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for Spectra Precision, Ashtech, Magellan Professional, Thales Navigation
Sat 17 November 2012
In This Issue:
  Carlson Survey for FAST Survey Users (clarification)
  New GNSS Service Layer for PM100, PM200, MM100
  MobileMapper 120's Released
  ProMark 120 / 220's shipped 
  How to get the latest SurvCE/FAST Survey for discontinued data collectors
Carlson Survey for FAST Survey

Earlier this week I listed several killer Carlson offers including:
                Carlson Survey Data Flow (for FAST Survey users)
                Carlson Civil Suite + Maintenance
I errantly listed the closing dates as the end of 2013. The offer is actually valid until 3:00 pm Mountain Time, Monday December 31st 2012. Thanks to all of you who pointed out my error.

The details of this offer can be found here [ EOY2012_Specials ]. If you are thinking about purchasing Carlson Survey or Carlson Civil Suite, these are great offers. I am happy to provide written quotations as needed.

MobileMapper 100's Released, ProMark 120 / 220's Shipped

MobileMapper 120's have been released. Pricing is the same as the MM100's. See [ here ] for pricing details.

Our first shipment of PM120/220's is on the way, I expect them to arrive Monday or Tuesday.

I have updated my notes on the entire family, you can read the PDF by clicking [ here ].

One non-obvious change is that there is no price penalty for upgrading a ProMark 120 to a full featured ProMark 220 if you purchase the L1/L2 antenna up front. 
Updating 'FAST Survey' on Data Collectors which are no longer supported

I have received several questions from Thales / Magellan / Ashtech users who have the Allegro CE, Allegro CX and MobileMapper CE data collectors asking about 'FAST Survey' updates for these data collectors (typically they are being used with Z-Surveyor, Z-Xtreme, ZMax and ProMark 500 devices.)
Currently Ashtech is building 'FAST Survey' distributions only for these devices:
MobileMapper 6
MobileMapper 10
MobileMapper CX
ProMark 200
Ranger 3
There are literally thousands of older data collectors running very old versions of 'FAST Survey' in the field today. The latest versions of FAST Survey and Carlson SurvCE have lots of improvements and data flow enhancements, and the Allegro CE, Allegro CX, MobileMapper CX devices are still great devices.
It is possible to convert your 'FAST Survey' license key to a SurvCE license key and load the latest build of SurvCE onto your older data collector. Through this path, you can use a Z-Xtreme with a legacy data collector and the latest SurvCE collection software. The cost is only $250.

(There is a problem with AllegroCE devices with pre version 4.1 operating systems, drop me a note if you need details, I do have a decent work-around for you. The 'FAST Survey' version for the ProMark 3 can not be updated, if you have a ProMark 3 receiver the current version is 2.1.3--there is no upgrade path.)
You can demo the latest SurvCE version (drop me a note and I will get you demo activation codes) and make sure everything works well before you make the plunge.

Updated GNSS Software and GNSS Service Layer for MM100 / PM100 / PM200

New GNSS firmware and GNSS Service layers for the MobileMapper 100 and ProMark 100/200 have been posted on the Ashtech FTP site.

It appears that the update process has been simplified, both the GNSS software and the service layer's are now installed by copying the two installation CAB files onto your device and running them (one at a time.)

Here are links:

  MobileMapper 100:

  ProMark 100 / ProMark 200

I don't have any information on these releases, I will drop you a note if any revision information is posted.
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