Courage to Resist

Dear Friend,

Thanksgiving. Black Friday, Whatever Weekend, CyberMonday, and now here we are… GivingTuesday. So, we’re giving you a new podcast episode featuring Gerry Condon, President of Veterans For Peace. It’s the latest in our series of over two dozen Vietnam era firsthand accounts of heroic resistance.

Most groups just want you to give them money, but that’s crazy. Money is hard to come by these days! I wasn’t even going to bother asking you to financially support Courage to Resist with an end of year tax-deductible donation, mainly because last year’s tax change probably wiped out your tax incentives to do so.

And you’re probably giving a bunch of money to one (or more) of the 57 people running for president ... Not to mention those congresspersons, senators, and city council folks too.

Then I remembered that over 85% of Courage to Resist annual budget comes directly from a few thousand folks that to give about $40 each. And about half of that support comes in around this time of the year. And that if I didn’t ask, you are very less likely to give. And what we raise right now will directly impact what work we're able to do next year, or what cuts we need to make.

This turned out to be fundraising pitch after all. Sorry about that, but the collective would probably have fired me if I didn’t try, as it’s GivingTuesday after all.

Towards a World Without War,

Jeff Paterson, Project Director
First US service member to refuse to fight in Iraq, USMC 1986-1990

PS. Here's our new January 2020 newsletter. It covers the work that we need your help with -- from upcoming mandatory draft registration changes, to our ongoing whistleblower support, to the GI resistance podcast series, to our continuing advocacy for military war resisters and more.

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