The Singles - Season 2 Collector's Edition
The Singles Season 2 Collector's Edition is available now exclusively through our web store HERE. That's right - you can still download MP3s for free, but you can't get these good old-fashioned CDs anywhere else! In addition to the full-resolution hot aural action, each disc comes with a beautifully printed 20-page booklet containing each episode's original cover art, track-by-track liner notes, and "Weirdo Recording Techniques." Even better, it includes three bonus tracks not available anywhere else.

Track List:
1 Dumfukistan
2 Kalamaya
3 Krankypants
4 Touch the Ground
5 The Last Step
6 Undesirables
7 Who Do You Love?
8 THe Horror
9 Flavor Bar
10 Introspekt (Looking Through the Blind Eye)
11 Bestride the Narrow World

Bonus tracks:
12 Are Those Really My Parents?
13 Woof Woof
14 Help Me Find My Way Home
Our New DIrector of Propaganda
We'd like to formally announce our partnership with Good Cop Public Relations. Perry Serpa will be taking over all things media related to help us stay above the noise floor. Not only is Perry the new Director of Propaganda, he's a fine musician in his own right, currently fronting The Sharp Things (Bar/None Records) as a keyboardist, "lead warbler" and main tunesmith. He might not fully realize it yet, but he's going to be working his ass off in the next few months just to keep up with us! We also have devious plans to trap him in the studio and take advantage of him for a song or two...maybe even tickle a string arrangement out of him....
More to come....
Shows, Season 3, and more
Starting August 31, the City Council will be gathering for ten hot days of writing and recording. We're going to be finishing all the tracking for the songs slated for release on The Singles - Season 3, as well as working on a bunch of new material for the vault. We'll also be working on adding some of the songs from Seasons 2 & 3 to the live show. As usual, we'll film the whole thing and put the resulting silliness on our Youtube page, so keep an eye out for that.
Speaking of shows.... We hope to announce some tour dates soon, including a run of shows in mid-November, and a longer run in January/February. We've added more stuff to the show too: new music, more video, and The Mayor has some major additions planned for the lighting package. As soon as we have more details, we'll send out the information and post it on the main Kicksville web site.
And we thought we'd leave you with a little tease: The Singles - Season 3 is coming for the holidays! We have so much material waiting in the wings (let alone the fact that we can't seem to stop writing more), that the hardest part is actually culling the herd.... So, over the next few weeks (see the bit about our writing sessions above), we'll be making final decisions as to which songs make it onto Season 3. The artist providing the covers for Season 3 is Skinny Gaviar, whose surrealistic and sometimes jarring illustrations have appeared in places such as the New York Review, Doomsday Department, and many other fine publications.
That's it for now - thanks again to everyone for making The Singles - Season 2 such as success, and go buy your copy of the Collector's Edition right now!