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1) Your Community Update:
- Meet Colleen in-person this Saturday MAY 5 2-5 PM!
- Upcoming VIDEO - May is also Skin Cancer Awareness Month: what's the body-mind-emotions connect for it?
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2) Monthly Well Being Article/Video: Mind-Body-Emotions connections for Arthritis

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Your Community Update
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 May is Arthritis Awareness AND Skin Cancer
Awareness Month.
Both conditions can be linked to
Please enjoy this ezine's tips in the ARTICLE-VIDEO
section about Emotions Whispering for arthritis relief.
Stay tuned for Emotions Whispering tips
involving the body-mind-emotions connection
of skin cancer. These tips can be used for ANY
SKIN ISSUES, from acne to rosacea to moles.
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Q: Arthritis runs in my family. When I'm stressed,
I get joint pain. Am I doomed to suffering from
this condition like the rest of my family?
-- Bob, UK
A: Bob, this month's new video-article
Emotions Whispering info combo offers
answers and examples to clear fears
that may be causing arthritis.

Most people know someone with arthritis. This
condition affects millions of people worldwide.

My dad died 12 years ago this month from his
rheumatoid arthritis pain relief medication eating
a hole in his colon, causing septic poisoning that
eventually shut down his organs... and his life.

Before I became the Emotions Whisperer
I didn't understand that my body was trying
to tell me it needed help. I'd get joint pain when
feeling stressed, and thought it was genetic. I
wondered why the arthritis would attack one knee or
an elbow, or why only one side instead of the other.

Now I know, and am sharing the information
in 2 SIMPLE STEPS to help YOU and your loved ones.

STEP 1) Consider the physical indications of the
condition AND the locations. They are CLUES
from your mind-body-emotions system.
- Swollen, inflamed joints reflect red hot anger,
rage, flaming fury at self or others.

- Stiff joints can be due to a rigid, unrelenting,
inflexible attitude, resentment or bitterness.
- Joint damage may be caused by feelings of
being controlled, worn down, a life without
support or control, self-destructive emotions.
- Right side = career/school/money issues
- Left side = love/relationship issues
- Shoulders and back = afraid of carrying much
responsibility, shouldering life's painful burdens  
- Hips = fears of moving forward in life
- Legs = fears of walking a painful life path
- Arms/Elbows/Hands = longing but afraid
to reach out for love, support, hugs or help,
unable to be flexible in love or work issues.
A woman with arthritis in her right
elbow may be feeling fear about career flexibility,
afraid of being stuck in a painful job where
she gets little or no support or help.
Guess what? That woman was ME, stuck in
a stressful corporate job with little support
to get the job done. I was unable to leave the
job or be flexible due to contractual agreements.

My right elbow swelled up to 2X the size of the
left elbow and ached constantly with red hot
rage at my work situation. I cleared those
emotions and resistance, accepted that I
had to stick it out as nothing would change.

Slowly and steadily, the elbow pain lessened
as did the swelling. Since I left my corporate
job, the condition never returned.
STEP 2) Clear the emotions and see if the condition
lessens or completely goes away. This could
take up to 2 weeks to see a change, depending
on the condition's severity.
If you see no change, other emotions are likely
causing the condition or you didn't completely
clear the original emotional blocks to healing.
No cost self-healing info:
Bob and our Self-Healing Community,
we ARE NOT DOOMED to have our family's
conditions even if we have their genes.
As soon as you see evidence of any unwanted
condition, find the emotions behind it, clear
them out and let the healing begin!
See the VIDEO demo of arthritis emotional release
I know that you're all in different
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Wishing you and yours a lifetime of wellness and joy!
Colleen Flanagan, "The Emotions Whisperer"
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