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Tide Dry Cleaners Inner Circle Benefits
Your ValueClub rewards just got better! Introducing Tide Dry Cleaners Inner Circle Rewards, the best dry cleaning rewards program available. From exclusive email promotions to hassle-free point tracking, you are always the first to know what’s new at Tide Dry Cleaners. Special perks like our express bag, 24/7 drop-off and pick-up, hassle-free billing, and our exclusive newsletter, Inner Circle Rewards save you money and time. 
Our Inner Circle Rewards Members earn points for every garment they bring in, and, more points mean bigger rewards. Points are tracked on each receipt

At Tide Dry Cleaners, we are committed to delivering quality, service, and convenience. We know how to keep you and your clothes looking their best, and have the decades of experience in leading-edge processes to deliver on our promise. Our world-class customer service is one of our top priorities. We give every customer a warm greeting, attentive care, and respect. And, with 19 Valley locations, drive-thrus, carhops, extended hours seven days a week, and soon, 24 hour drop-off and pickup at every location, we fit into your schedule and routine.

If you are an existing ValueClub Member, your benefits will be transferred to the Inner Circle Rewards program. Your DELIA'S Cleaners account details, including payment information, will be transferred automatically for your convenience. If you prefer that your information is not transferred, contact us at 602.431.8560. Or, to sign up for our Inner Circle Rewards, visit our website, TideDryCleanersAZ.
It's Raining Stains
While the Arizona monsoon season typically ends in September, the Climate Prediction Center calls for a 40% chance of above-average rain through November. And, while it's important to be safe on wet roads, it's also important to protect your clothes from Rain Stains.

As it falls, rain may pick up dirt and other elements or minerals before landing on your clothes. After the water evaporates and dries, these elements stay on your clothes. And, if the water has soaked in, then so have these stains. In addition, rain water can dislodge finishing agents like sizing or starch. If that happens, the agents form rings or water stains on the surface of the fabrics.

To remove basic water stains, dampen and blot the area around the stain and allow it to dry. Or, carefully steam the area above a boiling kettle. Press while still damp if the garment can be ironed.

For special garments, those where the stains have dried into the fabric fibers, and for Dry Clean Only clothing, it's best to rely on the professional dry cleaning experts at any of our 19 Valley locations.
Don't Wait To Get Ready For Winter
Winter is almost here. Now is the time to invest in protecting your existing clothing and prepare your new items so they last for years to come. This simple checklist can help. If you have any questions, let us know.
1. Have any clothes that have been in storage or that you plan to store for the season professionally dry cleaned at any of our 19 locations.
2. Waterproof and condition your leather shoes and boots.
3. Remove pills and repair any loose threads or tears in sweaters.
4. Wash your gloves, scarves, and hats, unless the labels say Dry Clean Only.
5. Bring your down items - jackets, comforters, and booties - in for dry cleaning and fluffing.
Vinegar For A Fresh Clean

Dirt, grime, and even mold or mildew can build up inside washing machines. That's why experts recommend periodic cleaning. The best way to clean your washing machine is with white vinegar. Follow these steps:
1. Select the hot water setting or the white or stain setting and the extra rinse option if you have that choice.
2. Add 3/4 cup of white vinegar to the bleach dispenser, or fill to the maximum level. Allow the cycle to run until complete.

 3. Manually select an extra rinse cycle and run it again to ensure no vinegar remains. 
Then, simply wash as usual for a fresher clean.
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