Reiki Ranch, near Chehalis, WA    Our Life is now so amazing and expanding that it is a blast!
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Reiki classes July 23-24 - Saturday and Sunday at the Reiki Ranch Energy Healing Center

Free Reiki 1 Certification starts at 9 AM - 4 PM on 4/30/11.(Value $150)
Reiki 2 starts at 4 PM and goes until...? in the evening. Sunday morning at 9 AM we finish Reiki 2 and start Reiki 3.

We will finish the Reiki Master weekend around 5 PM on Sunday. To become a Reiki Master it is only $200. Compared with other Reiki Master programs (up to $10,000) we are very inexpensive at $200. Call 360-748-4426 and email your name, address, phone to: --  Forward this email to a friend
The New Kevin Trudeau CD -- "Success Secrets" They Don't Want You To Know About
We have this New Introductory CD for incredible success in anything you want in life. Just send us an email asking for this CD or you can borrow a free copy the same way. It's life changing. Kevin shares his secrets for success in all parts of life.
We have talked about the 14 CD's "Your Wish Is Your Command" before and how we paid $300 for a set last January 2010. From listening to this top notched motivation training/ success training our basic home business has taken an upward turn even in this recession and economic depression. Roi has listened to the complete set 18 times now. An Amazon customer listed to them for 28 times and out of the blue his company was offered a one million dollar contract. The Law of Attraction is alive and well. You just need to re-shape your thinking and update the mind programming. If you want your life to change --  you must change you thinking!
Well now, Global Information Network and Kevin has made these14 CD's available for loaning them out for free. We have a limited number of the sets on hand for loan. Just let us know quickly and you can have one of the 10 sets on hand!
Remember -- we gave away 12 free Ocean Cruises last year.  All our friends had to do was sign in and arrive at the Miami docks for this all expense paid 4-day cruise and seminar valued at $5000... Many, like you, on this mailing list came aboard for free! GIN is unbelievable because the private club is founded by billionaires. They know no limits and their teachings will blow your mind! Our associations are now beyond words! Note: We have free cruises for GIN members coming up in January 2012.
Still a winner! - For a free Report on how to Super oxygenated YOUR drinking water with our New product - Liquid Manna go to: The Reiki Ranch Store and sign up for our free Newsletter explaining the benefits of this and other unique natural products. Listen to an MP3 or CD testimonial on Liquid Manna (
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