Church, Virginia. In the basement, FBI Counter Terrorism Agents found a secret sub-basement that contained the archives of the Muslim Brotherhood in America. The seized documents were classified until federal prosecutors introduced them into evidence in the case of United States v. The Holy Land Foundation, the largest terrorist-financing trial in the history of the U.S. When the documents were offered into evidence, the defense attorney stipulated as to their admission, which is to say that the defendants admitted that the documents were true and accurate and what they purported to be. In November of 2008, a jury returned unanimous guilty verdicts on 108 separate counts.
The stated goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is to overthrow the government and replace the Constitution with Shariah Law. One of the documents admitted into evidence contained the following quote: “The (Muslim Brotherhood) must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their (our)hands ... “ CAIR, along with numerous other individuals and MB front organizations, was included in the case as an unindicted co-conspirator.
Now, CAIR has invited Oklahoma legislators to their conference in March to indoctrinate them and get them to do CAIR’s dirty work “by their hands.” It will be interesting to see how many RINOs attend. Stay tuned here for a list of attendees. Shariah Law, coming soon to a neighborhood near you, courtesy of CAIR.
Here is the flyer for the “Understanding the Threat to America” seminar on January 12-13.
McCarville Report Blunders Again
Blunder:  to make a mistake through stupidity, ignorance, or carelessness
Ah, our boy Mike McCarville has been busy again.   Not that he is a young man by any means but some are beginning to believe that Mike is entering doddery, or as more commonly known, the senile state.  Poor Mike, like my grandfather told me once, getting old isn’t for sissies.
We’ve tried to just ignore Mike after we exposed his connections to the State Chamber of Commerce advertising budget and his connection to Neva Hill, Speaker Kris Steele's campaign consultant. 
In a previous issue we responded to the McCarville Report’s erroneous statements and laid out the facts for all to see.    A follow up article named “The Motivations of Mike McCarville” laid out the proof of State Chamber of Commerce advertising dollars spent at the McCarville Report website, his close connection to CMA Strategies, and his decades long connection to former partner Neva Hill who is the personal campaign consultant for Speaker Kris Steele
After the two newsletters outed McCarville, there was complete silence from Mike for a few weeks.   Thinking that his care taker had increased his meds or took away his internet access, we laid off Mike after that hoping that he had learned his lesson.  Nope… it wasn’t long till Mike popped this doozy out of his… hat… and posted it on his blog.
The organizer of the event, Lukus Collins, set the record straight on McCarville’s face book wall by posting this comment:
Campaign for Liberty is a 501C3 organization and due to its close association with Ron Paul at the beginning of the organization, C4L leaders are prohibited from working closely with the Ron Paul campaign.  We did loan the Ron Paul group our podium and other supplies from the Tea Party but the 501C3  requirement and a pre existing commitment to speak in McCloud that afternoon kept me from attending.
Now we initially ignored the slur that McCarville manufactured out of whole cloth but after he attacked again after Jan 1st we decided it was time to respond and set the record straight.  But it does offer an opportunity for some fun with Mike, and being that we like to use ridicule to get our point across, here are some tongue in cheek suggestions for Mike’s next blog posting:
(Warning! Do not open the link below if you are at an office computer!  It goes to a gay site where we found Representative Jason Nelson signed up as a member!)
Mike McCarville Turned Down for Membership in NAMBLA
Sources inside the North American Man/Boy Love Association report that allege Oklahoma blogger Mike McCarville has been rejected for membership in the NAMBLA organization.  A  NAMBLA spokes person refused comment but inside sources provided a transcript of the board meeting where McCarville was allegedly rejected.  The board member’s names were redacted to protect their privacy.
XXX, Board Member 1:    “Okay, next up on the agenda is the application of one Mike McCarville for membership as a premium NAMBLA member.”
XXXX, Board Member 2:   “Oh, Mike is one of us?   Well, he writes an excellent political blog and is influential in Oklahoma, but we do require a boy sponsor along with the man applicant.  Does he have a boy sponsor?”
Staff member:  “Yes, we have listed Kris Steele as the boy sponsor.”
XXX, Board Member 3:    “Objection!    Kris Steele is no longer a boy!   And even if he was once a boy, how many men is the little tart going to be allowed to sponsor?”
Board Member 2:   “Now wait a minute Guy, not only does Kris have the perfect last name for a boy sponsor, he is influential in Oklahoma and might help us get  Oklahoma’s antiquated consent laws that are criminalizing adult sexual involvement with minors.  He helped the transvestites and the Muslims so who is to say he won’t help out?  His soft on crime bill last year will let our peope out of jail after only 90 days so we should consider being nice to Kris."
Board Member 1:   “Now Earl, Guy, calm down!  Let’s see if we can find a compromise on this!  Guy, you know that our real purpose is to corrupt innocents and the most vulnerable, right?  You’d agree with that?”
Board Member3:   “Well Glen, I’m not sure anyone would call that little hussy “innocent”!”
Board Member 2:   “Guy, you have to admit that Kris has those innocent eyes, right?  And he does meet the vulnerable part with that whole leg thing, right?   Don’t you think that this is really about that billion dollar bond issue that Kris convinced you to lead on?”
Board Member3:   “That is the problem, Glen; the little twink led me on!”
Board Member 1:  “Now, Guy!  Compose yourself and dry those eyes.  It isn’t manly to cry.   Do we need to bust you back to boy status again this month?  Daddy spank, Guy!   Daddy spank!”
The transcript ends there according to our source, claiming that “the boyish Jason Nelson” arrived for his “meeting” with the board.   Allegedly Representative Nelson had been rejected in his bid for membership due to his membership at a gay website (see comment #9 at this link).   The revelation outraged several board members, one of which stated:  “We are not gay!  We are pedophiles!  This is as bad as the State Chamber leaders trying to join!”   Allegedly Representative Nelson caused quite a stir with his Michael Jackson costume, worn in a bid to increase his chances on his re application.
If that one wasn’t funny, try out this one for your next blog posting Mike:
Mike McCarville Loses Pulitzer Prize Race
Oklahoma blogger Mike McCarville of the McCarville Report was allegedly kicked out of the running for the 2012 Pulitzer Prize after committee staff reported on McCarville’s new web site design.   Staff researchers called the new website design “amateurish” and one made the comment “it looks like a pederasty designed cat house”.  Another asked “What happened to the Gold Standard of Political Blogs saying in the header?”
Okay, I’ll be serious for a while…  Sorry guys, all in good fun.  For us anyway…
Mike McCarville’s next attack came in the form of a story on the top headlines of 2010.   Amazingly, within five seconds of the start of the story according to one activist that commented on the article, was an attack on the Sooner Tea Party involvement in the 2010 Oklahoma City Council race:
Pollster Pat McFerron: “Might not be the biggest – but one that is overlooked…I would cast a vote for the repudiation of the Al  Gerhart Tea Party extremists in the OKC City Council races.  The unholy alliance of firefighters and Tea Party extremists not only were soundly defeated by Meg Salyer, but their one anti-MAPs III voice was unseated by a first time candidate, David Greenwell.”
Ouch!   Or maybe not if you are aware of the facts in that race and McFerron’s place of employment!
Pat McFerron is the “M” in CMA Strategies.  CMA, the RINO consulting firm responsible for the Oklahoma MAPS III campaign, the same firm that grew out of the old CHS consulting firm which RINO Congressman Tom Cole founded.  After Cole was elected to Congress, CHS turned into CMA.  And who presented the latest “polling” results at the Shawnee Republican caucus meeting?  CMA Strategies of course, because they are the State Chamber of Commerce’s political consulting firm.
McFerron is the CMA partner that actually holds the State Chamber of Commerce contract for public relations and lobbying.  Am I alone in thinking that a journalist should disclose the associations of a quoted source?  Poor Reid Mullins was given just two sentences in McCarville’s rush to start earning his State Chamber pay!
But at the bottom of the article was the longest quote of all, from an “Anonymous Capitol Insider”.   The quote was three to four times longer than the next two longest posts so it was an important quote for Mike McCarville’s article.  And who was this “Anonymous Capitol Insider”?  None other than the current political consultant for Speaker Kris Steele and the decades long friend and former partner of Mike McCarville, Neva Hill.  How do we know this?  Because Neva Hill gave the same word for word info at a yearend wrap up for political insiders at a restaurant on North Lincoln Blvd.  Among those attending were Fount Holland, Pat McFerron, and Ben Odom.   Don’t bother guys, you’ll never guess who our source was that attended your meeting.
Okay, Mike McCarville outright hid the connection between Neva Hill, McFerron, and himself but what about the facts of what McFerron was paid to say?
First off he left off the police union in his description of the “unholy alliance” between firefighters and the Tea Party.  Second he neglected to mention that a sleepy, $10,000 campaign budget city council race was turned into a multimillion dollar battle after the Sooner Tea Party endorsed three candidates.   Also unmentioned was the Oklahoman attack on Windsor Hills Baptist Church, the church of two of the candidates.  The Oklahoman pulled out all the stops and actually claimed in a sub headline that Windsor Hills Church was training children to use automatic weapons!  If you bothered to read the story, you found out on page five or six that a Department of Wildlife Game Warden conducted a firearms safety class for kids that included the Game Warden demonstrating a M-16.  Also unmentioned was the first time use in Oklahoma City history of TV ads for the city council race, a massive turnout many times the norm, and a robo call by former Governor Brad Henry in support of the RINO candidates!
And does this sound incredible, that a statewide newspaper would print an outright lie on their front page?   Here is the first few sentences of the article from their own website:
Activities of council candidates' church draw criticism
By Michael Baker and John Estus
Published: February 27, 2011
Two Oklahoma City Council candidates attend a church observers have criticized for flying the Confederate flag, making political commentary from the pulpit and training children to use automatic weapons at a church camp.
Windsor Hills Baptist Church's activities have been described as radical by critics who fear it could influence city council decisions if its members are elected Tuesday.
Uh, did you read that fine print on who was one of the authors?  John Estus, as in the current PR flack for Speaker Kris Steele?   Get used to the idea that a good portion of the people that join politics, journalism, and even grass roots organizations will sell out at some point.  They call this the “exit strategy”.
But wait a minute.   Stupid me, I had assumed that John Estus went from working for the Oklahoman to working for the House of Representatives as Speaker Steele’s Press Secretary.   That was announced on our favorite doddering blogger, Mike McCarville on April 29th of 2011th of 2011.   But if you look at some of the stories that Estus was writing, they supported Speaker Steele’s agenda even when Estus was still employed by the Oklahoman.
Let’s look at more connections.  John Estus has a close personal friend, Paul Monies, also a former reporter for the Oklahoman  Monies left in September 2011 and went to work in Washington D.C.   His wife, Jennifer Monies, also a former Oklahoman reporter, is a senior vice president of Communications at the State Chamber of Commerce, basically their P.R flack.   John Estus and Paul Monies were assigned by Oklahoman editors to do a few of the hit pieces on conservative Republicans.

Oklahoma Senate scraps part of corrections policy bill  

Published: April 21, 2011
The Senate on Wednesday sent House Speaker Kris Steele 's corrections policy measure back to the House after scrapping one of its key components.  House Bill 2131 passed 44-3 after senators removed its proposal to change the state's default criminal sentencing structure from consecutive to concurrent terms.  Sen. Patrick Anderson, R-Enid , the bill's Senate author, said he reluctantly removed the concurrent s...

There are many more examples of where Estus wrote stories on Steele’s prison reform plan and other House leadership issues.   As a reporter that worked the Capitol beat this is unavoidable but how do we know when Estus’s loyalties switched from the reader of his employer’s newspaper to Speaker Steele?   Did he slant stories to land a well paying state job?  Is it ethical for a professional to switch sides without calling into question where his loyalties lie?
Repudiation of the Sooner Tea Party? 
How about the RINOs buying the election outright and perhaps some members of the media along with it?   The police and firefighter unions are allies in some of our goals, valuable allies.  They know that having the resources to pay their members requires the city to prioritize spending on true governmental responsibilities and we agree with them on that.   Political experts did notice that while two sides spent millions in the battle, the Sooner Tea Party spent around $100 along with a few hundred volunteer hours.
Now, we all know that the citizens didn’t win in that election, but if there was a winner it was the Sooner Tea Party by forcing a confrontation that cost them very little and drained the war chests of the RINOs.  One of our heroes and role models is George Washington who won very few battles but eventually drained the resources of the British Army and won the final battle.  So I would have just one thing to say to Pat McFerron, a phrase that I must borrow from one of my favorite Sooner Tea Party supporters:
Mike McCarville struck yet again today with his post on the Sunday Oklahoman edition on Speaker Steele’s last legislative session.   Mike got his licks in, but it was a different kind of lick that he gives the posteriors of the State Chamber paymasters, writing that:
“…the self-appointed leader of the Sooner Tea Party claims there will be an effort to remove Steele as speaker. To do so would require Democrats joining with dissident Republicans, and few observers see that happening.”
First off Mike, “self appointed”?   The story “The Motivations of Mike McCarville”explains just how I came to lead the Sooner Tea Party.   And if I was going to infer that someone was a not a legitimate leader, I would hesitate to do so given that the state’s largest newspaper basically credited the Sooner Tea Party as being behind the effort to oust Speaker Steele.   We will cover the Oklahoman article in a bit.
So enough of Mike’s ethical and journalistic failings, let’s see how Mike is reacting to our responses.   We would agree that what someone says versus what they actually do speaks volumes to their true opinion, right?
First off is the sudden change in McCarville’s website after we made the comment about his blog being the gold standard of blogs cause that is what it takes to buy his services.  McCarville has shifted off the gold standard of journalistic ethics for the purpose of inflating certain stories and devaluing others.  How long before it takes a wheelbarrow full of McCarville blogs postings to buy a loaf of bread?
Almost immediately after our comment on the gold standard, as fast as Representative Ron Peters slurping up a spilled drink, McCarville’s blog heading changed:
Suddenly the “The Gold Standard of Political Blogs” heading was gone and replaced with “Named Oklahomas Top Political Blog by Stateside Associates”
Stateside Associates?  A large national lobbyist firm with a large list of business clients.
Is anyone thinking that this lobbyist firm is going to be objective or will they throw scraps to the dogs that lick their hand? 
Finally, the top news story article where McCarville hid the identity of Neva Hill despite her comments being the largest contribution to the article shows that McCarville understands that he has been busted.  I feel some sympathy for the old fart, he is sick and maybe dying according to articles from his online blathering and there is no doubt that some extra money is needed.  That said, selling out is a piss poor way to end a respectable career in journalism; were I he I would prefer to go out clean without trashing my legacy and ruining my good name.  But we advocate freedom so I suppose Mike will chose his own path.
I always start off talking about NAGR, the National Association for Gun Rights, as  one of those groups that constantly asks for money  with their email system and gets some heat for their fund raising requests but they are the hard core political fighters that are willing to take the gloves off and fight like we do in the Sooner Tea Party.   Not only does that but their fundraising system works on a national scale and they do some good work, it just rubs some people the wrong way.    I do support them 100%.
  We do not have a state chapter of NAGR because of the lack of a suitable leader willing to spend the time needed to organize the state but there are thousands of NAGR members in Oklahoma.  If you know anyone that is pro Second Amendment and has leadership skills and the time, please get them in touch with us.  No need to be the perfect candidate, even an interim leader would help.  If you can talk to people about the 2nd Amendment they will do fine.  If someone more suited shows up, the interim leader can help out.
We need a decent gun rights group in Oklahoma.   One that will actually fight instead of trying to make friends at the Capitol in some vain hope that they can educate our constitutional rights back.   We need to start vetting candidates and get them endorsed by NAGR for the 2012 elections.
Pressure Building on Ousting
Speaker Steele
Last week  Oklahoman reporter Michael McNutt called and we talked a bit.   Some of the info wound up in an article on Speaker Kris Steele’s last legislative session.   Here is the relevant part for our purposes:
Al Gerhart, chairman of the Sooner Tea Party, has sent emails to legislators indicating that some House Republicans would team with Democrats to oust Steele as speaker.
“The (designated) speaker's race really was the breaking point,” Gerhart said. “Rank-and-file Republicans are looking at this.”
Asked if he thought his tenure as speaker would end prematurely, Steele said, “I don't anticipate that it will.”
The 31 House Democrats likely would have to join Republicans to oust Steele. House Minority Leader Scott Inman, D-Del City, said he was unaware of any effort among his members to remove Steele.
“I would hope that we could avoid that kind of acrimony,” Inman said. “We care about good government and we want leadership that will move the state forward, not lead us down a path we don't believe will be best for the state. So as long as Speaker Steele chooses the path that we believe is best for the state of Oklahoma, we'll be there to support him.”
“As an individual and as a leader, we believe in him and hope that he'll do what's right for the state.”

Now pay attention to exactly what Scott Inman said.   He says he “hopes” the acrimony can be avoided, but they won’t be led down a path they don’t like.    Then “as long as” Steele chooses the right path they will support him.   Inman ends by “hoping” Steele will do the right thing.   Inman is positioning his party, basically telling Speaker Steele that he is bent over a barrel by his own caucus and if he wants to save his position, it is squeal like a pig in deliverance time!
Now understand what Speaker Steele’s abysmal leadership skills have caused, he has split the Republican Party in the House and basically has to give control to the Democrats to keep his position.   Why has this come about?  Not because of conservative Republicans or the Sooner Tea party, but because Speaker Kris Steele and the rest of House leadership will not follow the Oklahoma Republican Party Platform.
Michael McNutt did a good job on getting my quotes right in the story but he might have attributed the “I don't anticipate that it will.” Comment to Kris Steele rather than to me because I had made a similar comment that stated that Steele was more likely to be emasculated by changing the House rules, a position I’ve made clear in several newsletter articles.     Of course the story painted Speaker Steele as a saint, this is the Oklahoman editors in charge no doubt.
Representative Bennett Fundraiser
 Set for Jan 12th
I’ll be there, might be late because I am also attending the Edmond event but it is important to support Repesentative John Bennett.   This guy stood up like a lion and fought all year.  An outstanding freshman legislator that refused to back down or betray his constituents and he fought for all of Oklahoma.   No matter where you live in the state you should contribute to his campaign for 2012.  
 I’ll be leaving for Sallisaw Thursday afternoon around 3:00 pm, call me if you want to send a donation to him.   Remember the rules, over $50 requires John to furnish your name, address, occupation, and who you work for.  Checks are best, no corporate checks please, they aren’t allowed.  Or contact John’s office and get his mailing address and mail him your donation.
David Prater Investigation,
What Is Going On?
Christmas came late for Oklahoma County citizens on January 3rd when we received our first bit of new intelligence on the David Prater investigation.  The investigation started in mid October with a set of documents provided to the Sooner Tea Party that included an affidavit claiming that Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater had violated Oklahoma campaign finance and reporting laws during his 2006 election.
Accompanying the affidavit were documents suggesting that numerous David Prater campaign donors, a former director of the CLEET organization, and a former Governor’s grandson had all escaped justice due to Prater’s refusal to file charges or his attempts to drag the legal process out past the statute of limitations.
We first reported on the story on October 23rd, published a follow up story on October 27th and sent out dozens of information packets to the media around the state containing redacted copies of the affidavit, the supporting documentation, and a short description of our investigation.  We began receiving calls from reporters asking about the OSBI investigation that was initiated by Attorney General Scott Pruitt three days after we broke the story.  The media had been aware of the story for about a year but they claim they didn’t have sufficient proof to publish the story.  The business owner that was a witness wasn’t talking to the media and the Attorney General’s office didn’t have enough facts to move forward, so the story was a risky one being that the media depended on the good graces of the D.A. for information.
Read the October 27th Special Edition newsletter for more details on the massive trail of corruption and influence peddling.
We figured something serious was afoot because had the state wanted to whitewash the issue, they would have cleared Prater quickly and reported it in a matter of days if not weeks.   It has been over two months since the investigation began,  more than enough time to present the matter to a multi county Grand Jury, and let the Grand Jury do its work.   .
The silence was broken though when we received information from a public defender on January 3rd then on January 4th a separate confirmation from a highly placed Oklahoma County Courthouse official.   It seems that during the investigation into Prater’s campaign donations that the Sooner Tea Party sparked also brought up that there were possible irregularities with tens of thousands of dollars in campaign donations that might have been converted for personal use.  Given the lack of information, no one knows what is really going on but the OSBI, Prater, and Pruitt.
A total of five separate sources provided the Sooner Tea Party information on the OSBI investigation, ranging from a story about a sealed indictment and a court date set for January 30th to a report that the OSBI wasn’t done with their investigation.   Four of the reports stated that a multi county grand jury had been given the information but we are not alleging that at this time.  We aren’t alleging anything about the investigation other than the rumor mill is working overtime.
Bad government and corruption can only flourish in secrecy.   It takes a disengaged citizenry and a corrupt or intimidated media for the corruption to be self sustaining.   The Sooner Tea Party is certain that if we ever expect to hold Washington D.C. accountable then we must first cleanup our state and local governments.   Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater appears to have possibly put himself above the law, prosecuted conservative legislators using questionable charges, and pandered to the NAACP by charging a man who was protecting his place of employment.  Jerome Ersland certainly was not blameless in his actions but he was held to an extremely high standard for a man placed in a situation where many of us might not have had the presence of mind to act correctly. Including Ersland, there were a total of four murder convictions from that pharmacy shooting.   I ask you how it is possible for four people to be responsible for murder especially if one of them was being robbed.
 If there is justice and David Prater is indicted and convicted for crimes, his cell ought to be right next door to Jerome Ersland, or better yet, Prater should share a cell with Emanuel Mitchell.   Mitchell was one of the men convicted of sending the two teenage robbers into Jerome Ersland’s work place.  
Now over two months ago Attorney General Scott Pruitt promised to act if there was a hint of wrongdoing and promised to investigate quickly and release the report.   District Attorney David Prater also made promises to release any investigative report and comment on it himself.  It is time for one of the three parties to come forward and let the public know that justice is being served.    There are serious allegations of campaign finance fraud as well as serious signs of a pay to play scheme or justice for sale in Oklahoma County.   Justice demands that the citizens be kept up to date and informed if the OSBI has finished their investigation or if the matter has indeed been turned over to a Multi County Grand Jury.
The bigger story here though is the growing power of the Sooner Tea Party.   Our organization has become known for being incorruptible, fearless, and persistent in our efforts to clean up politics.  We have a dedicated team of researchers and allies, have developed outstanding sources deep within state and local government offices, and have attracted a growing number of financial supporters and grassroots activists.  A tipping point is near that when reached will unleash renewed cooperation between the Oklahoma grassroots organizations and when that day arrives, it will be the beginning of the end of special interest dominated politics in Oklahoma.
And a final note on the County situation.   Reports have been circulating since late spring on a possible Oklahoma County elected official being involved with a pay for play scheme with County contractors.   There is also a separate charge involving embezzlement from a nonprofit foundation created for the benefit of an injured officer.  We are watching things closely and investigating where possible and will update you if the information gets solidly confirmed.
Oh My God, the Tea Party is
 Building a Newspaper!
Not intending to be blasphemous but that is going to be the reaction from the politicians when they hear that the Tea Party is organizing a series of local newspapers around the state.   As we hold our elected officials accountable, as we hold our grassroots organizations accountable, so should we hold the media accountable for their refusal or inability to publish the stories of corruption and outright special interest control of our state and local governments.  If there is not a responsible newspaper in the area, we will start one.
The newspaper will have humble beginnings and will be rolled out in the five largest counties starting with Tulsa County at the end of January.   This will not be the usual local newspaper; it will be more of a water cannon that can be used to hose down the worst of the RINOs, exposing their voting record, allowing the public to finish the job in the primaries and general election.   The newspapers will be organized by county, saturating the majority of homes in the House districts that have RINO legislators.
The content will be directed toward the vast majority of citizens that are not aware of the massive corruption in state and local government, with information suited to those important baby steps toward becoming a constitutional conservative voter.   The job of further educating those new conservatives will be up to the local grassroots organizations in the area and we intend to partner with those organizations that are willing to fight for our state and the future of our children.
The newspaper will be self sustaining through local advertising specific to that district and regional advertisers.  Advertising costs will range from $300 for a full page ad down to $40 for a business card size ad and will reach a minimum of 20,000 citizens per House district whether they are voters are not.  First and foremost the advertising will be a good value for the businesses that support the newspaper.  
We are looking for local activists in Oklahoma, Tulsa, Payne, Cleveland, and Comanche County that are willing to help with local interest stories and research.  There will be no pay for volunteer reporters and writers as every dime will be used to increase the reach of the newspaper, but the volunteers will have the satisfaction of having the local elected officials held accountable.   Delivery volunteers will be paid though.  If the newspaper succeeds perhaps someday we can convert to a paid staff.
Contact us at if you are interested in volunteering, delivering, or advertising.
Here are all the House members in two fifty member blocks of email addresses.  Use Bcc in your email address header and email fifty of them with one email yet they won't know who else got the email.
Here are the State Senate email addresses in one block:
Who is my state representative and my state Senator?   Click heree to find out  
Here is the Senate Directory
Here is the House Directory
Don't forget the Wednesday night work parties starting at 4 pm.  Get involved; help us hammer the bad politicians until they become good politicians.  This Wednesday we are going back to work Representative Jason Nelson's House district.
Call 405-412-6233 for more info.
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Money is always needed for printing costs, postage, sign materials, and robo call costs.  We are tightfisted; we will spend your hard earned money wisely and frugally as we do our very best to clean up Oklahoma politicians so we can begin to clean up our country.