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Rep Shumate married
Bircher on Bircher Action!
State Convention Results Impacted by Internal Divisions
over Candidate Qualifications
It is rare that the John Birch Society types go after each other but last week a pretty good scuffle erupted when OCPAC’s Charlie Meadows endorsed the RINO candidate for State GOP Chairman over OKSAFE’s leader Amanda Teagarden.  Getting past the opinion on the two candidate’s strengths and weaknesses Charlie focused on what we had used as the deciding factor in not supporting Teagarden for the State Chairman position:
“While, I generally agree with Amanda on policy, this is the most
important reason I gladly endorse David over Amanda. Please let me explain a possible way for others to evaluate these two candidates.

Last year we had 6 state questions on the ballot, I am going to
discuss 3 of them and then ask you to ask yourself, how you voted on these 3 questions? 1) I supported the question which was designed to eliminate affirmative action policies in state government hiring practices and college admission standards in Oklahoma. Ask yourself how did you vote on that issue? Even though eliminating affirmative action has long been a part of the Republican party (sic) platform, Amanda opposed the question, basically because it wasn’t a perfect measure.
2) I supported the measure to reduce the annual amount property taxes could increase from the maximum of a 5% increase to no more than an increase of 3% (this does not apply to school bond increases). Ask yourself how did you stand on that issue, Amanda opposed the issue.
3) I supported the question to eliminate all intangible property from being subjected to property taxation. That was a very important and strong pro business measure. Ask yourself if you supported that state question? Amanda opposed it.

Every Monday morning the Republican party state chairman is on the Ried Mullins radio show on KTOK 1000 AM as the voice of the Republican party doing debate with Ben Odom, the spokesman for the Democrat party. Had Amanda been our chairman at that time she would have been on radio agreeing with the Democrat positions and opposing our platform which has for a long time opposed affirmative action, opposed increasing taxes and in principle our platform supports tax cuts.

Amanda’s positions were different from those of our most conservative Republican lawmakers, different from the positions taken by David Weston, and vice chairman candidates, Richard Engle, Denise Crosswhite Hader and Sara Jo Odom (listed in alphabetic order), I know as I have polled all of them since our forum. Also, all 3 of these issues have been a part of the conservative index. In other words, Amanda was
seriously out of step with the Republican party (sic).”
Amanda Teagarden fired back the next day with this message sent out to John Birch Society members and to State Convention delegates.  The snarky comments in bold are our contribution to the squabble:
Charlie and OK-SAFE disagreed on three of the state questions. It is not the first time he has taken a position opposite to ours. If memory serves me, Charlie Meadows was for the insurance exchange in Oklahoma, saying we were wrong, before he was against the insurance exchange, saying we were right. (Nana, nana, nana!  That one is going to leave a mark!)
Our analysis of the state questions was done only after careful research, not by consulting with politicians.
As is our normal practice, we conducted in-depth research. For those three questions that meant reading our current law on intangible tax and the proposed changes; studying "intangibles" in general, tax avoidance schemes in specific, and analyzing the net impact the proposed questions would have on property owners. We met in person with county assessors and had in-depth phone conversations, on more than one occasion, with the OK Tax Commission.  (Oh boy, people are going to be relieved that you have them on your side!)
In other words, we did our homework. (OK-SAFE's position on the state questions is here:)
Those three questions were not as straightforward as they appeared. I wish they had been. OK-SAFE's practice is to study the issue, and make recommendations based on the facts of the matter, not the politics of the matter. Just like we did when we exposed the $54 M Early Innovator Grant, revealing it's (sic) ties to Obama Care, and why we pushed back against the insurance exchanges in Oklahoma.
I harbor no ill will toward Charlie - he is entitled to his opinion.  (Mighty white of you, Amanda.  I’m sure Charlie is relieved you aren’t advocating thought control just yet)
Best regards and hope to see you at the Convention!
Amanda Teegarden”
But the split between the two John Birch Society factions added to the lack of Tea Party support pretty much left the Ron Paul supporters as Teagarden’s only surviving faction and the election wasn’t even close, a dismal 61/39 defeat for Teagarden.  Teagarden did win Tulsa County by 39 votes but she lost Oklahoma County by the same 39 votes, leaving the smaller counties to decide her fate.   Had Teagarden won the position we would have seen constant internal battles as Teagarden’s supporters would have exhausted themselves keeping her in place instead of fighting the true enemy, the RINO Republican elected officials.  Amanda does a good job on her OKSAFE research and lobbying so she can continue to contribute to the movement and likely make a bigger impact than if she won the State Chair position.
The Vice Chair election brought another decisive defeat for the Ron Paul faction as their candidate Richard Engles, A.K.A. Richard the Rat, faced RINO candidate Sara Jo Odom.   A  third candidate, the religious right candidate ran as well but was knocked out at the first round of voting.
What was interesting was that the Ron Paul faction didn’t publically support Richard by crowding the stage like is common during the nominations.  Instead Engles stood with a handful of RINO supporters and John Doak who employees Engles’s wife at the Insurance Department.  At first it was thought that the Ron Paul faction had abandoned Engles but their support was obvious in the voting.  Engles received a little over one third of the votes while the RINO candidate Sara Jo Odom came close to winning outright with 47% of the vote, forcing a run off as no candidate got a majority of the votes.
Engle picked up a scant 3% of the religious right’s vote and Odom picked up around 10% to win outright with a  41/59 % result.
But these decisive victories for the RINOs weren’t indicative of conservative delegates attending the convention because neither candidate had wide spread support among conservative Republican factions.  The real litmus test of just how much the conservative Republican faction had grown since last year would be shown in the rules and resolution votes yet to com.  Conservatives aren’t stupid; you give them the lesser of evils as candidates and they will either stay home and not vote or they will support a RINO that they know over a flawed conservative candidate.  Some call this “eating our own”; I call it integrity.  Give us good candidates and we will turn out in support.
So the first real test of conservative numbers came on item #1 on the Rules changes, an attempt to overturn the vote the previous year that eliminated gender restrictions on party officers.  After twenty minutes of infighting over procedures a voice vote showed few delegates supported going backward.
Item #2 was a rule change that would have allowed Republican elected officials to skip precinct meetings and county conventions so they could attend the state convention as delegates.  It failed as well on the argument that the politicians needed to rub elbows with the grassroots and not be given special consideration.
Item #3 on the rule changes was the first litmus test at the convention that showed RINO strength versus conservative Republican strength.  The Rule change would have forced all Republican candidates to “mark up” a copy of the GOP State Platform to show their agreement or disagreement on individual party planks or positions.  The RINOs hated this because it would expose their candidates to ridicule and given solid proof that the RINO candidates didn’t actually support Republican values.  A standing vote went 318/303 in favor of passing the rule change but due to apportioned votes the final roll call vote failed by 1.5%, 48.5% in favor of forcing the Republican candidates to put their views in writing and 51.5% of the delegates in favor of continuing to hide the obvious lack of elected Republican support for the Republican  Party Platform.
So we lost as we have lost the last three years.  But the margin was razor thin this time and if we continue to bring more and more conservatives to the GOP conventions we will take control of the GOP at the next convention.  Oklahoma County continued to be a RINO stronghold as our county voted to kill the Rule change by a 88/55 margin.  Tulsa County continued to lead the conservative Republican effort with a 73/27 margin in favor of passing the Rule change.
Item #4 on the Rule changes failed as well, an attempt to prohibit Republican elected officials from endorsing any candidate during a primary.   One argument against the change was that Republican elected officials could endorse against recently switched Democrats.  The problem is that here in Oklahoma County the elected Republican officials did the opposite and endorsed the recent Democrat as the Republican choice during the primary.
Item #5 on the Rules changes did pass after a contentious debate and the measure was thought to be mere housekeeping but it snuck in a new rule that allows GOP officials to be punished for suppressing a rule change, platform change, or other proposal that has passed a county or district convention.  A good example of this abuse was State Chairman Matt Pinnell refusing to schedule a Beckham County Rule change resolution that would have allowed a county to shed itself of inactive GOP officials if those officials refused to set precinct meetings as required by State GOP Rules.  Despite the passage of the Rule change resolution, Pinnell basically refused to hear the resolution at the state level.
One bright spot at the state convention was the choice of Rep. Gus Blackwell as Convention Chairman.  Blackwell is a well respected conservative and is renowned for standing up on principle.  Blackwell ruled fairly on every single instance during the convention.
All in all the state convention was okay and another learning experience for the various factions.  The Ron Paul and John Birch Society factions got a second lesson on pushing candidates that didn’t have sufficient support from the other factions.  Had they showed discipline in choosing their candidates instead of allowing two individuals to force their way to the front they would have won control of the State GOP.  Instead they offered the lesser of evils and both conservative Republican and Tea Party delegates chose to stick with the devil they know over flawed candidates.
Why Are We Surprised at What Went Down in Boston?
In the aftermath of the Boston terrorism incident noted anti terror expert John Guandolo wrote a couple of thought provoking articles on the incident and how it could have been prevented.
The first article asked why we were shocked that Muslim extremists were behind the terror strike, not right wing extremists like the media was pushing as likely culprits.
The article summarizes what was known at the time of the writing and included a link to one of the terrorists YouTube channel where the terrorist clearly outlined his duty to wage Jihad.
Guandolo goes on to point out the many instances of jihad conducted around the world along with the threats and murder of Europeans that attempt to point out the obvious threat.  He points out the U.S. Jihadi network supported by the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, CAIR, and other estimated 2,500 Muslim terror front groups operating in the United States.
Guandolo’s article goes on to point out that we shouldn’t be shocked at the involvement of radical Muslims in the Boston terror strike but we should be grateful it isn’t yet widespread due to the lack of diligence from the American governments.  He points out that U.S. government officials continue to allow known Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas supporters to advise us on how to deal with the terrorists and continue to allow them top level access to our innermost secrets in the fight on terror.  We need to look back no further than our own attempts to shine a spotlight on a potential infiltration of the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office by middle easterners and that to this date the principles involved have yet to have had a competent background check.
The second article written by Guandolo goes over the massive links between the brothers and global Muslim groups.
Guandolo goes over the Egyptian connection and lays out case after case of Muslim terror strikes on American soil including the Times Square Bomber, the Beltway Sniper that killed ten people, the Fort Hood attack, the murder at the Little Rock Arkansas Army recruiting depot, the University of North Carolina 2006 incident where a Muslim man drove over 9 people with his car, and a second incident of Terror by automobile in San Fransisco where the Muslim extremist killed one and injured 14 by driving his car into a crowd.  Other incidents mentioned was an attack at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle where a Pakistani man killed a woman and a Salt Lake City shopping mall attack where a Muslim teenager killed five shoppers before being gunned down by an off duty police officer.
Guandolo points out that we have been dealing with Muslim terror strikes on American soil for over two decades and have yet to set up a comprehensive program to prevent Muslim infiltration of our security efforts.
A Discussion on the Difference between Coercion and Political Activism
In the last week there have been more media stories on the villainous attack on the grassroots activists by Senate leadership.  As the public digests the scurrilous attack on free speech the comment sections of online stories are turning more and more to protecting our First Amendment.  Here are a few of the comments from one local T.V. station’s article:
“what moron would think looking into someone’s background is a threat let alone stating the he would make him the laughing stock of congress? If you can't stand up to public scrutiny get out of politics. GAWD! what a bunch of spineless whiners!”
“I pretty much just had to laugh at this one. Oooohhhh! Sounds like BHO. Completely without manhood. A real threat would make him crap his pants and take the first plane out of the country!”
“guess we have another case of the police protecting the criminals. If this senator has nothing to hide why would he care if someone looks into his back ground? But the drones will arrest him with little to no regard to the Constitution.”
“Where are the "Patriot Pastors" and the radical-right "Oklahomans for the 1st Amendment" on this one? You'd think they'd be by Al's side, defending his right to free speech and to do investigative reporting. I fail to see what Gerhart did to warrant his arrest. Perhaps I'm missing something?”
“That's a "threat"??!! Come on people! Good grief! Grow up!”
“Right, under the new "regime", I am certain this would be a threat. What a joke!!!”
“…the problem is that the "do this" condition is missing from the quote attributed to him. Either the story is missing critical information or Mr. Gerhart is the victim of some serious corruption.”
“If Senator Branan had nothing to hide, why would he care? Maybe News9 should do a little digging, unless you're worried the Senator will call law enforcement on you as well. Looks like suppression of the 1st Amendment, via law enforcement.”
“Well, there goes the neighborhood! Using the law to suppress freedom of speech. It now seems that threat perception has went overboard!”
“Um... ok... that's threat? Mayhaps he has something to hide in his past then... the NEWS SHOULD BE Digging.. oh wait you will be threatening him next right? Or are you too busy with nonnews.. to do your job.”
There were a handful of the usual liberal haters posting in opposition but as always they limited themselves to personal attacks and offered little rational argument.
News Nine’s Scot Mitchell did a really good interview with Brady Henderson the ACLU legal Director.   Mitchell pointed out that although the statues seem pretty clear on blackmail, the court decisions tell another story and the ACLU Legal Director agreed that the statutes rarely tell the entire story on Free Speech issues.   Henderson asks the question “is there are First Amendment requirement that has to be read into that law ?”
One point that Henderson got wrong due to his not having the entire story was the statement that the Branan email was a private message versus a public message.   Henderson couldn’t have known from the charges filed or the media stories that in fact the Branan email was in fact a “reply all” response back to the original email sender that not only included a massive Bcc list but instructions to forward the communication to everyone they knew!  Henderson pointed out a famous 1960’s case where a man was arrested for making a speech where he threatened to shoot the president at the time, LBJ, but the case was overturned due to the public nature of the remark that made the comment protected speech due to the “rhetoric” defense.
The Oklahoman published another article in their usual “protect the RINOs at all cost” method but at least they got out our comments on the Prater/Grand Jury investigation and our part in dragging Prater before the Grand Jury.  They watered down the fact that it was our three stories that caused A.G. Scot Pruitt to put the OSBI on the case after months of inaction despite both the media knowing about the story and the A.G.’s office having the affidavit that accused Prater of illegal campaign contributions.  We never said we were the first to bring attention to the story; we said that we forced the issue into the public domain where it was taken seriously.
We did some more research into the laws behind a blackmail charge and found that the legal profession generally has ruled correctly on what is blackmail and what isn’t blackmail.  At the heart of the matter is coercion, which is defined as forcing someone to do something against their will.   Legally and from a social perspective coercion can be accepted by society depending on the relationsip between the proposal and external factors.  A mugger in the alley saying “Your money or your life.” Is different from a pharmaceutical company saying the same thing; in the former it is robbery, in the latter case it is a lifesaving offer.   Why?  Because the robber offers a choice where the person is worse off than before, he will lose his money in return for keeping his life.  One usually isn’t worse off if one keeps one’s money therefore the robber’s proposal is a threat.
Delving into the subject requires reading Locke and Hobbes where the power of a sovereign state causes more concern than what nature itself can cause.   Sovereigns, or governments, can organize force and violence; nature may well force individuals to make a choice that leaves them worse off than before but it will be situational or random.
.Locke wrote this on coercion:
“ Whereas by supposing they have given up themselves to the absolute arbitrary power and will of a legislator, they have disarmed themselves, and armed him to make a prey of them when he pleases; he being in a much worse condition that is exposed to the arbitrary power of one man who has the command of a hundred thousand than he that is exposed to the arbitrary power of a hundred thousand single men.”
Locke goes on to propose that since individuals prefer not to give up power to a sovereign that has no limits, that society has generally allowed legal coercion as long as the use of the power is right and just.  Emmanuel Kant also weighed in on the use of coercion to protect the rights of citizens.   Kant recognized that it is not only duty that causes most of us to obey the law; it is also aversion and inclination to avoid punishment!  Kant believed that coercion is a tool used to get the lawless to respect the rights of others whether the citizens wanted to respect them or not.   Understanding that coercion can threaten freedom as well as ensure freedom is an important part of understanding the law.
.“Right and authorization to use coercion therefore mean one and the same thing” (Kant 1996 [1797], 26 [AK 6, 232]).
John Steward Mill wrote about coercion and suggested that the potency of legal penalties resides more in the stigma they attach than the actual punishment they apply.  He believed that social intolerance killed no one, rooted out no opinions, but induced men to disguise or refrain efforts to take advantage of others.
 People that get confused on a topic are usually asking the wrong questions or blindly swallowing what the government offers.  We all know that blackmail and coercion isn’t good for society but most of us haven’t really thought through the reasons.  Once we do we realize that coercion is a needed tool for a well ordered society and therefor the ethics of coercion depend on those discrete factors of its use.  Why it is used, how it is used, who uses it and against whom all matter.  Also we want to consider if there was any other choice available or if coercion was the only possible way to accomplish a good deed.
Coercion also impacts freedom but the idea of freedom is usually split into several facets;
The range and quality of options open to a person
The extent to which a person is immune to interference by outside parties
 The extent to which a person can pursue options that are deeply significant to them.
Autonomy, which is the ability of self directedness.
So as a society we reject coercion unless there is a higher purpose connected to the coercion.   We allow laws against stealing so that immoral men are coerced into not stealing so that our private property is protected.  We allow coercion as a needed part of making enforceable contracts with others to allow risk in lending to be limited so that we can borrow money.  If we sign up for a sports team we allow ourselves to be coerced by a coach that might threaten to bench a player that doesn’t support the team’s efforts.  That threat may well lessen a player’s freedom in some way but the very nature of sport teams requires organization and following a game plan.  As long as the rules are clear and followed we as a society do not object to coercion used to force compliance with the greater good.
Another facet of coercion or threats is the frequency of the need to actually expend enforcement.  Governments and the mafia usually control vast segments of a population without enforcement using threats and intimidation.  Regular people may well rarely be impacted in their daily lives.
Judicial decisions always look at the statute, past legal decisions, and the circumstances before following a statute in a rigid manner.  An example is killing a home intruder; while murder or the taking of life is illegal, our society reasons that a homeowner has little choice but to defend himself and his family up to and including killing an intruder.  We allow a utility supplier to turn off the utilities of those that refuse to pay their bills in order that we might have a functioning utility system.  There is no doubt that a judge and jury will defend our right to hold a dirty politician like Senator Branan accountable as a necessary evil of allowing political contributions to prevent scum bags like Senator Branan from completely selling out the public.
Senator Branan and Agenda 21
Another Reason he Refused to Hear the Bill
Following the Money
Much has already been said on this subject. Charges has been levied. A desire for a vendetta has gotten the better of the judgment of a District Attorney and all because a Senator has sold out to the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce and is seeking a more powerful position for himself once his term is up. Has he ever thought to think how many lives will be ruined?
One only need to look at D. A. Prater’s recent legal problems and the source of those problems to understand the animosity between him and the leader of the Sooner Tea Party. That is enough to have warranted Mr. Prater to have gone to the Oklahoma State Attorney General and ask that an outside prosecutor be assigned to this case based on a conflict of interest. He didn’t do that. He choose to prosecute the flimsy case himself. Charges on which he himself may be guilty of by having threatened to charge the Pardon and Parole Board. This will make this an interesting case indeed.
What is painfully clear is Senator Branan either knows the material and has ignored it, or has done absolutely no research on the U.N’s Agenda 21. Senator Branan has gone on record as to calling this Agenda 21 a “Fringe conspiracy.” You can see his statement here.  This is clearly evidence of either he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, or he’s hiding something.
He is a state Senator, so we would hope he would know how to do a cursory search on Google to research a subject like this. If he had, maybe he would have found a couple of maps like this land grab agenda 21 map - Bing Images and this Agenda 21 Depopulation Map - Bing Images
These are not maps that we made up. These are maps dawn up by the United Nations. Tell us Senator, is it still a “Fringe Conspiracy”?
Not enough information for you. Then why is it that Global Warming Alarmist insist that we face a danger of increased hurricanes and the like when a volume of studies indicate that there is absolutely no increase in the volume of storms from the warming of the earth?
Why is it that this report  totally debunks all the environmentalist scams about sustainable development. One would think that as a Commercial Real Estate Broker you would be against the Agenda 21 plan. Apparently you aspire to bigger things.
Now Senator, unlike you, we do our due diligence here. We began by going to your web page on the site at We refer to these pages as a brag sheet. There is really no useful information there.
We next went to to see what information was available there. There we found a wealth of information.
One particular part of votesmarts ratings is the Ratings and Endorsement group. We found this particularly interesting for two reasons. The first one is the Business and Consumers Ratings. Remember the Higher the rating here, the less concern for consumer there is.
2011 Research Institute for Economic Development             96%
2010 Research Institute for Economic Development             96%
2009 Ok Watchdog for Consumer and Patient Advocacy      62%
2008 Ok Center for Consumer and Patient Safety                 69%
You can see a pattern here. He cares more for his money than he does for the people he serves. The second concern deals directly with the Agenda 21 and the bill that didn’t come out of his committee.
2012 Oklahoma Sierra Club                                                   33%
2010 Oklahoma Sierra Club                                                   100%
2009 Oklahoma Sierra Club                                                   100%
In light of the fact that the Oklahoma Sierra Club was celebrating the fact that the bill died in committee, one can only surmise that this was done to raise his ratings with the group. Maybe he was looking at this for a potential run at another office?
We next went to to look at his campaign finances. We were in for no surprise. It listed mostly corporate donations and most of them were big contributors of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. We knew the numbers didn’t add up, so we went to the Oklahoma Ethics Commission web site at to see what they had available
We are glad we did. What we found was disturbing. Not only were there many more corporate contributors listed than had been reported to, but unions had contributed and many individuals had contributed. We also found contributions from outside the state. One in particular was enough to call into question the ethics of the Senator. That was the contribution from Merck.  Now granted it says Merck Employees Political Action Committee, but we all know it is controlled by the big wigs of the company. We find it disturbing because of this, Microsoft Buys Eugenics Technology From Merck | World Truth. TV Eugenics is a method developed by Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, and was originally designed to eliminated and control the black population in America. It’s now being used, or more correctly wanting to be used, to depopulate the world under Agenda 21.
Another disturbing thing we found in this report was the fact that he didn’t close down his money gathering apparatus after winning his last election. A simple google search found this.
Cliff Branan - Oklahoma Legislature - Open States We will admit that we cannot find a report dated past December of 2012, but that is still a full two years since he won his last election. He was term limited. That makes one wonder, what devious plans does he have?
We next took a look at some of the votes you took on subject that mattered to Oklahomans. We wanted to see if you lived up to your claim of being a Conservative. Here is what we found.
HB 1953 Governors Quick Action Fund, Slush Fund, Voted Yea-Liberal
HB 2131 Soft on Crime Voted Yea-Liberal
SB 154 21st Century Quality Jobs Act Voted Yea Liberal
We’ll I’ll be, looks like a RINO Index of 50. That doesn’t qualify you as a conservative. In fact it almost qualifies you as a Democrat.
The evidence is there folks. All you have to do is look at it. The reason this Senator refused to advance the bill on Agenda 21 is not because he believes it’s a “Fringe Conspiracy”, it’s because he sees dollar signs in it for himself. As a Commercial Real Estate Broker, the compacting of the Human Race into confined areas means more money in his pocket by buying and selling properties for high rise apartment complexes. He has the backing of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce and those pushing the depopulation of the world. It is clear that Senator Branan is not acting in the best interest of his constituents or the State of Oklahoma, but only in his own best interest. He is a Globalist and an environmentalist. It is time to bring his actions to a stop.
Senator Bingham needs to bear some of the blame in this also. He had to know that Senator Branan would kill this bill when he sent it to his committee. We will be watching Senator Bingham’s actions from this point forward.
Tom Coburn, Don’t You Dare!
Inside sources are claiming that Senator Tom Coburn is leaning toward signing a bill that would tax internet sales.  Big corporations like Wal-Mart and local governments hungry for more tax dollars to spend and waste might be big supporters of this effort to tax internet sales but few Oklahomans will support Senator Coburn’s vote.   Senator Coburn voted in support of this issue the last time it came up so he needs some phone calls before the first of the week.

Senator Coburn  202-224-5754
Be ready for spinning and song and dance from the people that answer the phone by using these talking points when calling or talking to your neighbors.  The new internet tax will allow:

  • Allows states to tax businesses without any “physical presence” in their state, ignoring the standard established by the Supreme Court in Quill v. North Dakota.
  • Essentially provides big-spending governors with new bailout money through the federal government imposing more taxes on their citizens. Virginia’s “Tax Hike Bob” McDonnell is even counting on it to help fund his transportation boondoggle!
  • Forces you to pay higher taxes if you buy goods online, even if you live in a state with no sales taxes!
  • Removes any downward pressure on sales tax rates, since many individuals and businesses required to pay them will be located out of state and have little, if any, recourse against politicians who hike tax rates.
  • Frees tax collectors in one state to pursue retailers across state lines.
  • Opens the door for governments to access and keep records of our Internet purchases.
Much is made of the “unfair” lack of a sales tax on out of state internet purchases but the cost of shipping a product isn’t mentioned by the tax hogs that want more of your hard earned cash.  The simple fact is that even when shipping cost are included in the purchase price the cost of shipping is far more than the sales tax that would be due.   For decades states have recognized that items purchased outside of a taxing district and shipped in were exempt from sales tax, even sales from within the same state went untaxed or were taxed at the level where the sale order was written up.

Senator Coburn 202-224-5754.

Konawa Tea Party Meet Set for Tuesday
Konawa Tea Party will meet once again on Tuesday, April 23rd,  from 7;00 to 9:00 pm at the Kennedy Library in the Dougan room, Konawa school at 701 South Street.  Speakers are Amanda Teagarden and Pottawatomie County Sheriff Mike Booth
Tell us it isn’t So Charlie!
Charlie Meadows Supports Gay Marriage and Illegal Aliens
This story left us dumbfounded when it showed up.   A long time conservative that leads a very religious leaning organization is backing legislation that is the backdoor to legalizing gay marriage and the bill also supports legalizing illegal aliens that take jobs from Oklahoma citizens.  
This State Chamber of Commerce and OCPAC supported bill is SB 1062 and section 2, part 44 says:
"Surviving spouse" means the employee's spouse by reason of a legal marriage recognized by any state or nation or by common law, under the requirements of a common law marriage in this state, as determined by the Workers' Compensation Commission;
This is opening the door to the legalization of gay marriages made in states like Massachusetts or New York.  Legalization of gay marriages will occur as it relates to Workers Comp claims.

Illegal aliens working in Oklahoma are given the right to work under Section 2, part 18a where it states:,

“Employee" means any person, including a minor, whether lawfully or unlawfully employed in the service of an employer under any contract of hire or apprenticeship,

Not only does this open the door wider to the hiring of illegal aliens it appears to also cover child labor!  What kind of Senator would be so foolish as to bury such language in this 300 plus page bill?   Oh, that’s right, State Chamber lobbyist Mike Seney wrote the bill!

Let’s light up the House phone lines as this turd of a bill is now at the House of Representatives awaiting a vote.  And who knows what else is hidden in this massive bill?   You don’t actually think that the Representatives have actually read the entire bill do you?  Call your Representative now and tell them to vote NO on SB 1052 tonight.  No they aren’t open but they do have answering machines running 24/7 so they will get your message.
The email lists for all of the 101 state representatives is located at the bottom of this email in blocks of around 34 email addresses so you can Bcc (blind carbon copy) all of them using just three emails.  Please send every single one of the representatives a copy of your email so that they know that their support of the State Chamber written backdoor legalization of gay marriage and illegal aliens is not supported by the majority of Oklahomans.
Now stopping this legislation in the House until the offending sections are removed along with any other liberal sections is our first priority but we also need to ask Charlie Meadows and OCPAC what the hell they are doing supporting such a bill.  Many of us could care less how close Charlie is to the Senators that are pushing this liberal attempt to cram gay marriage down the throats of Oklahomans and we expect legislators and conservative leaders to actually read bills before they publically support the legislation.  Also re read the first story of this newsletter where Amanda Teagarden spanks Charlie for his support of the Obama Care/Fallin Care Health Insurance Exchanges, something that the Sooner Tea Party pointed out a week before Amanda echoed our concerns.  And ask yourself why a religious conservative would rubber stamp liberal legislation and attempt to mislead his own supporters.
The answer is that Charlie and OCPAC depend on access to legislators as speakers at their weekly lunch meeting.  If Charlie didn’t play the lapdog part or if he held the politicians accountable on liberal legislation they authored, he would run out of speakers!  This is why Campaign for Liberty, the Right to Work organization, the National Association for Gun Rights, and the Sooner Tea Party all reject access based lobbying and support confrontational politics.
And take a look at the co authors on this bill!  The only one that is out of place is Turner, a freshman legislator that no doubt got stars in his eyes when they asked him to co sponsor this legislation.  
Of course we find the names of Senator Jolley and Sykes in that list, politicians that old Charlie has a soft spot in his heart for, names that sends his heart a flutter and overall straps a dropping in his haste to bend over.
The House Committee vote on this bill also has some freshmen legislators and some long time legislators with egg on their faces.
Charlie has become more and more prone to this sort of behavior the last few years.  Perhaps it is time for him to accept some help on his newsletter from OCPAC leaders to avoid embarrassing the group.   He mentions he is considering not running for OCPAC president this time so perhaps even he understands that it is time to step down.  But that might be a waste of a good leader that just gets confused from time to time as we all do when age creeps up on us.
Regardless, we need to light up the House switchboard starting right now and demand that this liberal legislation be fixed or killed off.   Look for the links to finding your own representative at the bottom of this newsletter along with Bcc email lists of all 101 legislators.


2013 Senate members and House Members
Please copy the block of emails for your contact list so you are able to email all of them and help to inform and educate them before the new sessions begin. Use Bcc to send dozens of email with one email from you to them. This will look like you send each one of them a personal email with only their email showing as the recipient. Please mention the Sooner TeaParty in your emails so they will have a healthy respest for what we do. 
Here are the updated House members email addresses in three blocks of Thirty- four each and updated senate emal addresses in one block
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