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The Art of Personal Narrative begins next Tuesday at 7 pm.
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Portland Story Theater will be at two different Volunteer Expos: one at Nike and one at Pioneer Square during the lunch break 11 - 1:30 pm
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Portland Story Theater is proud to present Urban Tellers: Kara Hayes, 
Niko Moe, Laura Grimes, Lynn Fitch, and Ryan Wolf Stroud 

Friday, September 9
Doors 7 pm | Show 8 pm  
Hipbone Studio 
1847 E Burnside (at NE 18 Avenue) 
$10Cash Only
Reservations Guarantee Your Seats! 

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Unexpected Journeys
On September 9th the latest group of Urban Tellers will perform at Hipbone Studio sharing some of their Unexpected Journeys: who knew that wearing shorts could lead to jail time; that walking across the Golden Gate Bridge could completely change the way you live, or that the taking of a life could be a mystical experience?
Don't delay. Make your reservations now to guarantee your seats.  
May the narrative be with you, 
Lawrence, Lynne, and Penny 

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