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February 12th 2017 Newsletter
We Get to Say We Told You So…
Last week we saw the conclusion of the “investigation” at the Capitol in all its glory with a Democrat legislator thrown under the bus as a sacrifice so the Charles McCall could say it was the Democrats too and a lot of sound and fury and flatulence but no vote to censor Rep. Dan Kirby or remove him from his position.    House leadership made the decision to not poke a wounded bear and are standing with their hands on their hips but not saying “boo” and allowing Kirby to exit on his own time frame.  Why?
Because Kirby has his own set of text messages and a vast knowledge of dirt on the hard partying legislators that find themselves away from the wife and feeling invulnerable in a far away town.  Kirby went on the Pat Campbell Show on Tulsa radio station KFAQ and gave his version of the “investigation” and the allegations.
One write up of the radio interview was kind enough to credit The Sooner Tea Party for telling the same story that Kirby told on the air; an office environment poisoned by former state rep Randy Grau possibly to set up a lucrative settlement for Grau’s rumored girlfriend, Holly Bishop, who was working for Kirby.  Kirby claims that Grau’s extensive visiting with his ex legislative assistant who had gone to work for Kirby was the butt of jokes at the Capitol.
Kirby then went on to buttress our claim that the 2015 sexual harassment charges were retribution against Kirby with Grau acting in collusion with Holly Bishop.  Indeed, our sources were claiming that Grau had coached Bishop on filing the initial complaint with House HR department.  Grau had previously had to fire Bishop as his legislative assistant due to pressure from Grau’s wife.  Grau even filed for divorce but retracted the filing in about three days.
 The pod cast is worth the time to listen to it and Kirby lays out a powerful and cohesive case that backed up our sources on the story which we had been telling since late December of 2016.  You can listen to the Pat Campbell pod cast of the Kirby interview here.
Coming Soon
Another Head on a Stick
Maybe a Whole Row of Heads on Sticks
Last week we set in motion an investigation into a truly horriffic nest of corruption and inhumanity, something so sordid and shocking that we had to first take the case to authorities before publishing the story. 
Our initial investigation started several monthis back and culminated in a taped account of the sordid tale, and in less than 24 hours both parties have cooroberated the story to the authorities and we believe that the department responsible for the mess has been notified of the investigation.  We have taken the rare step of holding our story back to give the authorities time to move and secure the evidence but we gave them till next Friday to act after which we are going public with the story.
So far we have been impressed with the speed at which they moved and it looks like the allegations are being taken seriously.  Regardless, the cat comes out of the bag next Friday and the authorities will have only themselves to blame if the culprit hasn't been arrested and the evidence secured
The Bitch is Crazy
You know…. long ago I promised one of our original founders that I’d respect the more gentle types and the more uptight Christian types and refrain from using profanity on the newsletter.  But sometimes you just have to resort to profanity to get the point across and this is one of those times.  And hearing that Governor Mary Fallin has proposed to charge sales taxes upon services instead of cutting bloated government earns her the distinction of her new nickname:  Crazy Bitch.
Now rumor has it that hubby Wade has a new girl friend and isn’t being discrete about it at all according to the rumors so perhaps Fallin is having a meltdown but really, the bitch is crazy…the Republican establishment just got their butts handed to them by Donald Trump and Miss Mary believes she can float a 2.735 billion dollar tax increase on Oklahoma?   And she is insane enough to let her boy toy Preston Poo-flinger (AKA PP) float the idea of passing the massive sales taxes on services without a supermajority of the House and Senate as required by our Constitution?
The bitch is stark raving mad.  If House and Senate leadership thinks the bucket of poo that PP flung up on the Capitol lobby wall is going to stick those bitches are stark raving mad too.
We got it, the crazy bitch is term limited but those legislators that have to vote for this nearly three billion dollars in new taxes are not all term limited and the ones that are term limited have to go home to their districts and run a business or practice a profession so they are going to face some really, really, unhappy citizen if taxes are raised.
Does this crazy bitch not understand that the working class and middle class has been ground into the dirt since 2008? Does she not understand that people’s budgets are past stretched, that Obama Care rates doubled on January 1st and even those not using the Obama Care exchange had 100% premium increases?  Does this crazy bitch not understand that to ask the legislators to pass taxes while ignoring three times that amount in corporate welfare tax credits amounts to political suicide?
Fallin laid out 164 services she wants to charge state, county, and city sales taxes on including anything construction related, contracted services, carpet cleaning, business and legal services, pet grooming, cable TV and internet services, utilities for homes, funeral services, medical and dental services, and many more. 
Fallin also wants to eliminate corporate income taxes, bone thrown to the lobbyists and corporations that actually run the state. She also proposed increasing the tobacco tax by $1.50 per pack and raised gasoline taxes by 58%.  In all her increased and new taxes would total 2.735 billion dollars per year.  To offset the increased taxation Fallin proposes to cut the state sales tax on groceries but not the city or county taxes on groceries which would return 235 million dollars or about 8% of the proposed tax increases.  As Charley Meadows might say “That’s mighty white of you Mary.”
   Taxes would be charged on car washes, insurance policies of all types, tow truck services, online downloads, pool cleaning, car leases, diaper services, mortgage services, banking and investment services, life insurance, health insurance, rent and lease payments,  cemetery plots, dry cleaning, tire repair, veterinary services,  trucking services, travel and travel services, royalties, investments, barber shops and beauty shops, advertising, employment services, movies, dance studios, hospital services, dialysis services, home health care, tattoos, job training, day care for children and seniors, nursing care, research, banks and  credit unions and many, many more services.
   Literally every single transaction, service, or purchase of any kind is on the table.  What isn’t on the table is the billions of dollars in corporate welfare and direct tax credits given to those who could afford a lobbyist.   And of course eliminating corporate income taxes so that the rich get richer, the middle class disappears, and the poor get poorer.
   What is not on the table are the hundreds of useless agencies and commissions that suck up tax dollars and serve only to protect monopolies or industries from facing competition.
   What is not on the table are lobbyists payments and political contributions or gifts and means given to legislators to influence their votes or the expensive all expenses paid junkets around the country.  Or the corporate welfare programs like the Oklahoma Quality Jobs Act that is well used by the Thunder basketball team owners.
Donald Trump is poised to save the Republican Party if he hasn’t already but this crazy bitch is going to gut the Oklahoma Republican Party if her schemes to raise three billion dollars in taxes goes through.  Terry White down at DHS needs to get this crazy woman some medication and find her a room at Vinita or get one of her numerous Medicaid contractors to wrap the menopausal mental retard in a nice white jacket and cart her off to a nice padded room.
McCall Leadership Mocked and
Challenged by Freshmen House Members
Republican House members joined Democrats in defeating a  Pro life bill one  on Wednesday despite hundreds of pro life activists visiting the Capitol on Rose Day, the annual pro life event at the Capitol.  Uh… guys, yes we said you should band together and challenge House Leadership but going pro abortion isn’t going to play well back in your district.  Still the debacle was a slap in the face of House leadership and doubly so as McCall was off dealing with a family tragedy according to rumors.
   HB 1549 by Rep. George Faught would have prevented abortions done solely on the grounds of birth defects or Down ’s syndrome.  Three Republican freshmen legislators, Carol Bush, Mark Lawson, and Marcus McEntire joined the single pro abortion Democrat on the committee in defeating the legislation.
    McEntire explained his vote by stating that he didn’t want the state paying court costs in a down budget year but the state Attorney Generals Office is charged with representing the state at no additional cost other than his annual budget and there are usually no court costs involved in filing or defending such cases.
    House leadership is included by default on all committees and although Speaker Charles McCall was out of town his surrogate, Pro Tem Harold Wright, could have came in to cast the deciding vote in the 4 to 4 vote tie yet it appeared not to have been a priority for House Leadership.
   Representative Carol Bush is no stranger to trouble as she was admonished earlier this year and ordered to apologize to another member she had slandered in a news interview and apologize to the entire House of Representatives after she slandered the entire Republican caucus, the entire GOP, the incoming President of the United States, Christians, and a vast swath of Oklahomans.  In her apology email to the House members she claimed she was misquoted and taken out of context yet the interview was prefaced with a note that said that the journalist and Rep. Bush were long time friends, over 35 years of friendship.
   When questioned by other journalists the interviewer said they stood by their story and would be glad to discuss the matter and review the taped interview with Rep. Bush.
     Freshmen legislators are generally a timid lot and having three freshmen being as bold as to go against House leadership and the Republican Caucus shows what a weak hold the new Speaker of the House, Charles McCall, has on his team.
Most of us know that politics in America are corrupt. It’s estimated that less than five hundred families contribute about sixty percent (60%) of the campaign contributions. One of the most powerful political financiers in American Politics today is George Soros. He is well known for assisting the Democratic Party and their causes. We’ve always suspected he supported some left of center Republicans but were never able to prove it until now.  Some of the names you’ll see will absolutely disgust you. There are even some former Republican Presidential contenders included in the list. Some of these people are fighting President Trump on every move he makes. They do not deserve to be in the office the hold.
Our interest in this story began when this story The Dirty Dozen: These Republicans Took Money from George Soros | American Action News crossed our news feed. Not only does this article name names, but it points a direct finger at George Soros and his various front groups for the riots and destruction at the University of California, Berkeley Campus just last week.  We as Republicans and as loyal Americans must ask ourselves how we can live with politicians like Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Governor and former Presidential Candidate John Kasich. Included is also Sen. John McCain R-Ariz.,  Sen. Marco Rubio R-Fl., Rep. Joe Heck, R-Nev., former Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, Rep. Ed Royce, R-Calif., Rep. Carlos Curbelo, R-Fl., Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wash. and Rep. Dan Donovan, R-N.Y. That’s three Presidential candidate’s one Vice-Presidential candidate and two Speakers of the House that were working for the Democrats. They should be barred from the floor of the House and Senate and removed from office.
The next article of interest we found was this Records: Soros Fund Execs Funded Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, John McCain, John Kasich, Lindsey Graham in 2016 - Breitbar. We would encourage you to open this article and read it for yourself. This truly shows how bad the political tensions in America are today. It is also an excellent example of how corrupt our political system has become. Ethics now mean little to these people it’s all about the money and they don’t care where it comes from.
The next article of interest we found was this THIS Major GOP Presidential Candidate Took $588,375 From George Soros!. We find that at a time when the establishment Republican Party was doing any and everything it could to stop Donald Trump from winning the nomination for President for the Republican Party, Mr. Kasich was the last hope they had and he received over a half a million dollars in campaign contributions from George Soros and his various organizations. That indicates that there was a very organized national effort to stop the Trump nomination.
The next article of interest we found was this THESE 12 Republicans Are Being Financed By George Soros. This is SERIOUS.. This is the third different news site reporting the same thing. How many times must we see this before we call it what it is. These twelve Republicans have betrayed their party and their country.  They are a disgrace to us all.
The next article of interest we found was this Report: John McCain, Paul Ryan Funded By George Soros - Your News Wire. This is more verification of the Dirty Dozen that are in the pocket of George Soros. It is our recommendation that people do everything they can to remove these individuals from their current elected seats. They have dishonored them and don’t deserve them.
While researching this article we came across some information that every true Republican needs to be made aware of. As this article explains The Clintons and Soros Launch America’s Purple Revolution the Clintons and Soros have declared war on the Republican Party. They’ve quaintly named it the Purple Revolution. The word needs to get out on this so that the Party can be prepared. They never have been gracious losers.
The next article of interest we found was this Kelleigh Nelson -- Ted Cruz, Kasich, Bush and George Soros - Partners in Globalism. We want to be clear here. We did not find any evidence of Ted Cruz accepting campaign funds from George Soros. Jeb Bush did get campaign funds from George Soros as well as Kasich. This article we again urge you to open the link and read for yourselves. We were all aware that Ted Cruz’s wife had worked on globalism while in the private sector. This article ties this group together into seeking world globalism again. The election of Donald Trump as President has set back globalism back a good twenty years. Those forces aren’t happy about it either. We can expect propaganda of all sorts to be filling the air waves and the lame stream media during President Trump’s term in office.
In conclusion we need a directive from our legislature and governor to direct our five Representatives in Washington D.C. to present a Resolution of Distrust against the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. We further ask that the governor and legislature demand a new vote for Speaker of the House be held and that Mr. Ryan be declared ineligible. We need someone we can trust as Speaker of the House.