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July 2010 

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Featured Article
Desensitizing People and Pets to Plastics' Toxins
by Colleen Flanagan

Many of my allergy-prone animal and human clients' energy systems have indicated reactions not only to certain foods but also to the packaging, especially plastics. Our immune systems consider chemicals as harmful invaders, and take appropriate action in the form of allergies, sensitivities or intolerances. We may not even notice our reactions, but feel tired, listless or have foggy thinking. Sound familiar?
Dr. Joseph Mercola wrote his concerns about package label toxins in a recent blog: "As depressing as it might be to be reminded of yet another hidden health hazard, it's still important to become informed so you can make the healthiest choices possible for you and your family.
As it turns out, not only do you run the risk of ingesting dangerous hormone-mimicking chemicals like BPA and phthalates when you eat food packaged (or stored) in plastic containers, the sticky labels on those packages may also be leaching potent toxins into your food."
Dr. Mercola offers several ideas on how to minimize your exposure to plastics and the toxins in label glue in the rest of his blog article.
You may be wondering, as I did, "What can I do about all the plastics and glue toxins that I, my family and animals have already ingested?  What can we do about future toxins we unknowingly ingest when we dine out at restaurants or other people's homes?"  
Luckily, there's a simple solution: clear your energy meridians to desensitize your body to these chemicals.
Over the years, I've identified and released chemical sensitivities for myself, my animals, my human and critter clients. How do I know when the toxin is cleared? Surrogate muscle testing (kinesiology) clearly indicates when the sensitivity is present and when it is released. 
Clearing physical substance sensitivities is simple to do. When a traumatic emotion or event is anchored to a food substance, the procedure is a bit more complex, as explained in this article.
I'm offering the simplest of my effective toxin clearing techniques for food packaging and label glue to you today. You can change the substance names then do the releasements for other energy toxins, too! 
USE THESE TECHNIQUES AT YOUR OWN RISK! This information is my gift to you.  These techniques are not a substitute for a doctor's care or a veterinarian's care! 

The below information can be used with any energywork modality, including FREED, EFT, MTT, Reiki, Meditation or whatever you prefer! 
If you are new to EFT and want to try it, download my FREE EFT chart .  All my FREED clients can use their meridian clearing~fear releasing techniques, as we did in our sessions. If you're new to FREED, please download the basic instructions here.

If you're doing FREED, clear your meridian 3 times as you repeat the below statement 3 times. 
If you're doing EFT/MTT, tap on your reminder phrase points for 3 rounds as you repeat the below:
I now clear all my body's allergies, sensitivities and intolerances to packaging substances, label print dyes and glues, and to any chemicals I've ingested in the past or present.
To surrogately clear another, apply FREED or EFT/MTT to yourself as you repeat this phrase:

I now clear all of (person or animal's name) body's allergies, sensitivities and intolerances to packaging substances, label print dyes and glues, and to any chemicals s/he has ingested in the past or present.

Modifythe above by naming different substances your body comes into contact with daily such as laundry detergent, shampoo, your TV remote control, computer mouse and keyboard.  Have fun clearing all substances that your body comes into contact with every day.  Once clear, you should not have to repeat the clearing for that specific substance.

You may feel a clearer mind and thought process, more energy and well being after doing the above!
With gratitude, love and healing from the desert,
Colleen Flanagan
"The Expert to Call When You're Overwhelmed by It ALL!"

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