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8 December 2013
In This Issue:
MobileMapper 1x0, ProMark xx0 Power Switch Fix!
TAS, BeerLeg, Demo Equipment
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Turning Off a MobileMapper or ProMark Handheld Receiver

If you have one of these receivers:
MobileMapper 100
MobileMapper 120
ProMark 100
ProMark 120
ProMark 200
ProMark 220
then you already know how difficult it is to turn the receivers off. Not only is the switch difficult to activate, but it is too easy to accidently place the receiver in Standby and then difficult to get the receiver out of Standby.
Last week on my blog, I wrote about a way to quickly turn off the receiver from the touchscreen. I provided complicated Step-By-Step instructions on how to set it up. The instructions went ‘viral’ even though they are not simple.
Yesterday I wrote a simple tool that completely automates the process. You just ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center Sync your device and push a button. The tool (a small code-signed executable) is available from here [ ButtonOff.exe ] and more detailed instructions are available [ here ].
This is THE solution to my biggest complaint with these receivers. It is going to make my life a lot simpler.
“The American Surveyor”

Recently I have written a couple of articles for The American Surveyor. The article on [ OPUS Projects ] was pretty popular and the second article on “Sailing With the Pirate Surveyors” (to be published in January’s TAS) is going to ruffle lots of feathers (actually it already has.)
An earlier GPSWorld article on [ Alternatives to OPUS] was mega huge, partly because it was published the morning that OPUS went offline for several weeks, but also because it introduced surveyors to several fantastic free online positioning products.
I have been shocked at how many of our USA GIS and Survey customers don’t get ‘The American Surveyor’ magazine. At risk of exposing my age, I admit that I just love the ‘old timey’ historic survey articles and I look forward to reading the magazine cover-to-cover every month.
Subscriptions are free. If you have a USA mailing address and don’t already get TAS, I highly recommend it. Here is a link to a very simple signup page [ Signup for The American Surveyor ].
“Surveyor Connect”  aka “BeerLeg” (same exact content available from has turned into The Social Space for Surveyors. It is NOT like Facebook, it is NOT like Twitter. 
There are a whole bunch of Ashtech / Thales / Magellan Professional / Ashtech / Spectra Precision customers hanging out there and they share the same problems that I talk about here. If you are looking for a place to hang out virtually with a lively survey crowd, click [ here ].
“Used Equipment Market Place”

There is a ‘like-new’ ProMark 100 with ArcPad and Post-Processing code available on our [ Used Equipment Page ]. (If you have any equipment you would like to list there and we know you, send me a description and I will get it listed for you.)
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