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Petfood News
Those of you feeding your dog or cat any food made by the Bravo company should read this. A recall has been issued for certain kinds and dates of Bravo pet foods. The reason is possible listeria, a bacteria.
For full details see:

Thanks to Amy for sharing this info!

New Cat Food
Here is a holistic petfood company that just added
cat food to their product line: (the dog food division is at

While their products are a bit pricey, they are not out of line with other companies selling similar foods.

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Thought for today:
The smallest feline is a masterpiece.
- Leonardo Da Vinci
May 21, 2014
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World's oldest cat (not!)
It's all about the paperwork. This cat was named world's oldest cat at 24.
But my cat, Holly, is 25. We just can't prove it on paper.
In addition to that, a friend's cat is 28! But I don't know if she has vet records to prove it. Also, she may wish to remain quiet. Not everyone enjoys the limelight.
Cat Saves Boy From Dog Attack
Well, this has been all OVER the Internet lately so it's hard to imagine that someone has not seen it yet. So, just in case you have not run across this, here is a very remarkable story of how a cat rescued a small boy from a dog attack:
Read about my cat TG and how she's looking after Buck in his golden years:
Helping feral cats and those who care for them is an admirable pursuit. This site explains the basics of the problem and how one group of professionals is helping them, using scientific concepts never tried in this context before:
Latest video on my web page:
The Problem (Cats acting like humans! Cute!)
Web Sites you might find useful: (pet sitting service, with $25 off the fee if you use that link)
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